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[i:j" ,.fJ::fTJ;,f " ~"1 "--"",,omerico's wHIly inotMcycleMMpoper Volume 41 • I§§ue 12 March 31. 2()()4 V o l um e XXXX I Sharon Clayton, Pr esident Michael Kli ger. Publisher n EDIT OR I AL Paul Carruthers. EditCH' FEATURES Kit Palmer, Off-Rood Edit or Scott Rousseau , Managing E.ditor Blake Conner. Associate E.ditor Steve Co x. Off-P.ood Assistant Editor SHOOTOUT •4 Henny RayAbrams. Contr ibut ing f ditCH' Alan Cathcart, EurOf>eon Editor David R. Holthet" RegionalEYents Editor . De bbi Gilson, Copy Editor 2004 600cc Sportbike Shootout By the Staff of Cycle News ADVERT IS ING · WESTER N STAT ES (7 14) 751·H33 Terry Pratt, Nat ional Accounts Manager Mark Thome. WesternSalesManager FOrTeSt Hayashi. westem Soles Mo~r Dan Legere , Western Soles MOtWgef Aaron Austin, Westem Soles Manager MOTOCROSS 24 New Faces Top Wo rld Motocross Opener Podium Rhonda Crawford, Admtising Coordinolor Melissa Parker, Assis ta nt By GeoffMeyer 46 A DV ERTISIN G· EAS TER N STATES (770) 279-o3G4 Carla Allen, Offia Manager & Admtising Coordinator Sheri Rus.sell, Emtern Sales Manoger Suzzie Smith, Eestem Sales Manager Amateurs Tackle Lake W hitney By Kat Spann and The Beckster MARKETING · PR OM O T ION Mark Thome, o; rec tOl Fcrresr Hayashi, Manager Aaron Austin , Support a: r-----------------L--=-~--~""=~!!!!!!! w ~ ::; NEW MEDIA D EV ELOP M EN T Kory Klinger, Sire Manager ~ to CLASS IF IED ADS Melissa Parker iD 5 iE GRAPH ICS· P RODU CTI O N Kathleen L..awkM-, Production Manager SunjuKwon, Graph Artist ic RaeIynn Roberts, Graphic Art ist Robert Mattin, Graph Artist ic ADMINISTRATiON Judy Klinger, Coordinator Pam Klein, Adm inisrrative Assis tant 24 ACC O UNT IN G· DATA PROCESS ING Donna Bryan-Diamond, NR CootdinatOl Geneva Repass, Assist ant Stacy Ryan , Credit J'Mnager CIRC ULAT iON Alma Anguiano , Grculotion Manager Carol Maggio, ProcessingCoordinatOf AsNeigh Klein, ~ler CoordinatOl SUPERCROSS 28 laRocco and Hansen Dominate Indy SERVICE· S UP PORT By Steve Cox Bridgett Bobrofsky, ~epUonjst Robert Escandon , SelYice and Support DEPARTMENTS OFF-ROAD 36 Woods Wails at Havasu WORCS By Kit Palmer 40 Usual Suspects Return at World Enduro Opener ByJonty Edmunds 42 6 Voices 8 In The Wind 6S Calend ar 72 Want Ads 90 Ad Index 9. Leaderboard 92 Bikes of the Stars 93 Stuff 94 Cap tured 96 Inside Line 98 Looking Back 99 In The Paddock P.O. Box 5084, Costa Mesa, CA 926 2Q..5084 (7 1.) 751-74)) • F (71.) 75 1-6685 AX EASTERN O FF IC E 2775 Cruse Road , Suite 2603 lawrenceville, GA 30044 (770) 279-0304 • FAX (770 ) 279-0360 E ~MAIL • IN T ERN ET editor@cydenew1;.com subscribe@cy< advertis Lykke Likes Georgia National Enduro By George Vil/anyi 44 NATI ONAL HEAD QUARTERS 3S0S-M Cad illacA"e., Costa Mesa, CA 92626 141-3«D.llUIl iohN-"t,e "'- ~"'_ lUSPS ........ tlllil m.ili"'ll ollicoo e.-:so . ~PubI"...,...". M.Mn..e6 15 ...--"'c,..,......... Watts Wins Parts Unlimited Off-Road National ~~ By Steve Berkner _lhoo,.. oI lt1oolast_ _ REGIONAL EVENTS SO Events Cycle News put the middleweight bikes to the test Results at Willow Springs. Photo by Kevin Wing. Mike laRocco led every lap of his home Supercross in Indianapo lis, Indiana, taking a huge ly popular win. Photo by Steve Bruhn. 4 THE COVER ON S8 63 P ,O.aO..5084. r:.,,~~==='Yl:"Iint~.te.~ . . . lhoo lasl _ _ ......... rou ..... ...... .. Local Talent MARCH 31 , 2004 • CYCLE NEWS 4 0th Anniver sary lhoo"""'two~ lrd ~ _ ~ b hu..d Statu ..... b ==df.=f ~ofirl:r.~·tW:_~;~~ond ~ar-iuuMl,~ lii::a~'m=.~~· $'",oo. ~~~=-~~~Nw ~.=:~5;i-~~ w:::~ W BP~ ~'ffnON Printed in U.S .A . ~· CY'd- -.lnc. lIOO4. T_ ~ _ ....-.du.s. AlII n..... _ _ _ e -.

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