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Cycle News 2004 11 17

Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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Volume 41 • Issue 4 5 Volum e November 17, 2DD4 Sharon Clayton. Presidenl Michael Klinger PlJbIisner . EDITORIAL Pauf Carruthers, E.ditOf FEATURES 20 FIRST RIDE 12 XX XX I 2006 KTM 950 Super moto Kit PaIrnet'", Off·Rood E.d (0( Scott Rousseau. Monofinr £dieM Blake Conner, Auoclote fdlUH Brendan Lutes. Off-1WodAniuOI1 ( Editor Henny RayAbr.uns . COI1Vibutini Ed/to( Alan Cathcart, European E.ditor David R. HoIther, ~gionol Events Editor Kimberly Pe llman, CopyEditor ADVERTISING· W ES TERN S T ATE S (11<)751.7<33 TerryPratt, Nationo/ Accotmts Manager Mark Thome. Wts t~n Soles Monoger Forrest Hayashi. Western SolesManager Dan Legere, Western Sales Mclnoger Rod Hipwe ll. Western SolesManager Aaron Aust in, Western Sores Manager Rhonda Crawford. Advert;s;n, Coordinator By Alan Cathcart INTERVIEW Ashleigh Klein, Assistant 16 Rich O liver By Blake Conner AD VERTI S I NG · EASTE RN S TAT ES (770) 279-0304 Carta Allen. Office Manage, & AlMrtising CoofdinotOf Sheri Russell Eastern Sales Mana~, . Sullie Smith, Eastern Sales Manag~' MA RKETING · PROMOTION Mat'k Thome. Di,~cfOf Forrest Ha)'dShi. Manage, Aaron Austin, Support OFF·ROAD 20 Woods Clinches Ti tle C I RC ULATI ON D EVELO PM E N T Kirk Holland . Manag~r ByShan Moore N EW MEDIA D EV ELOPM EN T Kory Klinger, 5il~ Manaee' CLASSI FIE D ADS Ashleigh IOein ARENACROSS 24 GRAPH IC S· P ROD UC TIO N Kathleen Lawlor. Production Monog~' Sunju Kwon , GraphicAtlist Robert Martin, Graph ATtist ic Melissa Valenluela. Graph Artist ic Ctwistina PendOn. Graph icArtist Lange A lm ost Perfect By Dave Deringer ADMINIS TR ATION Judy Klinger. Coofmnot« SUPERMOTO 26 Pam Klein. AdministrativeAssistant AC COUN TING · DAT A PRO C ESS IN G Donna Bryan-Diamond, AIR Coordinator Geneva Repass, Assistant Stacy Ryan. u~d;t Manager Super moto Visits Belgium By Mario Marin; CIRCULATION Alma Anguiano, Circufatioo ~r Carol MAggio, PtocessineCootdmator Megan Carmona. Dealer Cootdino tOf VINTAGE 28 DEPARTMENTS 4 Voices 83 Stuff 6 In th e Wind 84 Inside Line 74 Want Ad s 86 Loo king Back 87 Guest Editori al 80 Ad Index 81 Bikes of the St ars 82 Leader Board O ld School D irt Track ByJamey Blunt EVENTS 34 Regional Events 59 Local Talent SERVICE· SUPPOR T Btidgeu 8obrofsky. RK~tionist Robert Escandon. Senice and Suppor' NATIONAL H EADQU AR TERS 3SOS-M CadillacAve., Costa Mes.a. CA 92626 P.O Bol': SOEH, Costa Mesa. CA 92628-S084 . (71.)151· 7433 ' FAX (711)1 5 1.6685 EA ST ERN OFFICE 277S Cruse Road . Suite 260 3 Lawrenceville. GA 300« (710) 279 -0]04 • FAX (770) 279-0]60 E· MAll • INTERNET www.cydenews .com advertisi C""':r.:IJSPSI4I-3G~-"'r~~""' __ e~~c;.-=~.:=~~ ~~"""$4MIS ~ =,, ~ d\IntH ..c,dI""'" e o. 8oo5OM . .. . . ==:==';~5.~~~:r:: -..,.,..." ... IMt ...... .......9lIotot1....,lIIIm...·I_"'" ~_RoN.""'1M ON THE =r:df~W:~..Tti51~~.,;I ,ttl~-..d COVER __~~$::ec:etmd .c:.~·$IKOlk ~~ Darcy Lange (main image) opened the N ational Arenacross Series wi th three big wins in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo by Rarnond Gundy. Racer-turned-teacher Rich O liver. Photo by Henny RayAbram s. ~I=--=-~~....=-~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i~: ...' ~ ... W!!!,~ ~~noN Pri nted in U.S.A. ~C)'d. ' "_ c,c .. ...-..-4'".... ..... 2004. T....o.-lo ~ ~. ..... 2 NOVEMBER 17, 200 4 • CYCLE NEWS 40t h Anniv ersary

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