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o " o !\ against quality opposition back in Europe is chance not to be missed," Edmondson said. " I've got a lot of good memories about my time in Spain, it will be nice to ride again in front of all my Spanish fans." :.J o a ,Two-time W orld Trials Champion Mick Andrews will be a guest instructor at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee . June 6-7. The former champion wi ll conduct a two-day session . Fo r more information . call 423/ 942 -8688 . Sears Po i n t Race w a y in So no ma, California. was given formal approval by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to proceed with it s $35 million modemization plan. The final decision ends a three-year process for racetrack officials. who are now looking forward to getting to wo rk on the project , according to Sears Point. Sears Point is ow ned by Speedway Moto rspo rts Inc .. a co mpany th at also owns At lanta Motor Speedway . Bristol Motor Speedway, Lowe's Motor Speedway . Las V egas M ot or Speedw ay and Texas Motor Speedway. A bid of $1 120 was enough to ensu re one lucky golfer the right to play wit h Jeremy McGrath and Mat M ladin at the G len Helen/Chaparral Charity Golf To urnament. scheduled for May lO in San Bernardino. California . The opportunity to drive McGrath's golf cart went for $400. For more information on the tournament. call 800/ 84 1-2960. For the seco nd time in two months. the city of Temecula. California. has reject ed all racing dates at Temecula S p e e dway for the month of May . The city held a hearing regard ing t he noise of the speedway on April 25. The Southem California Flat Track Association will try and move t he M ay race to anot her track , acco rding to Bruce Sanfo rd . Fo r more information. call 858/227-159 1. V ance & Hines D uc ati ' C o n t i n e n t a l Tire announced that it has entere d into an agree ment with PACE Moto r Sports Of the more than 2000 riders that turned ou t for th e 29th annual NMA World Mini Grand Prix in Las Vegas, Nevada , April 27 -30 , J am es Stewart and Mi k e Alessi were the on ly two riders who managed to c o llect m ore th an t wo major cl ass wins . Stewart was unbeatable in the 80cc Stock and Modified (1 4- 16) classes , rid ing his Team Gre en-backed Kawasakis t o runaway wins. Then he capped off the enti re event with another winning performance in the Supermini (0 - 16) d ivision . Alessi , on the other hand, won four classes and was just as dominant in the classes he competed in . He rode a pair of Yamahas in the 80cc Stock and Modified (0 -1 1) classes and scored uncontested wins. He also cruised to a couple of victories on his KTM in the Junior Cycle 60cc Modified and Stock (9 -11) divisions. Other mul ti -class winners included Ryan Morais and Johnny Marley. Yamaha-mounted Mora is topped both the 125cc Stock and Modified In t e rm edi at e c lasses, while Yamaha pilot Marley came away with wins in the 125cc Stock and Modified Pro classes. Some of the other top single -class winners in c lud ed Yamaha -mounted Billy Laninovich , who to pped the 250cc Modified Intermediate d iv ision, and Honda rider Turbo Reif, to beco me a conti ngency sponsor for the W re nch ead .c om National D irt Tra c k Series. Conti nental has pos ted $1 8.000 toward t he series . wi th $1000 going towa rd th e Na tio nal class w inner and $500 going to the Pro Singles winner as long as Cont inental dirt track tires. front and rear. are used on the winning bikes . If eligible riders only choose to run a Conti nental on the rear. then the contingen cy award will be half of the posted award. For more information . contact G reg Tysor, 770/8B 7-705 1. Team D ua l Dogs recently informed us that its web si te (http / /www .d ualdogs .com) features a Je sse Goldberg tribute page, and that its Trail s of Tej on d ual spo rt ride will take place out of Lebec. Califomia, on May 6-7. In addition, the 10th annual Sequoia Scenic Challenge takes place June 10-11 in Califorma's Kemsville/ Lake Isabella area. Call 818/701-19 13 for more information. The Lubbock Trail Riders e-rnailed us to say that the club will be hosti ng a round who topped th e Stoc k d ivision ; Yamaha p ilot J o nathan Shimp , who a c ed the 250cc Mod ified Pro cl ass, and Honda -mounted Bobby Bonds, who took the Stock -class w in . Bonds was denied a chance to win more than on e cl ass after crashing in the second 125cc Stock Pro cl ass moto on Saturday and break ing his wrist. He had already won both 250cc Stock Pro motos, the first 125 cc Stock and Modified motos, and had finished second in the first 250cc Modified Pro moto before susta ining the injury. Not only were many trophies handed o ut at the World Minis , but so was the inaugural Cycle New s Brass B rain Award , which recognizes the importance of a good educa tion as well as ta lent on the track. A winner was chosen by using a formula that combines a rider's grade-point ave rage with his/her class finish /finishes (w ith heavy emphasis on the ri der's GPA). The fi rst -ever Brass Bra in winner was 10-year-o ld Ben Evans, a fourth -g rader fro m Boise, Idaho, who came to La s Vegas with a 4 .0 GPA and finished 16th in the Junior Cycle 60cc Modified class . Evans says his goal in life is to become a factory rider , but he won't sacrifice his education to ach ieve his goal. " It' s really hard doing both, but I know it' s important to have a good education : Eva ns said. Qui ck Fix Films wi ll be pr esentin g th e wo rld pre mie r of its new video, M o t o XXX 4: Up in Flames , on M ay 11 at O P EN HOUS E: At Koup's Cycle Shop in Harrisburg. Pennsylvania, on May 20 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call 717/939-7182. NAMED: Metzler. as the official tire sponsor of the PACE Formula USA Road Racing Series. effective immediately. Metzler will use the series to showc ase its M E Z3 hiqh-perf orrnance sport radial, acco rding to a release from the co mpany. AUTOGRAPH SIGNING: At Northbay Mot orsport in Santa Rosa. California, on May 4 from 5 to 9 p.m. Road racers Steve Rapp , Jason Pridm ore and N ick y Hayden are scheduled to appear. CORRECTION: The phone number fo r the Motorcy cle Hall of Fame Mu seum is 614 /856-1900 . GRAND OPENING: At So uthern California Triumph and OffRoad in Brea. California, on May 13 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more info rmation. call 714 /256-6700. PROMOTED: Paul Trotta to executive vice president, sales. of Kawasaki M ot ors Corp . USA, eff ec ti ve immediately; Yosh io Kawamura to executiv e vic e pre sident. researc h and dev elopment, of Kawasaki Motor Corp. USA, effect ive immediately. SIGNED: Honda and Harley-Davidson, as platinum sponso rs of the AM A Wo men & Motorcycling National Co nference, scheduled for Ath ens, Ohio, July 13-16. CORRECTION: In our coverage of the W hite Brothers FourSt roke Wo rld Championship Motocross at Glen Helen, we mistakenly report ed that winner Doug Dubach was sponsored by Arnette when he's act ually sponsored by Scott Goggles. . ,. .... '" ,. for more information. ,.,. " cue I e " '-J Ken Maely sent in a reminder that his ! ' I hot shoe shop will be closed for the U ent ire month of J une, as he will be on one of his industrial visits to China. The cutoff for shoe orders t o be ret urned before Maely leaves is May 20. For more information, call 909 / 277-8989. Vance & Hines Ducati'sSteve Ra pp will be the feat ured guest at Sport Bike Night at In Cahoots in Sacramento. California, on Monday, May 8. from 7 to 9:30 p.m. For more information, call 916 /373-1557. Glen Helen Race w a y Pa rk in San Bernardino , California. has added a 400foot incline just in time for the Ocelot Helmet s A M A 12 5 /2 50cc M o t o c ro s s National - and they've named it Ocelot' Mo untain. " The 40 0 -foot mo untain wi ll now allow spectators to see the intensity the riders face as they climb and descend from the mountain," said Lori Yarnell, the manager of Glen Helen . " A pe rson is going to have full view of the riders for 90 percent of the time because of this new layout. You can't miss Ocelot Mountain it is crow ned by a 70-foot -high flagpo le bearing an 800 -square -foot American flag." The AMA Motocross Nat ional at Glen Helen is scheduled for May 14. o o o r o o o o n u n o John Re nt shle r of Lilburn. Georg ia. was prese nted with a Yamaha TIR90 by the Yama ha M oto r Co rporation at the I Grand National Cro ss Cou ntry round at i.....l Loretta Lynn's on April 16. Every ride r entered in the event was eligible . wi th ,., World Speedway on September 7·8. due to a scheduling conflict. ADDED: A STAR Motorcycle School, at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson. Texas, on September 11 -12. Check out http:/ / i' 1.J " CANCELLED : The STAR Motorcycle School scheduled for Texas AUTOGRAPH SIGNING: At W orks Connection in Diamond Springs. Califomia on May 1B from 6 to B p.m. Works Connection/ DGY / Troy Lee Ho nda 's St eve Lamson is schedu led to appear. For more informat ion. call 530 /642-9488. n Big Dog M otorcycles has announced that it has rece ntly received emiss ions ce rti ficates for the State of Ca lifornia. with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) certi fying Big Dog's 107 -cu bicinch eng ine for the C alifornia market. '-J ' This certificate means the opening of a r> new and exc iti ng market . - sai d N ic k Messer, president of Big Dog Mo to rcycles . "There's been a lot of demand fo r I I our bikes and we're thrilled about being LJ r> in California. " MOVED: Sport Mana gem ent Inc.. to 580 5 Ch andle r Co urt, Suite A-2. W esterville. Ohio , 43082, 614 /899-9476 . 614 /899· 691 7 (fax). effective May 1. AUTOGRAPH S IG N I N G : At Chaparral M otorsports in San Bernardino, Califomi a. on May 12 from 6 to 8 p.m. All the top motocross riders are scheduled to appear at the dealership w ith the exception of Jeremy McG rath. who w ill be in Burbank taping his Tonight Show appearance - scheduled to air that evening on NBC . 8 o ....,) the Glass House in Pomona. California. Two special guest bands are schedule d to appear. Tickets ($ 1OJ are available at L; Ticketmast ers. and doors open at 8:00 p.m. For more information, call 714/6477704 . of the AM A FMF National En d uro Serie s o n M ay 2 1 in C algary , Texas . The event was left off the AM A' s initial sc hed ule (and as a resu lt, the Cycle News schedule), causing many riders to wonder if it had been cancelled. For more inf o r mati o n . ca ll 80 6 /47 2 -75 6 6 or 80 6179 7 -6 71 6, or log o nt o http ://www.tscec .com . If you want to participate in an organized dual-sport event in the Sequoia National Fo rest. you 'd bette r pencil in the D ual Dogs' Riders of the Round Table event this October. President Clinton recent ly proclaimed much of the land used on the ride as a National Monume nt . meaning that after January 1, motorized use will no longer be allowed. The trails used for the Seq uoia Sc enic C hallen ge w ill st ill be open, so the ride will continue. For more information, log onto http :// o o o o o o o o . . " - - -- - - - - Continued on page 92 n e _ S • MAY 10, 2000 3

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