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fEltI ,.fJ;:fll:.l ~""f 'i ' '--"americo', weeki)'IfI(Itorcyc enewspoper l '- Volume 41 • Issue 37 Volume September 22. 2[)[)4 FEATURES Sharon Clayt on . Pr6idenr Michael Kli nger, Pu blisher EDITORIAL Paul Camrthen. EdItor Kif: PaIrnet'". Off-Rood £6 101 Scott Rousseau.. Managinrfdit Of Blak e Conner. Associote Edi tOf Brendan Lutes, O(f+Rood Assistan t E.cilot Henny Ray Abrams, Conuibulini £ditOf Abn Ca thcart, fJxopNn Editor D~vid R. Hokher, R.egtonaI £~nts £dit« KHnberlyPellman . Copy £dtot 12 MOTOCROSS I2 22 Carmichael Finishes Pe rfect By Brendan Lutes and Pat Schutte XXXXI A DVE RT ISI N G · W ES T ERN STA T ES (1 14) 751-7433 Teny Pratt, National Accoun ts Manager MMk Thome . Westl!m SalesManarer Forrest H ~ . Western Sc*s Manop 0..., Lege-e. Wntem .Sc*s Manager Rod Hipwell, Western SolesManager Aaron Aus tin, Westem Soks~ Rhonda. Crawfo.-d. Adrertising Cootdinalot' Melissa Parker. Assistant Everts and Tow nley Crow ned Champions By GeoffMeyer ADVERTISIHG • EASTE RN STATES (770) 279 -030< SUPERMOTO I8 38 Carta Allen , Office!riaoogef & Adw-ertising Coordinator Sheri Russell . £ostern Safes Manag er Suuie Smith. £o sl ern Sak s Monorer Ward W ins In Nashville By Scott Rousseau MARKETING· PROMOTION Mark Thome, Dirff lor Forrest Hayashi. Manager Aaron Austin. Support De lep ine Grabs His First By Mario Marini CI RC U LATI O N D EVELOPMEN T Kirk Hol land, MarJorer N EW MED IA DEVE LOPMENT Kory Klinger. Site Manopr RIDING IMPRESSION 26 CLASSiF IED ADS Mel issa Parker Yamaha FJRI300 By Kit Palmer GRAPHI CS · PRODUCTION KatNeen L.awtor Productioo ~~ , Sun;"" Kwon, Graphic Artis t Robert Martin . Gtophic Artist MeItssaVaJenzueb.. GraphicArtist Christina Peod6n., Gtaphic. Artist DEPARTMENTS FIRST RIDE 28 Yamaha YZ450F By The Cycle News Staff FEATURE 34 Safety First W it h Kenny Robe rts Jr. By Henny Ray Abrams OFF-ROAD 36 40 Aaron Wrap s Up The Title By Shan Moore Watts Back O n Top By Steve Berkner S 6 64 80 86 87 88 89 90 92 94 9S A DHINI S TRATI O N Judy Klinger, Coordinator Voices Pam Klein, Adminisuotive AssIs!ont ACC O U N T I N G· DA TA PRO CE S S ING Donna ~Oiamond AI Coorcinator . R In The Wind Geneva Repass. Assistont Suey Ryan. Calen dar Ue6'_ C I RC U LAT i O N AImiaAnguiano. CK cukn: oo Mcn:Jger i Want Ads C arol Maggio. Processing Coordltlaror Ashleigh Klein, Deokr Coordinot f O Ad Index SERVI CE · SUPPORT Bridgett Bobrofsky, P.«~tionist Robert Escandon, Servic and Supf>ort e Bikes Of The Stars NATIONA L HEADQUARTERS 350S·M Cadillac Ave.• Costa Mesa, CA 92626 P.O Box 5084 , Costa Mesa, CA 9262805064 . Leade r Board (71<) 751-H33 • FAX (71<) 751..685 Stuff EASTERN OFFICE 2775 Cru se Road, Suite 2603 Captured lawrenceville, GA 30044 (770) 279 ·0104 • FAX (770) 279,0360 Inside Line E·MAIL • INTERNET ed Looking Back In the Paddoc k C)diI 1J!IPS141.3«J . . . at REGIONAL EVENTS CIIleadw _ .... _ .....,~~ .... ~_ c::.P:r S5I-OO""~~ ~ __ &::. ~ ~ ~=t ~~ ~ d'IMQooI .. C)diI-.. p_ o.e- $OM 42 S9 THE COVER Events ON Local Talent With his perfect moto swee p this weekend, Team Honda's Ricky Carmichael completed his second perfect season, setting a record that won't soon be broken . Photo by Steve Bruhn. _ -.....--..- :.=::-.:-.::t..::::::a:.=?e'"~ct:::;.'"':.. _ . . . - at ..... ,,--......., ....... :a:a~SElt~:~1r~: :::c..~Jr~.i~~ ~=Cf.u~Sl"OO; ~=~Sudl..;........,.....,...:t"...=t.~ W-==: i&~~~~p~ - W~ ~"'" Printed in U.S.A. ~Cydoo ............ 201M. T - . . C y d . _ ..... ....... ....-...l ......-u -s.~OW'- 4 SEPTEMBER 22, 2004 • CYCLE NEWS 40th Anniversary

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