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" J anuary 18, 1972 VOLUME IX NUMBER 1 30e WEST [SEE PA 5) GE ************ ***** Show reveals new....................................... 'scoots CBSbuysCW . ...................................................... CRAM CRUNCHED ELSINORE Of THE EAST Pike's-Pe(Jk race ~ '" ........••...•• •.... ......•....••••.•..•.•.•••......................... ........ ... .. ..... ... .. ... ... .. ... .•..... .•...... ..... .•...•••.•• •..••••• •• .. ... ..... ... ~.ARTINO PIRST IN '12 ~ SADDLEBACK SILENCERS Calendar Thru March 19!!! . . N. INTERVIEW J AM A ASKS 2000 CL UBS HEL P PICK ISOT SITE T he Ame rica n M ot or c y cl e Ass o ciat ion has received the honor and h ea vy resp on sibil it y o f h ost in g the " O ly m pics of m otorcyclin g" in th e United States in 19 73 . Th e decision to gra n t the 47th Intl. 6 -Days T ria l to the U.S . was made by the Sport Committee of th e FIM at its 1971 fall congress in Geneva , Sw itzerland. Of great importance to the success of th e 1973 ISDT is the selection of a 750 Formula for '72 AMA road race championships T he seven national championship road races scheduled for 19 72 will be run under the rules provided by the Federation 0 f In t e r n a t i o nale Mo torcycliste Form ula 75 0 . These eve nts will be sanctioned as FI;\I road races and will require FL\ I licen ses for co m petition. Only the 750cc Expert class . in other words th e national championship event, will require this licen se. The FIM Formu la 750 ru les wi ll be supplemented by th e 1972 AMA RU le Book. The 19 71 AMA COngress pro vid ed that ru les in the AMA book coincide with th e rules of Form u la 75 0. The rules listed in the 19 72 book concerning 750c<: road racing that have b een noted effective January 1 , 1973, w ill now be in effect for the 1972 in ternationally sanctioned road races. These rules include: (I) T he method of primary drive and number of speeds will be as on the approved machine; and, (2) Cylinder bore subject to a permitted maxim um oversize of one mi llimeter and subject also to a capacity of the class. ma ximum (E xample 750cc including overbore). These r ules and the licensing req u ir em en t are o nly for the 750cc Ex pert National Cham p io nsh ip events. Applica ti on s for international licenses may be obtained from the AMA office. T h is w ill n o t eliminate the requirement of a national championship license for United S tat es ri d ers. ---.~ • ••••••• ••••••• ••••••• •••• •••••••• •• •••••••••••••• •• •• Mfg. challenge falls flat ---~ support must be considered. ~ local public proper site in the United States. Pri mary con sider a tions incl ude a starting area n ear which a t least 1000 E uropean guests m ay b e housed conveniently a nd in expen sively , th e availability of at least three 200-mile lo op s th ro ugh ro ugh terrain, a strip of p avem en t fo r dai ly Drawing u p on its greatest natural resou rce, the American Moto rcycl e Association has sen t a letter to each of its 2000 char tered clubs, asking fo r their cooperatio n and inviting them to ma ke a proposal for local promotion o f th e acceleration and n oi se tests, a one to trial. th ree-mile motocross course located near the starting area, and a three to 10-mil e paved roadrace circuit to be employed on the final day. If these conditions may be satisfied, additional questions of land use and Already sites in Ohio, Kentucky, Vi rginia, Texas, Ok lahoma, Michigan, Massachusetts, Oregon , and Nevada are under consideration. The staff at the national office will b e required to weigh the advantages . and disadvantages in ---~ eac h proposed area, and the so le basis for a fin al d ecisio n w ill b e the in te n tio n of choosing the best possib le lo cale for th e greatest int ernational u nde rtaking in American mo to rcycling h istory. A location for the 19 73 event will b e anno unced early in 19 72 as the FII\I is requiring th e AMA to o rganize a " tes t trial" du ring the coming year. This preli m inar y eve nt will be observed b y FIM officials and will be at the lo ca ti o n of the 1973 IS DT' as stipula ted by th e FLII,I. AMA PICKS NEW PLACE AMA TO MOV E HOUSI NG IN 1972 TO N EW As a result of the program of expansion and im proved membership service initiated by AMA Executive Director R uss March late in 19 70, the national office' staff of the A:\IA has o utgrown t he presen t hous ing on North High Street in Worth ington, Ohio. In Sep tember 197 0 , the AMA was operated by five key staff members with the concentration in professional racing. Over the past year the establishment of new departments has more than tripled this number. Completely n ew areas have included and Amateur Activities Departmen t, a Legislative Department, a Department of Insurance Ad ministration, and the Youth Division. In addition, professional racin g has been expanded, the News Department has been reo rga n ized as a Public Relations Department and additional data processing equipment has been acquired. Association growth on a national level requires additional expansion in th e Amateur, Professional, Legislative, Data Processing and News Departments, but further changes h ave been halted by the lim ita tions of present housing. Consequently , the AMA will be leasing new housing fo r its national headq uarters in 19 72. The new building co ntains 30,000 square feet of floor space under o ne roof, and is located in Wester ville, Ohio, n o t far from the present national offices. In J une, the AMA will occupy 20,000 square feet of this structure wi th the option to acquire the ad ditional third of the building for fu ture expansion. The area occ upied immediate ly will contain sufficient facilities for the presen t staff as we ll as the u rgent increases mentioned above. In addition, pro visio n s are being made for an Am erican Motorcycling M useum intended to b e the foremost of its ki nd in the United States. The new national office w ill b e m ore co nveniently located to both the Co lum bus airport and the in ter state freeways. The new mailing address fo r th e AMA is Box 14 1, Westerville , Ohio , 43081; the Youth Division is Box 14 6, and m em b ersh ip and lia b ility insurance is Box 1. T h e new AMA building will b e read y for visitation in July, though the museum will naturally take lo nger to finish. NEWSPAPER

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