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Suzuki discovers tomorrows pros while, again, dominating Loretta LynnsAmateur Nationals. Take Be Riddle, for example. The newest amateur superstar just rode his Suzuki to the AMA Horizon Award, while also scoring wins in both the 125ccand 250cc A championships. n But he's got his own back to watch now with Davi Millsaps absolutely dominating the 85cc 9-13 Modified Class by winning every single mota and the championship. Then there's Josh Uchtle, who deaned up with a win in the 85cc 12-13 Stock Class on his Suzuki RM80, and BJ. Huntsinger, who also scored a championship in the 250cc C Class. Apparently, the massive amount of talent on display was enough to lure Ron Tichenor out of retirement and back on his bike. The former Suzuki factory pilot trounced the competition in suzu the 25+ and 30+ A classes, winning all sixmotos he entered. Meanwhile, last year's Loretta L}"ln's hero and AMA Horizon Award winner. Travis Pastrana, com was off winning the AMA 125ccNational Outdoor Motocross event at Millville, MN. And with Suzuki behirxl them, that's exactly the sort of future these amateurs are lookingforward to. Better watch your back, Travis. CAlL 1-800-828-RIDE OR VISIT US ON THE WEB AT WWW.SUZUKI.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. AISuzuki. wewant every ride10 be sale and enjoyable. So always wear a tu!1me!. eye proleclion and protective clothing. Aiways supervise young riders. Never rideunder the influence aI.leoheror other drugs. Siudy your ownei's maRual and aiways inspect your Suzuki before riding. TheRMseries motorcycles are lor closed-course compelilioQ and related praetices only Experienced riders photographed under closed-eourse CORd~ioo' .

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