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c0 Most lightweigh t cycles do n ot ha"e enO'Jgt! m. tal mass to magneticall y actu ate traffic: s i nals as autos do. NOW! A new electronic device to trip traffic signal controls automatically. This compact, solid state device attaches to any motorcycle in minutes. Runs on 6v. or 12v. systems. • Completo "CYCLE SENSE" unit and mounting hardWarO$ -SEND CHECK OR MONEY ORDERPost Pa id on Prepaid Orders 1 C ~./:.~J\/~C= V r" E T \"L.~J V~C 2 95 \ \' ., I P.O .BO X 46 12 - Dep t. CN A NAHE IM, CA LI FO R N IA The "F ly ing Finn" He ikk i M ikkola als o reli ed o n Hi-Po int to power to 3 trans-AMA victories on his Husky . - Distributor of Hi-Point Motorcycle Oils - PENTON WEST . INC. PENTON CENTRAL 9604 OATES DRIVE P. O. BOX 2327 .SACRAM ENTO, CALIF 95B27 AMARI LLO, TEXAS 79106 win $150 WORTH - IN A TOOL BOX ! MAIL IN ENTRY BLANK BELOW GET A HE A D STAR T ON S UMME R • . . Win a set of tools · SEND $1 FOR OUR 72 CATALOG - tne latest in Competition Pa rt s and Accessories . 4 " MX FRONT F ENDER T o ugh ASS B l aCk . flexi b l e pl ast ic w/hair. cell f i n l sn . Ll. weigtl t & durabl e. C an ~c painted. $4 .95 J & R S ILENCERS SPECI FY SI Z E ST I NG E R . AND S 2.99 S 9.95 D IAMETER OF R5 POWER PIPES. J & R's famous n ewe r b o o stin g " S leepe r " set u p f or stre et. C H RO ME expansi on ch amber w I a U I L T ·IN st raight thro ugn sil e n c er . More p ow er . great so u n d. t er n n c l OOKS t o r VAM A HA Ht. . .1 !lO WO AT... OF" PROT O T O O LS SELECT ED ESPECI AL1. V I" OR M OT OR CVCL E WORK . SET l "'C L.U O ES s ue ... I T II!:MS A S SOC KE TS. SC RE WD RIVEA S. F EELER G A UGES., ETC . ALSO IN CL UDE D PA O T O TOO L 80'1( WIT H Lin OUT TRAV . (C HOIC E O F ST~OAAO OR ME TRI C TOOL~J ....0 PURC H ASE ,.,.EC E.s.SAAV . O R A W I....Q M A V 21tP'o. 1912. Reg $ 8 1.50 SPECIAL 574.95 '-~~~~ ALSO - COMPLETE LINE OF PIPES r. f or m os t Silenc ers , 0 1RT 8 1KES Wi th or, ~ it~no~u~ ~~~m~i W~ t co m binatio n S l le nC~1 S· Ar r es r er • - OnSunda~, Jan"a~2nd, Valaro O. Morris, J~ won a trop~ at the Ponderosa Rare Scrambles. _ Which gave him a ehanee to w in a Suzuki 400 ' rom Valerian's Two C~ele Cit~, Ltd. • W h ieh he won. For whieh we eongratulate him. r C ONTEST ENT RYBL ANK I I I I I I CN NAM E I AOO.... I THE C"" -=P:':'~ 0.::': '- S T AT< CYCLE ~C2.- _ J HOUSE I ZOP ~~i.~~~~~, ~~~~,';.R~k~:-'ciE~~SD':5~ ~ 'I. SALES TAX . SEND CHECK OR MON E V ORDER TO : a COMPLET E LIN E O F ACCESSORIES Dept . eN p . O . Box 10059 . Sa n ", And , Ca lif . 9 27 1 1 • SEND $1 FOR OUR ' 7 2 CATALOG· \ ·(til l\ l OC ltlt '· ~,:'~,~!,~~~,,~~!.!:"~td. Los Angeles. Califo rnia 90064 - Te le phone : (213) 475-4541 Sales - Service - Accesso ries - Pa rts - Rivelts Champio n Lea the rs HUSO VARNA ' JAWA / CZ· SUZUKI · PENTON ' MZ , MONTESA ' ZUNOAPP · M INI ·TRA ILS ope n monday through satu rday

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