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Cycle News 2021 Issue 04 January 26

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LIGHTFIGHTER V2.0 R I D E R E V I E W P90 I f you've got even half an eye on the global trans- portation industry, you will have noticed the rise and rise of electric mobility, particularly in the automotive sector. Electric cars are everywhere, but there's only a handful of electric motorcycles on the roads and next to none on the track. Battery size, weight, capacity and the dreaded lengthy charge time are all factors in the slow uptake of electric motorcycling. The propulsion performance is there for short bursts, but pretty much all these bikes are simply commuter ma- chines—except for something like the Lightfighter. The brainchild of Brian Wismann, who, rather ironically, is the Vice President of Product De- velopment at Zero Motorcycles in Scotts Valley, California, and his fabrication partner Ely Schless in Oregon, the Lightfighter aims to be the first American-built electric motorcycle capable of competing head-to-head with their gas-powered counterparts. America has had skin in the electric game over in the past, most notably with the now defunct MotoCzysz and Brammo concerns, the latter of which Wismann was heavily involved dur- ing campaigns with the TTXGP series and later with Polaris with its Victory Empulse program at the Isle of Man TT Zero event. WE'VE HAD A GLIMPSE INTO THE FUTURE OF SPORT MOTORCYCLES WITH THE LIGHTFIGHTER V2.0, AND IT AIN'T HALF BAD SPORT BY RENNIE SCAYSBROOK I PHOTOGRAPHY BY CALI PHOTOGRAPHY AND SCAYSBROOK

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