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CN III ARCHIVES BY LARRY LAWRENCE A lthough it's poor journalis- tic etiquette, sometimes it would just be easier if I let an Ar- chives subject tell his own story simply because it is so good that setting up the quotes with time-and-place narratives wastes valuable space in this column. That was pretty much the case when I managed to steal 15 min- utes with 1993 World Road Rac- ing Champion Kevin Schwantz at Road America during the AMA P128 KEVIN SCHWANTZ: THE GUY WHO GOT UNDER RAINEY'S just rehashing the story of the Match Races, Schwantz, now 40, opened up about a man who was his nemesis, his polar oppo- site, a guy who hated him with a passion—and vice versa. Through it all, they defined each other's careers on the way to becoming friends. The ball is in Schwantz's court from here onward: "What happened was that in '86 I went over to England for the Match Races, but Wayne didn't Superbike Championship round to get the lowdown on his rela- tionship with fellow World Cham- pion Wayne Rainey. The topic of discussion was supposed to be their legendary duel at the Trans- atlantic Match Races in England in 1988. But, as Rob Reiner's charac- ter, Marty DiBergi, states in the spoof rockumentary comedy This Is Spinal Tap, "I got that, and much, much more." More than

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