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O o~wEJLiJcD _ o B r i a n Brown (Kaw) won round seven of the AMA Nationa l Hare & Hound Series (his first victo ry while wearing the number-one plate) at Luceme Valley. California. on October 8. He took the lead early and kept Destry Abbott (Kaw) at bay for the entire 78 miles. Abbott had clinched the series championship at the prev ious round in Nevada. Vet -class winner Dan Richardson (Kaw) came in third . mak ing it a Team Green KX500 sweep. Russell Pearson (Yam) was fourth on his four-stroke . while Oakley Lehman (Kaw) finished fifth . The series concludes at Lucerne on October 22. Nicholas P. Hayden. 19; Roger Lee Hayden, 17; Robert G. Raley. 52. and Mary G . Raley . 34 ; Jame s L. Payne Jr.. 32 ; Christopher T. Phelps. 24; Seth S. lawson, 18; and Cl inton C . Simmons. 17. Nicky . Roger Lee and their parents . Earl and Rose . were return ing fro m W illow Spring s. the AMA S uperbike National Series finale that Nicky Hayden won on October 1. The pilot of the plane. Captain Hayden Harrison , c all ed for po lice because the group was throwing things at flight attendant Cindy Salsbery and calling her names, including obscenities . accord ing to a report filed by Daviess Co unty Sheriff's Deputy Kent Taul. Harrison also to ld police that threats were made by the group, and he elected to fly to Paducah rather than stay in Owensbo ro because he feared for th e sa fe ty of his c rew . ' Our captain clearly believed that a group of individuals impeded the flight and crew me mbe rs in t he perform anc e of their duties ,' said Phil Reid, vice president of marketing for Northwest Airlines to the Owens boro newspaper. Earl Hayden to ld the newspaper on October 5 that he was advised by his attorney not to comment on the incident. But he added that not all 10 individuals listed on the police report were involved. He would not say who he felt wa s being disruptive. Because the alleged incidents took place in the air. the group could face federal charges . The sheriff's department has turned over all reports to the FBI, said Captain David Osborne. FBI agents wou ld only say that the case is under investigation . Northwest Airlines also plans to tum the matter over to the Federal Aviation Administration. which could enforce civil penalties. Reid said . The Safe and Friendly Skies Act enacted in April increased the poten tial fines for disrupting a flight to $25,000 . up fro m $ 1100 . FBI agent s wo uld not spec ulate on wha t. if any. char ges th e group could face. according to the newspape r. But federal statu tes pr ovtde for the charge of inte rference w ith a flight crewmember or flight attendant. Penalties for such a charge would vary based on whether the act was considered intentional or reckless . O O O O O O O o Fred Andrews (Kaw) scored the over all win at the 13t h rou nd of the Grand N at io na l Cros s C o unt ry S e rie s in Uhrichsville. Ohio. on October 8. Second place wen t to Paul Edmondson ( Kaw) , fo llowed by Steve Hatch (Suz) and Doug Blackwell (Yam). B o o David Watson (Hon) stamped an exclamatio n point on his brilliant 2000 campaign. winning both classes on a cold. muddy day at the final round of the Pace American AM A National Championship Hillclimb Series at the Devil's Staircase in Oregonia, Ohio. on October 8. Watson's 540 and 800cc wins give him a tota l of 15 wins out of 32 races . Chris VanHyn. ing (Hon) and Richie Scheuermann (Hon) chased Watson home in the 540cc class w ith three -time and de fending National Champion James Large (H·D) and Rodney Williams (H-D) finishing second and th ird. respectively. in the 800cc class . O O O O O O O 00 According to a story in the Owensboro [ Ke nt uc ky] M e sse ng e r-Inq ui re r. FBI agents in the Kentucky town are investigating w hether the actions of a group of Ow ensboro resi den ts endange re d the safety of crew members and other passengers on a Northwest Airlines commerciaI flight on Monday night. Among the 10 passe ngers who were detai ned were roa d rac ers Nicky Hayden and his younger brot her Roger Lee Hayden. Ten of the 16 passengers on Flight 5852 were detained aboard th e p lane by Daviess County Sheriff' s Deputies after the pilot and flight attendant said the .gro up was unruly during the trip from Memphis . Tennessee. to the OwensboroDaviess County Regional Airport, according to the newspaper report . The newspaper reports that the 10 passengers who were traveling together. included Thomas Earl Hayden. 53 ; Rose K. Hayden. 50 ; O O O O B According to a press release from OMS Ltd.. the Factory Connection MX team for wh ic h M ike La Ro c c o rides - has signed Dr. Martens as a new tit le sponsor (along with Amsoil and Competition Acce ssories ). laRocco. whose team this year also received title sponsorship from Jack in the Box. will be joined on the team by Branden Jesseman and French- O O O o • . "I didn't know how many times I could be thrown off my motorcycle and still make it around the corner." Female dirt tracker Jennifer Sngder's verg Springsteenesque take on her rough-and-tumble rides from Illst to third. and last to eighth. in the Pro Singles Leo and main event. respectivelg. at the K&N Filters Del Mar Mile. man Steve Boniface. Dr. M artens. a manufacture r of casual footwear, sponsored t he Plan et Ho nda t eam in 200 0 . and • inte nds to cross-promote its products by linking hot bands and ce lebrities to moto heroes, fans and national retai ler J ou rn ey s . ' A c c o mp an y ing th e new Amsoil/Dr . Marte ns/ .Journeys/ Competttion Accessories semi at the races will be another semi (the rig used by the team this ye ar) t hat wil l serve as Jo urn eys' customer kiosk . giving fans the opportunity to check out Dr. Marten's shoes and play video games .• Many of o ur cus tomers would rather encounter our products and messaging in an interact ive environment than in a one-dimensional print ad . ' said Dr. Martens U.S. Marketing Manager Director Erron Sorensen. "The partners hip with Journeys is designed to serve as a prime platform for edgy and dynamic market ing events that mean something to our consumers . ° Ric k Zielfelder's Factory Connection will also handle Honda's official 125cc SX/ M X effort in 2001 . Former A MA and World S upe rbi k e Champion Scott Russell has signed a letter of intent with the HMC Ducati team that will see the Georgian riding Ducatis in t he 2001 A M A /C hevy Truc ks U .S . Superbike Championship. With the lett er of intent signed and delivered. Russell is awaiting a co ntract from Ducati. By the time you read this, the ink on the contract will be dry and Russell w ill be on a factory backed Ducati after two seasons of racing a factory Harley- Davidson V R1000. Althoug h no decision has been made on Russell's teammate. it is expected to be either Steve Rapp or Austral ian Cra ig Connell. Haydon. with Haydo n beating Hodgson Reynolds and Niall Mackenzie to win rac two. Anthony Gobert (Yam). mea while, ended the day with 10th and sev. enth-place finishes. W hile trying to mak up time on the other factory stars. Gob ert ran out of roo m and was forced t take emergency action in the first race. was desperate to make up as much tim . as poss ible on the leading group, but jus ran o ut of room and had to go up th esca pe road. - G o bert said in a team press re lease. "It was frustrating . bu] there was not hing else I could do. - Rac two saw Gobert finish seventh. °1 wa able to get a much better start in the sec ond race and that really saved me havin to chase back through the pack. that. i turn. meant that my tires were in muc better condition at the end of the race s I could maintain my position." 0 ' At the recent Munich . Germany . Intermo show . Sidi was busy re-signinq some its top riders. Included on the list of thos who will be Sidi·shod next season ar Team Yamaha's David Vuille min; fo rme MX GP World Champions Stefan Evert and An drea Ba rt o lini; Te am KT M " Shayne King ; Team Suzuki O ff -Road ' Steve Hatch; Dakar Rally champ Rickar Sainct ; and the entire UFO W orld Endur team. , Damon Bradshaw has confirmed hi entry for the Wh ite Brothers Four-Stroke race that will take place at the U.S. Open in Las V eg as . O c t o be r 14 -15 . The entrants in the thumper race will be competing for $20, 000 , with $5000 and a Pleasant Hawaiian Hol idays vacat ion going to the winner. Other riders in th thumper race will include last year's win, ner Keith Johnson , Doug Dubach (injured last year) , Spud Walters, Kelly S mitb C raig Decker. Cannondale's Jeff Gibsog and Keith Johnson. Lance Smail. Nathan Woods. Donald Upton . Jimmy Lamastus; D ust in Nelson , Ted Campbell , Robb i Skaggs and Andy Harrington . James Haydon (Duc) and Neil Hodgson (Due) split wins in the British Superbike Series final round at Donington Park on October 8. Hodgson won the first race ove r John Reyno lds, Chris W alker and B- . . XB DQJWJD o o o o LI 0 7 17 0 Number of rounds won Number of rounds won Number of rounds won Number of rounds won Number of rounds won Number of rounds won this season by Jeff this season by Mike this season by Chuck this season by Rich this season by Dougie this season by Takahisa Nash. the champion in Smith. the runner-up in Sorensen. the champion Dliver. the runner-up in Lampkin. the champion Fujinami. the runner-up the 2DDO AMAlBueli the 2000 AMAlBueli in the 2000 AMA/MBNA the 20DO AMA/MBNA in the 2000 FIM World in the 2000 FIM World Pro Thunder Pro Thunder 2S0cc [jrand Prix 2SDcc [jrand Prix Championship Trials Championship Trials Championship Championship Championship Championship Series. Series. Road Race Series. Road Race Series. Road Race Series. Road Race Series. 0 o o o o • 2 O CTOBER 18.2000' cue • e n e vv s

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