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CN III ARCHIVES P124 John Hateley FIVE BY SCOTT ROUSSEAU John Hateley (right) won the Houston TT and Kenny Roberts (left) won the Houston Short Track the next day at the Astrodome in 1972. I t might be hard to believe that popular Southern California- based AMA Grand National campaigner John Hateley only won two AMA Grand National races during his career. It might be harder to believe that neither was at Ascot Park, but rather both were at the Houston Astrodome TT. And when someone tells you that Hateley's wins came five years—to the day—apart, that's really asking the stars to align. But that's just what happened on January 28, 1972, and '77. Hateley is honored to be one of a handful of riders to win at Houston more than once, and he remembers that it was a special place to everyone who ever raced there. "Houston, in a nutshell, was the opening race of the year," Hateley said. "Daytona was in March, but Houston was in February. The TT was always on Friday night and the Short Track

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