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Cycle News 2004 12 08

Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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!@ I ,.ff;:f}'l../ " 'I-."i : wrekly-morof"Cydi newspoper \"""",oo"'o lMrlc o 's Volume 41 • Issue 48 Vo lume Decemb er B. 2DD4 OFF-ROAD Hughes Strikes 7he Jackpot Davis Closes O ut WORCS Season By Doug Karcher 22 ADVERTISING · EASTERN S T AT ES (710) 179-0)01 Carla AJIen. OffICe ~f & AdYe!tismr CoordinalOi Sheri Russell. £astern Soles Manotr' Sunie Smith , Eosrem Soles Manager SUPERMOTO MARKETING· PROMOTION Mark Thome, Director Forrest Hayashi, Mo~r Aaron Austin, Support VDB on Top By Mario Marin; 26 C I RC UL ATi O N DEVELOPMENT Krl. HoIIand,~, NEW M EDIA DEVELOPMENT Kocy Klinger, Site MOl'lI:Jge' FIRST RIDE 26 CLASS IFIED AD S A>hle;gh Klein P>oduction_ GRAPHI CS· PRODU C T ION Ka~='m= .~-;:-SlMCIO: Motoc rosser Ryan Hughes showed the off-road crowd how it is do ne indoo rs at the inaugural Maxxis Endurcross in Las Vegas, Nevada. Get the full story on page 12. Photo by Jonty Edmund s. :r2:=.. . . ~ ""'---=-s:::=...,...,...:-~~ ~ IPI .......... '*'~ ..... :''::::::'-'lds-~s ltnrr'''~ · W~ ~"'" Printed in U.S.A. _ T- , < CY'de_ '"-O!'IIo=e..... rI9"M_...... ~C~ ""- . ~ .....-u.s 2 DECEMBER 8, 2004 • CYCLE NEWS 40th Anniversary

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