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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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Ifh~I ,.fJ:::f1J;.j8'J '.i--"1 motorcyc 1 "-,,,,"america 's weekly Volume 41 • Issue 24 Volume June 23. 2004 MWJpoper XXXXI Sharon Clayton, President Michael Klinger , Publisher EDITORIAL FEATURES Paul Carruthers, &Jt!or Kit Palmer, Off-Rood Editor Scott Rousseau, Managing Edi(OI Blake Conner. Assodete Editor Brendan Lutes, Off-Rood Assistan t Edilor MOTOCROSS Hen ny RayAbrams, Contributing Editor Alan Cathcart. bJr~on Editor David R. Holth er. Regional El'ents Editor Debbl Gilson . Copy Edilor I2 Carmichael , Stewart Sweep Southwick By Brendan Lutes and Pat Schutte 30 ADVERTISING· WESTERN STATES (7' '') 75 1-14 33 Terry Pratt, NotionalAccountsManager Mark Thome, Western SalesManager Forrest Hayashi. Western Sales Monager Dan l eg ere , Weste rn Sales Manager Rod Hipwell, Western Soles MOIloger Aaron Austin, Western Soles Maneger Rhonda Crawfon:l, AcNertising CoordinatOl McFar lane Wins First World Motocross By GeaffMeyer Me lissa Parker, Assistant ROAD RACING I8 ADVERTISING· EASTERN STATES (770) 279-03 04 Carta AJIen Offic~ Manager& Advertisine Coordinator , Sheri Russell, £ast~rn So'~s Manager Rossi Bueno in Spain By Henny Ray Abrams 26 Suzzie Smith, Haga, Vermeulen Rule British World Superbike CIRCULATION DEVELOPMENT Kirk Holland , Manoger NEW MEDIA DEVELOPMENT Kory Klinger, Sjt~ Manager SPEEDWAY CLASSIF IED ADS Melissa Parker American Victory in Wales ByJohn Hipkiss GRAPHICS· PRODUCTION Kathleen lawlor, Production Manager Sunju Kwon, Graphic Artist Robert Marti n, Graphic Artist Me lissa Valenzuela, GraphicArtist Christina Pend6fl , GraphicArtist RIDING IMPRESSION 34 Lance Smail's Team Green Kawasaki KX250 ADMIN ISTRATION Judy Klinger, Coordinator Pam Klein, Adminis Yotive Assistant By Kit Palmer 36 Soles Mooogel Forrest Hayash i, Monoger Aaron Austin, Support By Gordon Ritchie 32 £os(~rn MARKETING· PROMOTION Mark Thome , Dir~ctOl ACCOUNTING· DATA PROCESSING Donna Bryan-Diamond, AIR CoordinotOl Geneva Repass, Assistant Stacy Ryan , Credit Manager Honda Dream 50R and NSRSOR ByScott Rousseau CIRCULATION Alma Anguiano. Grculotion Monoger Carof Maggi , Proc~ssjne Coordirw1tOf o Ashleigh Klein, ~Olef CoordinatOf OFF-ROAD 38 SERVICE· S UP PORT Fujinami Victorious Again at Wo rld Trials By Shan Moore/Trials Competition Newspaper 42 Merriman, Salminen, Aro Tops in Sweden ByJonty Edmonds 44 David Pearson Takes Idaho City Qual ifier By Doug Karcher 46 Woodford W ins His Third Moose Run BySteve Berkner DEPARTMENTS 3 Voices 101 Stuff 4 In The Wind 102 Captured 74 Leaderboard 104 Inside Line 75 Calendar 106 Looking Back 82 Want Ads 107 Chicanery 99 Ad Index 100 Bikes of the Stars REGIONAL EVENTS 48 73 Bridgett Bobrokky, k cep Uon ist Robert Escandon, ~rvic~ and Support NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS ] S05 -M Ca d illac Ave., Costa Mesa,CA 92 626 P. . Boll: 50&4, Cos ta Mesa.CA 926 28- 50&4 O (11 1) 75 1-71] ] • FAX (7 11)75 1-6685 EASTERN OFFICE 2nS Cruse Road , Suite 2603 lawre nceville, CiA 3OQ4.4 (770) 279 -0304 • FAA (770) 279-0360 E-MAIL· INTERNET ed ito r@ su =.. _ ~""""USPS14 1.3«»"""'i",,"WftidJ . . . ........ CIf .. ~JMl:b$8,OOI"t, . 35lJ5.M "'-a; CA ~ e-u.e .........e. =.:.e=~~=t ....... ~ =' ~ ~ " C)'de ,"- P.O. Boe SOM. =--a:...~,;==$t~~~;.:~ ........,..d............ Events &ac:ri~_ : ~bhUnilltdStnn..-.t Local Talent ~ ~~ __ c:::."P:r oIroI:a.e-o. ON THE COVER Greg Hancock won the British round of the World Individual Speedway Championship, the American's first win of the young season. Photo by John Hipkiss. .. ... ~rW='aR:;~J:i:51=-~i~~-.t ~rr cp,...",. ~ob:~c:.m= ,~~·$I"OO; ~ ...... ~ ~ - - ~EE:'!r~·5:t~~ 8M S.R:nA . . . upon NqI.lIht. "WBP~ ~nON Printed in U.S.A. ~ Cycle Neowa.Inc. 2004. , _ CJod-" " - --e_'" u s. - - O - -..... rieh'*--. 2 JUNE 23, 2004 • CYCLE NEWS 40th Anniversary

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