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Cycle News 2004 04 21

Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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1rR-1 /,ffifJl.,t" '~"i ; ~ame rlca's weekly motMcyik! Volume 41 • Issue 15 Volum e April 21. 2DD4 FEATURES I0 20 22 Sharon Clayton. Pt~nr Michael Klingef'". Pub/iwt 10 ROAD RACING newspaper- XXXXI EDI TO RIAL Paul Carruthers. EdftOl Kit PaJmeo-. Off-Rood Ed "" Scott Rousseau.Monae'ing EditOi Blake Conner, Associote £dIM HeM)' Ray Abrams, Contributing EdItor AJan Cathcart. furopNn Editor David R. Hotther. Regtonol Events £ditOf' Debbi Gilson. Copy E.drtot Moto GP Prev iew By Michael Scott ADVERTIS IN G· WESTE RN STAT ES (11.) 751-7<33 Terry Pratt, Notioool AcCOWIU MnJge:, MMk Thome. Western Soles Monorel Forrest Hayashi, Westlern Sales Monare' Dan Legere, Westffl1 Soles~, Aaron Austin . Western Soles~, Rhonda Crawford. Advertising Coordfnator Melissa f'ariter. Assistant Wayne Rainey on Rossi's Yamaha Cha nces By Michael Scott Helmets of Moto GP ADVERT iSiNG· EASTERN S TAT ES (770) 279-O3(}4 24 Carta Allen. Office Monogu & AdYettising CoordintnOl Sheri Russell, Eastern SolesManorer Rossi's Yamaha By Neil Spalding Su:nie Smith. E4stern Saks Manager MA RKE T I N G· PROMOTIO N Mark Thome, DirecrOi Forrest Hay

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