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Cycle News 2004 02 25

Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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r'711~r::f!1:.,f~'~"1 '--""'america'. WHIdy motorqde newspaper Volume 41 • 155 ue 7 Vo l u m e Fe bruary 25. 2 004 XXXX I Sharon Clayton. PtWdtnr MtchaeI Klinger, Publisher EDITORIAL Paul Camrt.hen. EditOl' Kit Pa1mel'", Off-Rood £dicO( Scott Rousseau.Monoging Edlof FEATURES Blake Conner, Associa te Ed tor Steve Cox, Off-Rood Assistonl Editor Henny Ray Abr.uns. Contributing f.dltCN Alan Cathcart. European £ditOf D avid R. HoIther-. kgionol £ ...e U Editor n Debbi Gilson. Copy&litOl SUPERCROSS 18 Reed, Stewart Slam Houston BySteve Cox A DVE RTI SING· W ESTE RN STATES (7 ' <4) 751· 7"3) Terry Pratt, Notional Accounts Motqer Mark Thome. Western Soles~ Forrest Hay;tshi. Western So,," Monofer INTERVIEW Dan leger"e. WesternSoles ~ Aaron Austin. Westetn SalesMcJnoger Rhonda Cnwfon:t. Mrertisinf eoc,.dinator Parke.", Assislont 2 6 The Bostroms By Henny Ray Abrams A DVERT ISI NG· EASTE RN STATES (770) 27'.{JJ04 una Allen, Office ~r & AMrtisinr CoouJinator Sheri Russell,£oUem Soles MeJrlOit'f Suzzie Smith. Eastem Soles Monoger 3 6 Johnny Murphree By Scott Rousseau 4 0 Mike Lafferty By Kit P almer M AR K ETING· P RO M OTI ON Mark Thome, Di~etor Forrest Hayashi. Monorer Aaron Austin , Support 42 NEW ME D IA D EVEL O PMENT I

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