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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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I(i::;-,/ ~:.,f '; ,~""f "-",,,amerka's weekly motorcycle newspaper V ol u m e 4 1 • Issue 44 Volume November 10. 2004 XXXXI Sharon O ayton. Pr~sidenl Michael Klinger.PtJbfjsher EDITORIAL f';tul Carruthen. f ditOl Kit P;Umet'" Off-Rood fditOl . Scott Rousseau . Monoging £dflOl Blake Connet- Associate E.d' [Of . FEATURES Brendan lutes. Off·R.oodAuistau Edflor Henny Ray Abt-ams . CotJtributing fdtOi AlanCathcart. European Ed tCK Davkt R. HoIther, Regionol [ re n ts £d1t01 Kmberly Pellman. UIpy Editor ROAD RACING 11 Rossi Finishe s Up By Henny Ray Abrams A D V ERT IS I N G· W ES T ER N S T ATE S (7 14) 75 1·743 3 Terry Pro , Notionol AccountsManager m Mark Thome. Weslem Soles Monoget Forresr Hayashi. Wetlem Soles Manager Dan Lege-e. Western SoIe.s Manager Rod Hipwe A Western Sales Manege, . Aaron Austin . Western Sales Manog~ Rhonda Cr.r.vford. Advertising Coordinator FIRST RIDE 10 2005 Victory Hamme r By Blake Connor 14 Ashleig h Klein. Anislanl AD VER T ISIN G · EASTERN STATES (770) 279-C30-4 Carla Allen, OfficeManoge-r & Advertising Coord Inator Sheri Russell . Eastern Soles Manager Sunie Smith. East ern Soles Manager 2005 Yamaha YZF250 By the Cycle News Staff 31 MARKETING · PROMOTION Mark Thome , Director Fo rrest Hayashi, Manoger Aaron Aust in. Support MV Agusta 1000 ByAlan Cathcart CIR CU LA T iON DEVELOPM ENT Kirk H olland . Monagt'r OFF-ROAD 16 30 N EW MED IA DEVELOPM ENT Kory Kfinger. Site ~r Smith Get s His Cha mpionship ByJason Weigandt C LA S S I FI ED A DS A.hleigh Klein GRAPHI C S· PRODUCT IO N Kathleen lawk>r. Pl' ". ,"""dina"" Pam Klein. Adminisuatn'e Au isront By Mark Kariya 44 Invitational Trials ACC O UNT ING· DATA PRO CES S I N G Donna Bryan.-Diamond. AIR Coordinator Geneva Repass . Assis.ont Suey Ryan. Credit ~f ByShan Moore C IR CUL AT ION Alma Anguiano, CirculationMonoget Carol Maggio. Processing Coordinator Megan Carmona.Dealer Coordinator VINTAGE 41 Old School Motocross S ERV ICE· SUPPORT By Harvey Mushman Bridgett Bobrofsky. R«eptionist Robert Escandon. Semce and DEPARTMENTS S Voices 99 Stuff 6 In t he Wind 100 Inside Line 7S Ca lendar 101 Looking Back 90 Want Ads 103 Teardown 96 Ad Index 97 Bike s of the Stars 98 Leade rboard REGIONAL EVENTS 46 74 Even ts Loca l Talent Support N ATIONAL HE ADQU A R T E RS ]S05 -M Cad illac Ave .• Costa Mesa , CA 92626 P.O. Box 50&4, Costa Mesa. CA 92628 ·5084 (714) 751·74]] • FAX (7 14) 75 1-668 5 EA STERN OFF I CE 2775 Cruse Road , Suite 2603 Lawrencev ille, GA ] 004 4 (770) 279-0]04 • FAX.(770) 279-0]60 E-MAIL· INTERN ET www.cyc ed subscribe@cyde advertis ing@cyc ---- Cwd-...... I.JSf'S."I.3Q~.......,~~ _ ~ "'J'~~c:.~~~ . .k f:-ec:-~-=:=r ""'oIJa_e-.~ ~ =-~ dwIgH. CJd- rw- P_O_ " S084_ .. ~~===-Je"'" "':::::;""':.. c-. ... ~ ...... ..........."1 -"'- ...... ~ _d>eradon .... ....... ,..."' ~- ~_IWn"''''''-''~'''' ib ON THE COVER Italian Valentino Rossi won his ninth MotoG P of the season in the series finale at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia. Spain. Photo by Gold & Goo se. 4 NOVEMBER 10.2004 • CYCLE NEWS 40th Anniversa r u '''' :J:"aT.:::f.dr~.:ri:sl~~i~l~ ... ~ar-~~~=-:"'rn=':.~~-Sl"1ICl ~= ~w~..,.....~..:=&.~ ~~~iiT~~.::z:-.=:- W~ ~T1ON Printed in U.S.A. ~.Cyde ........ W;. 2004. l _ C y d e _ .....-MU _S-_~ _ .............. _ _

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