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~ J'". "' ry-> I .!2/1,.,r::;A ,J-, 'J'T •~ I ~-.-r ,~,:r:::... 1 " ~omef'lcO"1 Volume 41 • 155ue 17 WftJdy motorcycle Volume May 5, 2[)(]4 ....-po~r XXXXI Sharon Clayton . Prto$ident H icJgeI Kmger. Publisher EDITORIAL FEATURES Paul Carruthers . E6tor Kit PUner. Otf-Rood £d tOf' Scott Rousseau. Mcmarinc Edirot Blake Comer. Auoc:iate Ed for Henny ~ Abnrns. Conrnbutinr Mt« SUPERCROSS I4 Alan Cathcart.. furopHn Edit", R. Hohner. ~ fwellts Edtat ~ Debl:NGilson. Copy E.6tor Salt Lake SX - Windham Wins, ADVERTISING· WES T ERN STAT ES (71.) 75' ·7. )] TerryPratt, National AccountsMoncJrer I"1.ariI. Thome. Western 5l*s Mono,er FOfT1!$f: Hayashi. Western 50ks McJnot« Dan L.e,ere. Wes tem Soles Monorer Aaron Ausm. West ern Sclk:s Monoret Rhonda Crawford . ~ CoordinalOl Reed Docked By Dave Deringer and Stacy Smith MOTOCROSS 24 Melissa Parker, AssIstant A D VERTI S IN G · EASTERN STAT ES Everts and Townley Rule Holland (770) 279-0301 Carta Allen , Office Monc1gH & AMrtisinf Coordtnator Sheri Russell Eastern Soles Monoeer , Suzz;e Sm ith. £astern Soles Manopr By GeoffMeyer 40 MARKETING· PROMOTION Mark Thome, DirKlor 33rd Annua l NMA Wo rld Mini Grand Prix in Las Vegas FOf'TeSt Hayashi, M oooger Aaron Austin , Support By Kat and The Beckster NEW MED IA DEVELOPMENT Ko'' ' '.""_t Robert Esandon. Senice ond Support ON THE 84 90 107 I 08 In Th e Wind I 09 I I0 Lead e rbo ard I I2 Voices Calendar Wan t Ads I I4 I I5 Ad Index Bikes of th e Stars COVER Nathan Woods won the WO RCS round in Utah, his secon d win of the series. Photo by Tyler Maddox. Rodney Smith, meanwhile, continues his hot streak in the GNCC Series as he won for a third straight race, this one coming at the combined GNCC/N ational Hare Scrambles at Loretta Lynn's. Photos by Raymond Gundy. MAY 5,2004 • CYCLE NEWS 40th Ann iversary 1SOS-M Cadillx Ave ., Costa ~ CA 9262 6 P.O Boll 50&4 , Coset Hes.a. CA 926 28 · S084 . (71. )75' .713 3 ' FAX (71.)75' .6685 EAS TERN OFfiCE Stuff Captured Inside Li ne Looking Back In Th e Paddock 2775 Cruse Road , Suite 2601 lawrencevil'e. GA 10044 (770) 279-0301 • FAX (770) 279-0360 E-MAIL· INTERNE T www.cyd edi[or@cydenew1, .com subKribe@cyclt!

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