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VOLUME 58 ISSUE 33 AUGUST 17, 2021 P37 it threw me into another tree. After that I bounced off my Bark Buster and went smack dab right in the middle of another tree. It took me a couple seconds to get back up and going after that one. Other than that, I would say it was a pretty good day." At the end of the race, Lucas Hol (GasGas) came across the finish line in second, while Ben Ward (KTM) came home in third on his two-stroke, rounding out the Pro-Am podium. Early leader Crawford slipped back to fourth. "I got stuck behind another rider for about three laps, and I just ran out of time," Hol said of his race. "I had a decent start, and it was pretty dusty, so I had to work through the pack." Third place Ward said, "The track was really good. It flowed well, but it was just really dusty out there. The first couple laps it was hard to see with all the dust. He [Fortune] pulled away from the start and he was just gone." John Gasso OVERALL 1. Tommy Fortune Jr. (Yam) 2. Lucas Hol (GG) 3. Ben Ward (KTM) 4. Jayson Crawford (Yam) 5. Chad Toth (Hon) 6. Bennan Myers (KTM) A Class 7. Jesse Bergman (GG) 8. Kirk Foster (She) 9. Jason Protiva (Yam) Lucas Hol came from behind to nab second place. Bennan Myers was the top Amateur rider at sixth overall.

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