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1999 World ~ Series Review • 1999 Bike GP 50fl Series IlerIew Champion: e.t FGgrrIy' S. to SIr· '99 SapIn:Iva Series RMw ClIJI1y 2lJOO • !be IIeIaIlIIiIeMiIMn • WIIflIchiId 1999lndoGr IfGr1d Trills CIIaqlionship '1999 MriI Tillis Series .....-._ 1999 US SpeedIrIJ NIIJotIII CIuItJpiomIip '1999 AIINFfI ~ II'cIrid 1999 MIA ~ NIfiDnIIs· ZSImIot Cold SIIaIII: Z 8Ilm III lilt· SlIIRcb 1'2l·11m1 /11-"1 Mril's '1. E/np8I5aIII1lI/IIJf asapi:a:olip l.IIl'IgIs fIIIIIw· GIry WdIoI F-." · (1t2056) This Is Advanced Motorcycle Trials MOTOCROSS : (1141) Legacy • Join Aog8t DeCosler, Bob Hlmah,Jelf Ward and Rick Johnson IlS-IheyTBtnirlsal) : about ... careers and epic bellies as ItZs Dn lhreads lis way It1touc1'Out Ihe 8'o'OIu• lion 01 motocross from it'l fOOII ~ the early 7'O's 10 !he star-sllJclded 90'9_ No bUB • : moklcm5$lan should bI withouIlhI video. 70 nDrles from X.faaor. $34.95 : (17) The Evolution of Motocross • ltom Gary Ser1'ics Video. $42.95 : AogElr DeCosIet dissects !IOtn8 Dlthe grBalest MX ballles: Axloo '00 wlCooper vs. • K'19llrl:rw9ki; BuMs CnleIl; '90 wlSlanloo '1$. Ward; WI. Monts '91 wlStanlOn V9 : ~ Mlville '9\ wratadshaw 'IS. Bayle; Washougal '92 wlSwink 'IS. Emig. • AdcJlionaI"HoI Shots"lo::uI on IIctnques fell' sta1ts, pessang and SlllTIII spectacular : crashes. NalTlllion by lany Maiers; 60 lTinutes from ~lls Vdeo. m95 : ('162B) '91 AMA Nat'l MX season Review : Follow the 18 slops on Ihe 1991 AMA Nalional MX Series as Mike KilKfrowski duels • with Goy Cooper for the .1 piela tille honors; 250cc and 500cc acllon follow !he (!(lm. : lnance 01 J.M. Ba~1e over S1anlon. Ward. and BradShaw. .AWrolt 2 hOllIS (2-1aP8 .. pacilagej from Powerspons Video. $42.95 : (#162C) '92 AMA Nan MX Season Review : The dellnitive video review DIllie 1992 AMA Nalional125, 2SO &500 Molocross : Series. Nafl'llled by Lany Mailn; 90 minules!rom PoW8fSl)OftS Video. $34.95 : (#22n) This Is Motocross • New 10 Molocro$S:? Here's everything you f)eed 10 sel you ~ 101" !hIS popular sport. : lrom Jlarting 0lJI1o choosing bikes & aquipmenl ....nat kP:l 01 dtbs 10 join. top action .. & IQer ffIIllMeWS. pas! heroes and modem~. 55 minul9s from While : Sum'O\,Q VICIeo. S3U5 : (12106~1997 Wo~d 500cc MX series Review : SeeIng Ihi& senes L.rJfoId is nvelilg...waiCh in awe as the big gt.ffII • Smets, I(f)g. and • Nicol· chwge aetOS9 your s:reen IhrotJs1I evety woril round. 90 I1'II'IJl8S from • While StatIDW VicIllo $34.95 : (12105) 1997 Wo~d 250Cc MX Series Review • E'tW., TOft8II & Bervo8Is led !he war thltllJ!,'t1 a naI-bding sene! 1tIaI. wiI keep you : t1OOk8d from 9IarI to IInlsh IncIodIS ellC8lenl a:mnentary. 90 rnrueas !rom WhIle • Slar.()uke V1deo. $34,95 : (12104) 1997 Wo~d 12SCc MX series Review • 199Ts IDy beIWWI QI06 & Puzat led to some geaI batlIes across nul & sand r=ean... Ml'J TOlI'ld. 90 IlW'IJIll!S from While Stvu..a VDlo. : altlll'ld Ihe WQltd. • $34.95 : (12110) 1997 Motocross des Nations : The wOOd's tJigge:sl11'lOttlOSl1alants galhered 1l'I8eIgUn 10 I9lI b the IMmale • aown. WlIness 'IlfIal ruty happtr1ed the .,. AmlR:a lost WCltl t'onors. 90,.,.. : UIIs from wtiE SlartOukllJktso. $34,95 : GelIhe koow IlIIIitestyIe of Jdln Oowd,. Sell what he's r&aIy like, Mel why he's one • al!he mDIl-likBd pellIlIe 11 MX. Folow Oowd lor a weeIt oC riling. trari'lg.-ld lI.rl as : he pt8paf8S lor lh8 '98 SouIhwIcfl. MX NHonaI. G-* appe;nnce by Ow; "*"Y. • -40 . . . . lnlmMXfig, $21.95 SUPERCROSS : (13251) Bar to Bar 2 • The ()J8Sl1or VlClory...1s in your lace racing. leaturing !lie best ndlHs 011 the planet. : ReIMl tie whoI8 1996 Supercross season wilh your favonle riders like Jeremy : McGralh, Ezra lusk, Kevin Wlndlam, Jeff Emig, Larry Ward, John Dowd, Ricky • Carmichael, DOllg Hlll'lry and many others. 60 minules from X·Factor. $19.95 : (#325J) Bar to Bar '99 : The dellnitNe chronicle~! 1lle 1999 PACE Suporcross Series. From aulographs in • Anaheim 10 !he laS! W:1O{y lap in las 'legas, youll see an unparaJleled inside view of : the lIfl\ire 25th Anniversary $lJpereross Tour. 60 minutes from X·Faclor. $19,95 ENDURO & DUll SPORT : ('210B) 1995 Colorado 500 . : A t8Vl8W 01 SO!'JI8 of the ~l{;lIighls of the first 20 years oIltle Colorado 500, along • wllh a Ioc* at lhe 1995 ride, covering.aoD miles 01 blIaUlitul Roc1ly Mounlilln lraM nO90 ITIntIl8S frornl&M Produclions. $29.95 : ('212) The Trails of Colorado MC Troll Guide : H9JIiljtlI 0118 cIlIerllfl\ lfa~ 5ySI8l1'lS IhrotqlouI Colorado. ExceIIenI pOOler 101" trail • Ilding and liIal sparling in hi Ccbado RocklElS. 90 mi'IuIes from lAM ProdlJc:tions. • $291»5 : (.; 020) Ride Like the Wind : An escape vdIo fell' ~ armctIaIr dreamer......IOO a trae-wheeing band oC Yamaha • adgenluretI Jot tanlas1ic ofl'l'OId JOUm8'fS across ~, AuslraIia. Utah's MonomenI : Valley, and PaIlS to Capetown. 90 mmles Itom 'MIlle Stantluke Video $34.95 : (#1798) Incas Rally • RidllIS from 13 CCllI'lneID challenging tests nlhe p.ngIes and lT1OlA'I1alnSoC Peru. : FrnmAmazm aut 10 whIat waI8l' rDlg wiIh htlikes 011 ~ 50"...... 110m • WhIte StavDuke Vi:iIo. $34.95 ...... _ : ('4n4) 1999 Granada-Dakar Rally : The 0aIw ~ isme of N ~ motlrspotI8YIlrUS II lhe world. ~ : tlICII ~ !hi a.t in cars. trucks & (ffI bikes taekilg I'nOl'tStrOuSt' diIlicuII 0'Ning 11'0 ....... _ . : Gr1nada. CI'OSSlng Spwt, Motoc:to, Maolitanll. BaI, 8l.rlw1a Faso and Senega 52 • mnutes!rom WhIt, ~ Video. 134.95 : ('214) Malcolm Smith's 6 Days of Baja : RIde wiCh !rais van•-_. _ Malcom SnlIIhIIong..._ _..._ ... ......"'' ' ' on hl most ineesting IIvwjIItw; : PIne ForeslS, across the 9P8C\8CU8f 8aI8 Sierra mou'ltMl tlll1QEl. across dry lake • bids. nl rIl:i'lg lO Itle lip 01 8afa, oret 1XlO n al 130 1TIt1Ul8S!rom LAM : Video. $29,95 ne : ('250) 1998 National Enduro series : (1136) Gary semics MX Techniques'2 (12047) Extreme Trials wllh Steve Colley ThIs brIiat'lll8pe oilers ooe-~ Ililion !rom one ollhe 'MlfId's Iead{lg 1neIs expomaslemg Ihe most ~ II'lanIlU'I'llB ~ 60 nWLd8S!tom WIIte Star1OI.Q VIdeo. $34.95 ('2057) Trials Superstars The world'sbesf 11 action lithe 1996 Sheffield Indoor Anlna Tna!. 55 mDJtes ltom (12063) 1999 Sheffield Arena Trial A1lhe presliglous litst wotIlkIas5lria1s event 01 '99, Oougie lampkin C8ITI81O Sheffield \0 defend tis Wolld Championship crown againsl Cabot, CoIomer. BlIlao. JafVlll, Colley and Kuroyarna. Arnaziog bike control. balance and atmosphere...65 mmules from WhIle StarlOuke VICIeo, $34.95 (#2016) 1999 Indoor Wo~d Trials C'Ship Dougie LafT'4)kin goes lor 3 consecutMl lilies in !his cisplay ollrials W118rdry. &4 minu18s from While SlarlOllke Video. $29.95 (12060) 1999 Wo~d T~als series Review NaIUr8I obstacles. awesome talents. and breathtaJdng COITlp8t11lon gave lrlats fans 8 lru1y memofllb!e '99 season. FIJI action hit;jWgIIlS lrool each round. 90 mles Irom While Slarl1Juke Video. $29,95 An exlrem81ria19 vidBo feal1tring US Trials hero Gooll Aaron. II you've seen his shows, ltlis Is !he only wey 10 show your friends the IaIenI and amazing ITIOY86 oj protesslonaI tnals. 60 minutes from Irnpacl VIdeo. $24.95 ~ ~ ... _._with inIeMews of ico!IS IiU DeCoster, Bailly, LaPorta. DeSolo, Abel'g. I.arSseft; and a sld down memory lane IookI1g allhe equipnBnI d"1he weekln1. Ir'lIInse ~ action, 1oo.1aa!uring Lackey, Ehald. Moates. ~ Holey, Johnson arv:I more. 52 mr1UIeS !tom Vintage Iron. $24.95 FREE RIDING & CWHES '('10) Crusty Demons =:':'~:7n.~, .~~~=::~ lany ===lm~$2~.~'98AMANatIorIaJErWroSenes. TRIALS : ('2043) This Is Motorcycle Trials : PacUd wiIh atMce lor beglnners ltom maestros ,Sammy Miler and Sieve Coley, abo : lull ol hisIory and intere9ting info lor deveklping riders.. 60 OIrtUles from Whrte • StarJDuke VIdeo.S34.95 Call to Order Today! (714) 751-7433 garn-Spm PST Prices subject to change - please use current advertisement as your guide. California residents add 7.25% Sales Tax All tapes listed life VHS, free of shipping & handling cha'- from "'-Ie News Producls. .".. ~,. Orders not accepted from outside the continental US. AAow 4-6 weeks for delivery, ('10A) Crusty Demons of Dirt: 2 _ _ .........._goolll_......,_..... Th:s sequel is loaded 'MIll harl:torIIlD'lg. ;mpino, ind aerial iAslnIy, II set 10 a EINg; Se1h Enslow. Mike Wetz9It. Ryan t-kqles. Joel Ab8d1l, MW.e Healey and more. locallQnS inc:kJde C8Iifoma. ()egon, ~ Atn:a. NWlia and MeJIoo. 40 from Fleshwotn:I Fims. 529.95 ot Dirt: 3 ('10C) Crusty Demons of Dirt: 4 "God Bless the Freaks'_.The most higtl-powel9d sound1Jad( 9V8f backs !he '98 edilion 01 the series !hal starled ~ al..edc on.1oc:a1ion fOOlage from Costa Rica, Panama, Italy, France, plus Colorado. Utah, Las Vegas, end New Jersey. 40 minutas from Fleshwound Films. $29.95 ('100) Crusty 2000 "The MelDt Millfl.nnium" _Join the creative Ieall) of Jon Freeman find CaM Nicholson on the front lines as thllY wreak havoc in Japan. AllSlTaIla and across Arnericlt The Crusty Troops Include Carey Han, Brian Deegan, Seth En9IoW, Travis Paslrana, Mille MelZger, Ronnie FBisst. Larry linkogle. Mike Cinqmars, Tmor VIfl8S, M".Ione9, Cliflord Adop1ante, 8utba and many more. 30 minules hom F1estlwouOO Fim. S29.95 ('1201 Terrafirma The orvnal big ail" lr8esIyIe Fox video teaklring wiIcI antics by Doug Henry, Ezra lllSk, RotOe Aeynan1, RicIly CamMchaeI, Travi9 Pastrana, James Stewart. and !he Iijng ofRock n' Roll. SoundIrack byPemywise. Alice Il'I Chans, Lu:y's For Coal, FIIkIr8 Soonds oll..Dndon and Sotrd:m. 35 rIInuIes from Fax VIdeo. S24,95 ('120A) Terrafirma2 Inctedlblelootaga 0I.JerarnV McGrath, Doug Henry. SiMllamson, Robble Revna rd • t&e UeIzget. JoI'Il Oowd. Ezra lJJsIc. Ri:Xy CarnichaII. Pm Gonzalez. and !he ""lloony_ _ "''''SeIson.FscobFsco,eon-. Petlf'I)'Wi!e. and Spnng Mriey. 45 n*IJlesfrom FOlCVdeo. $29.95 (#1208) Terrafirma 3 T8I!Ifirma IS~ yoo'dexpec:lm ilsseries and MOAB Mote Iacallons, ndatI sndlnslrily! ..... Tenr'l8!SIe, you.ll9ll aI fle blg nam8S II moIOCtOSI: JeIemy McGnllh, Lamson, ....... OInny_ .......... Hony,_.C.m*'h.... l).oer 3:llTlfflUtllltom Fox Video. 529.95 OF-._e:.-.___ _W.. . . . w_.. . _, ('12OC) Terrafinna 4 Pl'Oltad by renowned st'Ill'III'boaf IIrl"fTa:er Mike HaEt1eU, lind IISlICf8l ~ lions In Chie and Canada. 0Iher srtes itddB I.tcnlana. McG: Nalionals, lriaII, HIIcirrtI, USSX & fi'eenrjngj, 18mlIl,Ioc:dons (Canada. US. Ff1flCfI), chaIenges. expemMI1ts and ~ 43IlW1Aes!rom Fox Vid80 129,95 (#121) FLY The spmg '96 f8I8ase from FOl....1eatLring Fox sam McGmIh. Bradshaw, Metzger. Henry. Oowd, WffIlJlarn. and Serge GlJOllly, puling off inc::8dibIe aerial JT\lll'ffllJV8r al places like ltl8 PansandAnahem~. GlamlslMles. S8cf8IHonda Test TIBCks, While Sands. CleotiIo Web and Gatorback. Music by SIngle Gun Theoy Ene B & """" SpMg"""" SNFU NofX. ... ShoI1I< 35 _lIS !rom F~~. 129.95' ., #122) A' R 'd lr al ( motoerosgeIS like Ben Jl¥l6$. Danny Ham, Sam Jorm. PatA TIIlI1'llnS, Clot Debner and olhefs. Some ot-;.e locatIOnS incLIde Orange, ClartlfE8, Baricline. Colo. Stockton. and Cattai. Also some crazy tl'lISIC by Pro--P8lll. Channel Zero. SW! al Zero lWld Method of Destruction. 41 tTinules from Irr1l8ct VIdeo. S29.95 ('131) Disturbing the Peace SMP presents afilm by Pal Solomon Which includes StIh Enslow, Jell Emlgl Brien Manley, Mike Jones, larry l.inkogle, TIm Feny, Anthony Poc:orobba and more, with bizarre Claym8lion scenes throughout. Soundl!ack inckId8s SUiclcIal Tenderdes, Bad Religion, NOfX, 5li)/lme and more. 35 minules IrDm X·Faclor. $29.95 ('132) Moto--xXx The debuI video from 0udI FIX F~ms leaturing Mike Metzger, K~ Lewis, Tommy ~ Brlan Deegan, Jeft Emig and a whoIe.casl 01 sick monkays. Music by Lagwagon, Snuft, GoOd Rickiance, NOFX, Slrungout and mole. Contains some explicillanguaga and silUalions. 30 minutes by Quick FIX Fltrns lrom X.FacIOl'. $29.95 ('132A) Moto-xXx 2: Hellraiser:s Films plesents the seqt* 10 the origiIaI MoIo-xXx...1Mng up 10lIs~, this one's even lTIOI'e crazy than ltIefirsl RidErrn ~ SWIljk, Hultman, Taylor, Pk:hon, Wb. L.ilkogIa. Roocada: PirIgl8e, Ramsey, and mora '32 nvootlS Itom X· Faclor. 129.95 The '99 ¥lltSI:lfI of hl outtacontroI ori{pnaI. Includes ~ls lrom Ihe 'g8 Warped Tour, !he cI8bJI 01 MotogoII, rTixlld 11 wiItllhe l~ freeslyle crew malte Ihls one behef !han GnInlina's aDil·. 431'1'1ft119S by OLd: Fill Rms. fiun X.Factor $29.95 (.13'3) Horizontal "'0. 11'olilsIaI-_ "-1'0- ....... ol>. _ Ott ... "'" _ & gDlg ~ air; abo rdudes tome wateraafI and ka11ng lootagt SouncIlr-* IrQidIs ICp AlGSiB bao:Is. 32 rnitutBs!rom X.fadlX. 529.95 MX (.t33A) Horizontal 2 """""'. 11'0 _ _ - " ' ' ' ' hsngon''''' CIleck _ _ ....... PWC_ShaooWllls._.OZ ,.",..,... -New SouIh Vidona, and SCUh.tuslraia regions. 40 lI'IOOies Irom X.faetlf. $29.95 ('134) Organ Donors W_ varieIy fTiQd MIl hsarity is Iv! theme d Ita vidllo_.FfMIIy6a 1l'lOIOCn:l6I, bIg:... :::=.-=:s.~~~S:-:=·::::'x. Fadot. $29.15 ('145) Icons and Ou1casts What makes one ... Icon by tis p88l'S, tu an ~ by !he I8Sl 01 JOOIIl'(? Follow ... "',.., _ _ • _ _ ....... """"""'" BMX and lreeslyIe MX around... world as lh8y uplot8 Ihe CllflCIPl Fined In hi best sbl8parlts. lOp surt spots. !he '98 Wasped Tow, East Coasl k'U and more. 40 rnnJIeS IRIm X.flldor. $29.95 ('142) Full Power Trip The '97 efiln of 1he IiIIe tIallatR:hed a lhousancttreeslyle videos. Inckldes d Pe:s/nWIlI. Dymond. Selh Enslow. Htqles, L.awren:e, Metzger, Slephenson. Goodman, lk1kogIe. Deegan, Rusty setzer and &ilba, aI with insane great S\l.flls. Rmed around !he 'MlrId indlJling Btazi, Florida and CaIIoniia. 35 minutes from FIest1woI.m Films. $2.4.95 ' SoAhemCsllooso.FbU"'''''''' (1110) Dirty Deedz AlJeeslylemococrossvidBofromdownlRl8f.F8ItunngSOl1'l801Au61r~'slop a.-. ot Dirt The ongNI ouI4controI fnIestyIe VIliBo! ~WIlh free rOOo-JUl'l1WlO, and aenlII nsanty ill set 10 a hard nxt;ng sourdradt. IncUII& one of !he most taIked-ebcuI 'tldIlo scenes IMr. 5etl Ens6ow's huge liN aash. InWdes action too. S29.95 ('1328) Molo-xXx 3: n's All for You VINTAGE Wo~d Championships The 1996 Vintage Iron Wotkl MX ~ and Iron Wen 01 YoIocross BanqlJ8l broughl togelhet lhe brirjIlesI sllnof MX tom 8fOl.ffId the globe III Glen (16) '98 Vintage Iron _-.y.lIIly ..... _ ... EdI"'''''._''_''' """'J .. ~_al.COlI1!Slldiog.......... w"",'CI1OI""'''' Illne Iorlle luUll as. ~ Ilearl a1~' AOlTWlUtes!rom ~ VIdeo. Quick FIX ('116) Geoff Aaron: Balancing Act ('10B) Crusty Demons • Jeff EITIg ~ Ihe '1 plaIa tNI8Y lrom Jeremy McGrnlh. see !he best IIienl 011 : the pIaneI go "Bar 10 Bar' in !his review 0I1he entire 1997 AMA~ Series. • Great behind-lh&-s:enes footage and Iltense raOOg. one of the best Stclercross : Series avet1 70 mnJIes rrom X-Factor. $19.95 he Iegendar'f F _ , _ ... Ole freestyle aMily and his mestyle as tie shreds hI! way al'OlJOd lhe US lhrotJglouI1997. Insider look al candid and fun clips 01 McGrath, aXlng with buds Jimmy Bu1ton. Mike Metzger. Guy Cooper, Grayson Goocrnan and Ryan H~ 35 minUl09from FOk Video. $24,95 ('124) Airstyle lliOA Raang's bln:hmar1t 1997¥!deo by Fusion Fdms, IeaILri1g Ryan 1-itJltIes. Lany RoeseIer. Jell Emg. TayIot, AnlU08l.Lewts. WlIoh, Amafidio, Tononleras and 1l'I)f8, fiImad in Japan, jiawai, MexIco. and downtown LA. :Kl mrtes from X·Factor Video. $24.95 (#150) Vidiots Anonymous Brian • ...,. Je~ Wb, Doug P1usons, Jo< E,,;g. M c;,qm".,...., _ . •• and Ricky Carmichael, Super Joe Reed. Johrv1y Airtime, and ITlOte wPlp some serio ousIy sidt air in lI:lls viliolic music video. Parental Advisory (ExpicIt L'f'1ClII. 30 ftlin. ules ltom Thrusl ProWclions. $29.95 . (#154) Mini Warriors This _ of~. nation'II"" ";",,,," """"""' mng;og I,om' 1015 years old. These !OdS show lIle WOfId why 1tIey are 1lie Mure crop of mOlocross 91ft!!. Also leatures 10fTMfmifli-qcle cha~ Jell Emlg. Other mini warrior9lnchJOO Ie"",,, """' Jell and Mike AlessI, Shane Bess, Ryan MofClls and JOfIllthan Shimp. 60 minules lrom MX·FUrns. $29.95 , (#154A) Mini Warriors 2 Travel across !he US as you see \he best kids and young Ild!jts In MX...lhe nu1 gen' era1lon 01 plot. ct1eckool Travis Pastrana's llnbellevable20T J~ InclUdes actiarI w!CIsey Johnson, Nick WWI/, Robbie Reynard, Guy Cooper. Brock SeIards and mote. Prolb::ed by Shepherd AIm9; 60 minul8S from MX Flims. $29.95 ('1793) Evet Knievel's Spectacular Jumps From \he legIodaIyCaesar's Palaceqraah III him ittp9IlIa 8IllIn'4'I at Snake Rivet' carrton. Evel KnleveI earned tis repulalb'las Ihe woM& bflMlsl. daf8d8VI. .fIeIMl his gtealeSl ~ and.tis.bone-bteakng del8als Wtlh this specIaCUIal' coDection oj breaIbtakng fl'lOIOrC)'de Jumps. 3) mnules frcm \Yhite StNmI.*e Video. $tU5 ('1792) Evel.Knievel: Las1 of ~ Gladlalors . Thelnad*lSloty 0I1he wolld'sgreatesl claredeviu "*'l:!Y Evell8S 01 ;ul'lllSII you're IooIting 10 buikl conlidence & control w/JUnlllng, lhls Is !he lap&. ProduceO 3.'36: 60 ,,;"'teI In>m GBMX ~deo. $52.95 (#406) The New Rider Technique An updaled veraion oIlha '83 Gory Ela!Iey Ridel Technique vOso. Cov9l'S body posi. llonlng, starts. cornering, lump9 &paSSIng. Oulzz:as all8r 89Ctllrnlning segnenf ~ e~e key poklts. ,This vidElo helps provide locus!or your lraming &prnctice sessIOnS. Produced 1/88; 60 mlnules from GBMX Video. $52.:95 (#407) The Desire to Win Gary Bailey how 10 visualize tI\e sldIs you WOlJIdlike Ioperlonn.1hechaPacterislics 01 a'Mooing a1lllele, positive e1tillJde, Ihe l"llOt!ance Of lundarnenlaIs. adrenaline and nervousness, with plenty 01 slow motlon v1deo on !he perleQ I8cbn~. Pro.Y'.............. _ Sola 35IfDll8S!rom X.faaor. 529.95 (1143A) Fifth Gear Pinned 2 TheWOl'lhyIolowl4).ptcdlcedb'f~Procl.IcIions.. FewesthelaleSlaenai _",_by"'~_~' _ _ "'''''''''''' Jones, Kyle lewis. Brian MaBey, Jeremy S&aiaIv& t. ""-"7"-"~ ''I """"DWUI...... ~~~v: and other Nalional M ndelS. 47 minutes from MillennllJl'n Produclione. inls 42~ Itn from FOl[ Video. ~ ('143) 5th Gear Pinned A" by ProduclJons, leallmg Damon Hultman, UbCraig, Cuey~. l()I6Il.ewIs. MIka en:,nars. Ray Sormlo, R.dI Teylot. and Mike Jones. Trigger GlllTm. Jeff Wti. &m F8I18I. ~ PIl'Olio, RlJSlY HoIand & AdM! PieIte. F;"" ,.._ ... """"'.... , ......... Y'odoo. 129" ('125) Children of a Metal God Gregg Godfrey (ptoduCef of Legends) produces avideo NllTlxes the old "Endless SI.rnme( ~ with a ~ MX & oII.ftli1d"roltd~" FimBd 11 Cailorru. W_ldaho Mantana,U1ahandAonda. 1'he1WWW"ll/V't-..t_ _ the price 01 ('38) Gary semlcs MX Techniques '4: The Difference'Between Amateurs & Pros .lefemy McGrelh's personal \nlirler. Gary Serna, lfS8S h~ 4-$lp YId80 proc8lI5 to leach you the notalways-obvious cWferenees between \tl& best riders· and everyone elSe. fealuring loot&ge shot in early '96, you'n see where Jeremy and oltler lop ridel'S train during the winiOf. Whell'leryou plan to make MX alun hobby, arbecome a IuH-on pro. lhe main objective of \hI$ 'iIdao Ii 10 make you abetter ridlIr. 60 minullli from Gary Semlc Video. $42.95 .. • (#39) Gary Semics MX Techniques #5: • Whal To Do On Race Day' 8f98ks down & clEtscribes now 10 prepare yourseW through race day. how 10 locUs your 9l'leI'Qi91, whal habils to deveIop'so you'l be ready 10 race wtlen llle gate cIropt, and how 10 keep yoursel1 in the righl slale Of mind to per!0ffTI a1 yout best. 40 minules!rom G8lY SerNts Video. $34.95 ('410) How to Get "The Winning Edge" Dick Burleson ShOWS how 10 make short wor1c of changing ofI.road rnotorcyde 1118l1. I~.,wilth Itbes and the popular billTlOUSS8 insert 23 mIooIes from Thurl1l8l' Rac1ng. 1IIl_- "" =:::'=:. From ~ GP b8tlIegrolI'IdS 10 max-aaadl: scho: •• .......- SItt _ .... EJsmom G Pn,· 00 _los - X·F_ $40.95 .... ('140A) On Any Sunday II . The ~ 10 the original graal9&l molOfCyCle movla d aD line. ~ Ioob at ... _ " starsl1llhllmid---lUslnCluclingBrucePenhaII,8nIcIl.acUy.Bob Hannah, Kann'f RoberlS. and rJ'lC:Qallhe lOP 01 thell'tonn 90 mff1U18S from x.Fac1or Video ~.95 I' _ ....•.•............••..•..•. ~~.: ~:

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