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Cycle News 2020 Issue 43 October 27

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CN III ARCHIVES BY SCOTT ROUSSEAU P138 CARROLL RESWEBER: DIRT TRACK'S FIRST SUPERSTAR played like kids do." To Resweber's benefit, that horseplay translated well on the big dirt track Harleys, with their spindly, three-inch-wide tires. Soon, Resweber had made friends with Brashear, and he began trav- eling with the racing veteran. "Everett got me hooked up with Ralph Berndt," Resweber says. Berndt was a very talented me- chanic who worked in the racing department at the Harley-Davidson factory, and he happened to have a spare motorcycle upon which he placed Resweber for a trio of three smaller races in Wisconsin. Resweber proved himself worthy Soon after Resweber crossed paths with the game's greats, such as Leonard and Everett Brashear, they were convinced that they were standing in the presence of greatness themselves. Those who saw Resweber ride marveled at his incredible balance and feet-up style, skills learned on, of all things, a Cushman scooter. "I just loved to get sideways on a motorcycle," Resweber remembers. "I started doing it on a Cushman scooter on a high school playground. We'd start making big circles and then just tighten 'em up and tighten 'em up until we got sideways. We just Carroll Resweber (1), feet up and hauling, leads Bart Markel (8) at Livonia, Michigan, June 5, 1960. W ith all due respect to the great names who raced before, with and after him, Carroll Resweber most likely was dirt track's first superstar. Blessed with incredible, raw talent, he came, he shined bright as the sun, and he suffered a cataclys- mic end, just like a real star does. Unlike many of his peers, Re- sweber, a self-described Harley- riding "wild one" on the streets of his native Port Arthur, Texas, didn't really know much about motorcycle racing before he got involved in it. "I'd only seen one race before I started racing," Resweber says. "I didn't even know they raced motorcycles on dirt. I remember I went to this race and stood down in the number-one corner, and I seen this guy coming, and it looked like he laid it down, so I just started running to get out of the way. When I turned around, all I saw was this big cloud of dirt, and away he went. It was Joe Leonard. That really got my heart pumping, and Joe became my idol. A few years later, I was sitting on the starting line with this guy who had impressed me so much."

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