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I& i!,4J;f)'7:..t,; ,~"T - ~amrrlca'i ~ tnOtorqcli rtrwtpop« Volume 41 • 155ue 32 AugU!5t lB. 2004 2005 NEW MOTOCROSS MODEL FEATURE SECTION I4 Sharon Clayton. Pr~sidMt Michael Klingel" Publshet . l Debbi Gilson, Copy lcitOf' IOmberly PeIman. Copy £do... ADV ERTIS ING· W ESTERN STATE S (714 ) 15 1· ]4]) Terry Pratt, Notional AcCOP"ltsMonore' t1Mk Thome. Western Soks Motqet FOITe5t Hayashi. Wenrrn Saks Monoret Dan leget'"t!. Wrstem So'"Monor'e't Rod Hipwell , WeSlemSoles Monore' AJron Austin , Western Saks ~( Rhonl:A Crawford. A6fertjsinf CoordinotOf First Loo k: 2005 Ho nda CRF450R 2005 Honda CRF250 R By the Cycle News Staff I6 XXXX I EDITORIAL Pdul Carn.rthen. Edi or t Kit ~. Off-Aood E.6tor Scott Rousseau, MoncJr'nr EdIOf Blake Conner. Auodote &6tOf Brend.1lur:es., Off-Rood Anist«lt fdtot ......... RayAbnvno . C ..",,""...., Edita Alan Cathcart. ~ fditor CRrid R HoIt:her, fYrionol frmu E.dJtot FEATURES 9 Vo lume 2005 Kawasaki KX 125 Melissa Parker, AuistatJt By the Cycle News Stoff ADVERTISING · EA S T ERN ST AT ES (110) 219-0 30< Carla Allen. Office Manogu & A~sing Coor6natOf Sheri Russell. Easrrrn So~s Monoger Suzzie Smith , Eostern Saln Mo~ DIRT TRACK I8 MARKETING' PRO MOTION Hark Thome. DirK rOl Carr Cruises to Victo ry at Farley Forren Hayash i, Manoger Aaron Austin, Support By Dove Hoenig CI RC U LATI O N DEVELOPMENT Kirk Holland , Mano,er NEW MED IA D EVELOPMENT Kory Klinger,Site MoncJrt'r MOTOCROSS 22 CLAS SIF IED A DS Everts and Ca iroli Top Namur GP ........ """~ By Geoff Meyer 32 G RAP HICS ' P ROO UCTIO N KothleenUwIoo-.1'roduction_ Su1iu Kwon, Victory for Villopoto in Ponca GfaphicArtist By Kat Spann 40 Robert Martin. GfaphicArtist Melissa Valenzuel;L,GfophK Artist Ovistina Pend6n. Gfophic Artisr Roy Walking Away ADM IN ISTRATION Judy Klinger, eoorlinotOf Pam toein. A6'rWJis~ Assisl~ f ByStacy Smith ACC O U N T IN G ' D ATA PR O C ESS I N G 1Jonra~. AIR CoM6notOf GenevaRepass. Auisf~r S_Ryon.Cn6t_ INTERVIEW 26 CIRCULAT ION AMA Round Table Part I Alma Anguiano, CKruIotion Monoger Carol Magio, Procrssm, CoordlnorOf By Henny Roy Abrams AshIeigh Klein. Dealer CoorcinotOl DEPARTMENTS INDUSTRY 36 NATiONAL HEADQUARTER S 4 Honda Hoot By Scott Rousseau 8 70 72 78 OFF-ROAD 42 Kanney and Jarrett Duke It O ut 94 96 By Steve Berkner REGIONAL EVENTS 44 Eve nts 69 Local Talen t 2 SERVICE ' SUPPORT Bridgett Bobrofsky, R«:t1>«ionist RDbert Escandon. SeMce ond Support ON THE 97 Voices In The Wind Leader Board Calendar Want Ads 98 I 00 102 I 03 Ad Index Bikes O f T he Stars COVER We ride the 2005 Honda CRF250R and the Kawasaki KX125. Photo s by Kit Palmer: Be n Bostrom and Jeremy McGrath medal at the X Games . Photos by Raymond Gundy. AUGUST 18 2004 • CYCLE NEWS 40th Anniversary Stuff Captured Inside Line 3505 -M Cadillac Ave ., Costa Mesa , CA 92626 P.O. 80 . 50&4, Costa Mesa , CA 92628- 50&4 (1 ' .) 15 '·1. 33 • FAX (1 14) 15' ·6685 EASTERN OFF ICE 2775 Cruse Road, Suite 2603 Law renceville, GA 3004-4 (110) 219-0 30< • FAX (110) 219-0360 Look ing Back E·HAIL • INTERNET Chicanery _·crclenew$·com editOf' advertisi

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