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Cylinder:2000 cylinder wlYamaha Motor Corp. (YMC) mods Cylinder Head: YMC Pinston/Rings: YMC Crank: Standard Reed/Block: YMC/Boyesen Carburetor: Mikuni Spark Plug: NGK/B7EV Exhaust Pipe: Pro Circuit Silencer: Pro Circuit Fuel: Elf Lubrication: Yamalube R Air Filter: Uni -Filter Ignition: Programmable YMC Chain: D.I.D Sprockets: AFAM 14/52 Transmission: YMC Clutch: Hinson Clutch Cover: DSP Tires: Bridgestone Hubs: YMC magnesium Axles: YMC Rims: Excel Brake Calipers Front: Nissin YMC Rear: YMC Brake Rotors Front: 270mm standard (floating) Rear: 240mm standard Master-brake Cylinders Front: YMC Nissin Rear: Standard Brake Pads: Standard Suspension Front: Kayaba/YMC Rear: Kayaba/YMC (inc!. Linkages) Handlebars: Renthal/McGrathbend Grips: Renthal (soft) Levers: Factory front/XT easyadjustable Throttle: Standard/aluminum pipe Skidplate: DSP/Carbon Fiber Bolts: Aluminum and titanium Plastic: Standard/Acerbis Graphics: One Industries Footpegs: Titanium (special wide) Seat: 100%/standard foam 1997 Frame: YZR Titanium sub-frame Suspension Technician: Jon Rosenthiel Motor Technician: Bob Oliver Comments: Steve Butler - "Jeremy is so picky about his clutch; I've never known anyone who puts such an importance on how his clutch is. He also likes to have heavy steering, and because he rides with his weight far forward, he likes his forks to be stiff with a lot of oil damping. Jeremy likes his bike to be very responsive and to have a lot of smooth overrev; it does not need a lot of power, but it has to have good throttle response. He uses a 1997 seat, which is 10mm lower than stock." eN

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