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I By Seon 30 YEARS AGO... AUGUST 4, 1970 Our photogra phe r almost got a facefull of Montesa whe n sna pping the picture for the co ve r of Iss ue #29 . TIm Hart was the rider of the offending motorcycle as he took the fourth pos it io n at Ascot Park's wee kly motocross . Jim Wilso n won the 250cc and 500cc Exp ert classes on Gre ev e s mac hines an d he finished second in the I25cc Expert class on a Sachs... J im Rice (BSA) won his fifth national of the year in Grand National Champ ionship Dirt Track action on the mile in Santa Rosa, California. Ji mmy Odom (Tri) and Chuck Palmgren (Ya m) ro unded out th e pod ium. Canadian Yvon DuHamel rode a Yam aha in the event... It was reported that World Champion road racer Kel Carruthers might be on his way to America to race the American Nationals in 1971. His decision was based on the lighter schedule, and higher rewards of the U.S. series as well as the fact that he was contracted to ride the new Benellis and hadn 't see n one yet. "I don't want to keep on riding the old fours," he said. 20 YEARS AGO••• JULY 30, 1980 The Yanks of Speedway graced the cover of Iss ue #29 inclu ding Bobby Schwartz, Bruce Penhall, Dennis Sigalos, Scott Aut rey a nd Steve Grisham . Eng · land and America qualified for the World Cup Finals in Pola nd via England's 33 point tally and America's 32 point tally defea ting Denmark and Sweden... The Rhinestone Cowboy Kent Howerton utilized his fac tory Suzuki's works Full Floater suspens ion to defeat the dua lshock shod works Suzuki of Georges Jobe at the 250cc USGP at Unadilla. Howerton went I-I while Jobe went 2·2 and Suzuki s we pt the pod ium with Darrell S hult z go ing 3-3 for third. J ob e was Crowned 250cc World Champion... Mike Kidd (Hon) too k the first win at a n Asco t TT on a 500cc single in 17 years at round 14 of the AMA Grand National Champions hip/Winston Pro Series. The feet had been pulled off previously by Dick Mann on a Matchless in 1963. 10 YEARS AGO .•. JULY 2 5, 19 9 0 Team Honda's Jeff S t an ton g race d t he co ve r of Issu e # 29 after defe nd ing the honor of US motocross by winning the 250cc MX GP at Unadilla in New Berlin, New York. Stan to n won bot h motos, showing which cha mp io ns hi p wa s truly the World Championship, as far as the speed of the riders is concerned. Alessandro Puzar finished sixth ove rall to clinch the 1990 250cc World Moto cross Champion ship. JeanMichel Bayle (Hon) used his 2-1 mota finishes in the 125cc support class in order to defeat Suzuki's Guy Cooper who went 1·2; a fall in the seco nd moto cost Cooper the overall... Wayne Rainey (Yam) sloshed his way to his fifth 500 cc GP win of the year at the rainey (no pun intended ) Belgian Grand Prix. Rainey stretched his lead in the se ries points standings to 35 over fellow American Kevin Schwan tz (S uz). Another American , Jo hn Kocinski (Yam), also won his fifth race of the year at the Belgian round, his in the 250cc class . He led the 250cc Championship by 27 after round nine. CN ROUSSEAU nce upo n a time , actua lly it wa s about thre e ye a rs ago , the great oracle know n as Bob Ha nnah de live re d a cl assic line at the Daytona Supercross. After wat c hing then AMA Su percross Champion Jeff Em ig ra ce around the serpentine track loca ted on th e infie ld of the great speedwa y, Hannah was asked by track announce r Larry Ma iers to put himself in Emig 's sh oes, so as to give the large crowd on hand a gl im p s e o f what E m ig might be th in k ing . Hannah re s pon de d to the question , "What do yo u su p p o s e is goi ng t h ro u g h J e ff Em ig's m ind righ t now? " with a tru e classic , w hen h e s ta te d : "We ll La rry , if I'm J eff Emig, I'm loo king at the pa y sheet and figuring o ut w h a t s e c ond place pa ys her e t od a y bec aus e I know that 's the be st I'm go nna do ." I th in k a bou t t h a t sta t em e n t from time to tim e , and it has go tten m e to start th inking, wonderin g , a bout what m ight be going through m y head if I was one of the top m otorcyc le ra cers o n th e s ce ne toda y. Or if it was me, bu t I was th e m . It' s a s imple c o nc ept. Fo r example : O If I'm Ben Bostrom , I'm thinking that, co m e ne xt ye a r, I'll be tellin g Ducati that if th ey want to win th e Worl d Supe rb ik e Champ ion ship , then they're going to give me two good factor y b ikes and a ll of th e Alist pa rts . But I'll still be on the NCR Team wh ich has had faith in me fro m the be gin ning , a nd has allow ed me to rid e a kick -a s s bla c k 996 in my kick ass blu e a nd whi t e Ev el Kni eve l leathers , wh ich have afforded me a positive o utle t for my creativity a nd g iven me an image as th e J eremy McGrath of World S up erbike . If I'm T ro y Co rs e r , I' m th ink ing tha t I've got a dam n g ood sh o t a t being the World Superbike Cha mpio n on my kick -a s s bla c k Aprilia. If I'm Colin Edwards II , I'm thinking that now is not t he time to be worry ing about that black Ap rilia that is try ing to crawl up my ta ilpipe . Bu t if I don't bust out another win, soon, I'm thinking that tim e will co me. If I'm Billy Hamill, I'm thinking that it is nic e to , on c e again , be healthy and in the runn ing for the World Speedway Champ ionship , although I don't th in k that - wh ether it be two titles o r 10 - it is ever going to bu y m e m uch in America. In The Ta es If I'm Chr is C a rr , I'm t hi nki ng about wha t ca used m e to c rash at the Oklahom a City Ha lf Mile la st we ek end , and I'm re -thin king whe the r o r not it wa s intentiona l, because it happened so godd a m ne d fast. If I'm Rich King , I'm th ink ing that I can 't be lie ve Chris Carr wo uld th in k that it wa s inte ntiona l. If I'm Joe l Smets, I'm thinking that I am The King , that m y competition is a bun ch o f girly -me n , and no bod y can be at me. Period. If I'm Greg Albe rtyn, I'm thi nk ing abou t church. If I'm Tra vis Pa strana, I'm thin king that th is has be en a hell of a good ye a r, so far. Golly! If I'm the dra g ra ci ng tire gu y at Goodyear, I'm th ink ing that it is still m ind -bogg ling to th in k that La rry McBr ide broke the five- s ec ond barrier on a motorcycle . If I'm James Stewart, I'm thinking ab out br ea k ing d own barriers wit h co nfide nc e . If I'm Eric Bostrom, I'm thinking th at I'm gr at e ful .that I've got my m ojo ba c k. If I'm Ste ve Beatt ie , I'm th inking about ho w m any times I'v e bro ken m y back by hitting ba rriers . If I'm Nic ky Ha yden, I'm think ing that I ain 't ever looking back. If I'm Mat Mlad in , I'm thinking tha t e ve ry time I loo k ba ck , I se e Nicky Hayden . If I'm Ra lf Wa ldmann , I'm th ink ing that I a m ba ck . If I'm Valentino Rossi, I'm think ing that this is too much fun. If I'm Dougie Lampkin , ditto. If I'm Aa ron Yates , I'm th ink ing that there 's no reason that my com petition s hou ld be be ating me . If I'm Jeremy McG rath , I'm th ink in g about the en d le ss p ossi bi lities tha t c o u ld be pr es ented t o me th rough m y new motocross t eam , in cl udi ng th e possibility tha t I could los e t h e AMA Supercross Champ io nshi p if I g et too c a ug ht up in the detai ls . The n again , I'm pr obably not th inking about that too mu ch. If I'm J eff Emig, I'm th inki ng a bout wh at I'm going to do with my life . If I'm Migu el Du Hamel , I'm th ink in g about r e ti re m e n t , but I'm not thin king out loud . If I' m Will Da v is , I'm th in k ing about retiring too , but ju st from m y c hurc h s oftba ll le a gue. If I'm Jay Springsteen , I'm th inking tha t I m a y ne ver ha ve to retire. If I'm David Watson , I'm thinking that I could win both AMA Nationa l Cha m p ionsh ip Hillc lim b cl asses th is year, and that would be fun. If I'm Mike Lafferty , I' m thinking that I'm probabl y the AMA National Enduro Champion right now, but I'm not sur e . And I'm think ing that 's okay, because ne ithe r is th e AMA. If I' m Shane Watts , I'm think ing that I could win a GNCC on a KTM 50SX Pro Junior. If I'm Kenny Roberts Jr. , I'm thinking of what it wo uld mean to win the 500cc World Championship, just like my da d did . If I'm Nori yu ki Ha qa , I'm think ing that a ll it' s g o ing to t a ke for me to win a world c ha m pions h ip is a good d iet and a good law yer. And if I'm Anthony Gobert, I'm not th inking . I'm just do ing it, mate. And I've got the m un c hies. Later. eN Special Street Bike Test Issue Coming up in Cycle NeW5 • • • • • 2001 Hartey-Davidsons Unveiled 2001 Suzuki Bandits Ridden German Road Race GP Troy, Ohio National MX &hartotte National Dirt Track cue I e Revvs JULY 26, 2000 1 11

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