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'I '-' 'I --.J o o o Ronnie Brown (Yarn) earned his second win of the year in the Open Pro class duri ng round seven of Gene Ro mero 's e-moo la .com W e s t C oas t Flat Track S e ries at Fas t Friday s S peedw ay in Aub urn , C a li f o rn ia , o n Au g us t 19 , Anthony Giammanco CW-R) was second , and Randy Bereman (Rlx) was third. Jeff Johnson ITri) won the Open V in tag e cl ass , w it h R ick Hocking (Y am) second and Brad Spencer (BSAl third. Jason Chisum (Kaw) won the 250cc Novice Mod ified Produc tion class. Bradley Spencer (Ho n) was se co nd. and Jimmy Abrams (Yarn) was third. Scott Rousseau (Yarn) finished fo urth to clinch the class championship with two rounds remaining. official Ducati team in AMA Superbike racing in 2001 . "There's a lot of truth to it, - Pritchard said in a visit to the offices of Cy cle News. " I have a meeting w ith Ducati [North America] in New York on the 22nd. Certainly, they are not going to have a raci ng progra m he re . To what extent we can work together, we don 't know yet, I think we could bring an outSide sponsor on board to make it work . I'm sure we can make it happen if Ducati and we decide to make it happen. W e' re talking, let' s ju st put it that way. It's a comm itment and it takes a tremendous amount of money to have a competitive prog ram . " Pritc hard co nfi rmed that it would be a two-rider team and that they'd like to att ract a fast. up-and-coming rider to the team. It also seems fairly ce rtain that Larry Pegram wo uld remain on the squad. Pegram is currently racing a Cornpetition Accessories-backed Ducati in the AMA Superbike Series, a team that came together late in the off-sea son last year. " I hope to know something in the next four weeks, - Pritchard said. o o o o o o o ~ o o The 31st annual Ute Cup Two-Day Trials was held at M t. Rosa in the Pike Forest near C rippl e C reek, Col orado, August 20, and Mark Manniko (G-Gl won it for the fift h tim e. He dropped jus t two po in t s en rou te t o v i c to ry . N ew ly c row ned N at io na l C hamping Geoff Aaron (BuD finished up in second place with a four-point score. Wilson Craig (Mon) took third with six points, Den nis Sweeten (M o n) grabbed fourt h w ith nine po int s, and Cana d ian Ch ampio n Ryon Bell (M o n) rounded out the to p five overall with 12 points. o o o o o o o o o Jordan Szoke (Hon) bagged his third Part s Canada Sup erbike Championship win of the year dUring the Honda Superbike Challenge at Aut odrome St.-Felicien o n Au gust 20 . Early leader Mi c ha el Taylor ( Kaw ) held on to finish second , with Owen ~e ichel (Kaw) third. Polesitte r Steve Crevier (Hon) maintained his lead in the series point s race by placing fourth. C revier now has 265 points, w ith Szoke and Taylor ti ed for sec ond place, both riders having amasse d 233 points. o Com petit ion Acc esso rie s, meanw hile, has also signed a partnership agreement wit h the AMA, making the Ohio co mpany the AM A's exclu sive authori zed partner for direct marketing of motorcycle part s and accessories to almost 300 ,000 AMA mem be rs , ac co rd in g to C o mpet it io n Accessories. The agreem ent. called the MAMA 10% Better Program." gives AMA members a 10% discount on their purc has e s f rom C o mpet itio n A c c e s so ries , o ne of the larges t dir ect merch ant s of moto rcycle OEM part s and aftermarket accessories in the world. Suzuki has updated the program for the Suzuki Cup Final to take place during the WERA Grand National Final at Road A tlanta in mid-Oct ober. As usual, they'll be running the GSX-R600 and GSX·R750 classes. This year they'll be adding the TL 1OOOR and SV650 c lass e s . Op en Superstock has been eliminated and will run w ith the GSX-Rll00' s. Wi nning the 600 and 750 classes will be wo rth $5000 each wit h $2500 to w in the twins' c1ass- Victory Mo torcycles introduced their 2001 li ne of m oto rcy cles in Stu rgis, South D ak ot a, last week. In addition to sign ific antly updat ed ver sio ns of the V92C Cr uiser and V92C Sport Cru iser , Vict ory has added a new model - the V9 2C Deluxe. The V92C Deluxe is designed to be the touring model in Vict o ry 's line-up. The De luxe is lo ad ed w ith a variety of features in o rder to make it a "t urn- k ey touring model." The V92C Deluxe includes a full windshield, leather sadd le bags , ba ckrest / sissy b a r , passenger floor boards, an d chrome-plated spoked alu minum wheels . The D eluxe is availab le in three color com binations : P.H .A.T B l ac k , Money Green and Cashmere Metallic, and Vanilla Cream and Carmen Metallic. All three models share Victory 's 1507cc (9 2 cu. in .] o il /air cooled 50 degree V -twln , that features SOHC heads with four va lves per cylinder , and sel f adjusting cam chains. Victory claims that the 2001 bikes incorporate over 200 improvements. Among the most sign ificant of the mechan ical updates is the Victory 's completely redesigned transm iss ion. The new fi ve -speed transm issi on has been red esigned to sh ift smoother, require less effort, and operat e Cjuieter. In addition to th e transmis sion , the wet multi- Jeff Thomas (Y am) won th e BOOcc class durmq round 10 of the AMA National Championship Hillclimb Series in Dansv ille , N ew Vork . C las s po int s le ad er David Watson (Hon) claimed second, and Greg Williams (Hon) was third. Tiger Strank (Kaw ) only needed one ride to win his third 540cc National of the year and solidify his second-place status in the class standings. Chris Van Hyning (Ho n) fin ished secon d, w ith Ph i l Libhart IT ri ) third. 8 o o o O According to Tim Pritchard, general manager of Competition Accessories in Springfield, Ohio, there is a strong possibility that his team could end up being the O o es. Payment will be through 20th place in all classes . The TL 1DOOR will run Heavywe ight Tw ins rules and the SV65 0 will run Lightweight Twins rules, with the follow ing restrictions : Stock wheels, fo rk, b rak e s : DOT t ire s : bodywork t o be allowed on the SV650 . The fluid retention fairing lower is encouraged . The horsepower and weight limit are: SV650 - maximum 74 horsep ower and minimum 360 total pounds: GS X·R-600 - maximum 99 ho rs e power an d min imum 3B O t otal poun ds : GS X -R75 0 . maximum 135 horsepower and min imu m 375 tot al pounds: TL1OOOR . maximum 125 horsepow er and minimum 420 to tal poun ds. Matt Ellis, Suzuki's race programs coordinator, said they were loo king into the pos slbtitty of transporting motorcycles from Sout hern California for the October 11· 15 rac e meetin g . The mot orcycle would need to be dropped off about two wee ks before the race and would need to be picked up about a week afte r the race in Southern California. If you're interested, contact Ellis at 714 / 996·7040, ext . 2275 or at . plate clutch has been redesigned to offer better feel and requ ire less effort at the lever. Significant updates were al so done to the 1507cc motor. The V92C motor has a rebalanced crankshaft in an effort to reduce vibration and make the engine run smoother, but the rider will still be able to enjoy the pulsing beat of the huge V-tw in motor. All Victory motorcycles featu re elec tronic fuel injection with 44mm th rottle bodies. Victory Motorcycles ha ve been cr itically accla imed for their outstanding brakes, but they de cid ed to update them an yway , All three models' braking sy stems have been fit ted with sta inless -steel -braided lines, mated to sol id steel lines where flexibility isn 't required , and feature Brembo calipers and rotors. The Deluxe and Cruiser models feature single· front discs, an d th e Sport Cruiser mode l fea tu res twin front discs. Both th e Crui ser and th e Sport Cruiser models were put on a diet, and have lo st a p proximately 27 pou nds by reducing we ig ht in various c om ponents. Both b ik es featu re redesig ned lig hter wh eels, wh ich als o im p roves h andling by re duc ing the un sp run g weight , allow in g the b ik e t o ste er q uicker. Th e Sport Cru iser d iffers from th e Cruiser specifi catio ns in many ways. In ad di tion to the aforementioned brakes, it al so featu res beefi er for k s (50mm d iameter), an adj usta ble Fox rea r shock, two -i nto -one ex ha us t, an d sport-touring oriented rubber. The Cruiser and the Sp o rt Cruiser are now slimmer in the midd le, which helps shorter ride rs plant their feet firmly on the ground, This was done simply by relocating some of the components that resided under the side covers to less obtrusive locations. V ict ory has an exte nsive li n e of accessories t hat includes everything fro m chrome engine covers, to exhaust pipes , and even offers an Arlen Ness Signature Series of accessories . The new-for -2001 V92 C Deluxe ha s an MSRP of $14 ,599, though two-tone paint will cost extra , The Sport Cruiser and Cruiser prices remain unchanged from 2000 both have an MSRP of $13 ,399 for solid co lored models and $13,999 for the two-toned vers ions. ' 8~(!JWJ[bCB[?----------- 8 o o o c o 2 A U G U S T 30, 2000 ' Ie Y Ie I e n e vv s

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