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re sen t t he Yamaha of Troy team . Winning four champion sh ips in th e last five years. Yamaha of Tro y is set to co ntinu e its winning he rita ge in 2004 w ith M ike Brow n , Danny Smith , Kell y Smith , J o sh H an s e n and Bro c k S e ll a r d s , acc o rdi ng to Ya ma ha , D an ny S m it h , Kell y Sm ith , Han s en and Sel lards w ill race the 125cc Supe rcr oss and Nation als on the Yamah a YZ250F four-stroke. Veteran racer and 200 1 125cc N at io nal . Ch ampio n Brown wi ll ra c e t he 2 5 0 cc Sup ercros s s e rie s o n a YZ 2 5 0 t w o stroke and , w hen the series mov es o utd o ors , w ill join his tea mm ate s o n the YZ250F . Aprilia USA has o pened its firs t U ,S , b ou ti que w it hin a re t a ile r a t M arshall Field 's flag ship sto re on St ate Street in down town C hicago , accordi ng to Ap rilia. Th e 560 -squ a re -fo ot sho p f eature s a se le c t io n o f th e Italian manufac tu re r ' s scoo t ers , s uch as the a ll-ne w A p r ilia M oj it o 50 Cu st o m and t he s upe r-fuel efficie nt SR 50 DiTech , as well as April ia-branded apparel and accessories . " If you 've traveled in Euro pe. you kno w th at sc oote rs are a pr ima ry mode of urban tra n sp o r t at io n , " said Ral ph Hug h e s , M a r s h all Fi el d ' s re gio nal di r e c t o r . " A lre ady in t he U.n it e d St at e s , w e're see ing mor e and mo re scooters in larg e urb an are a s . W e a n ti c ip a te th at Ch icagoan s will be quic k to adapt, and we w anted to offer th es e high-qu alit y Euro pean scooters to guests at M arshall Field 's , " KT M Nort h Amer ica 's West office has moved into a newer and larg e r fa c il ity t o a cc omm oda t e g rowing ne ed s , accord ing t o KTM. T he m o ve took plac e during th e fir st and se cond week of O ctober, and the offic e is now fu lly fu nc tioning . A c cord ing to S co t Hard en, v ic e p re side nt o f med ia re lation s , "We st arted growing o ut of th e bu ild ing in EI Cajon . Tho ugh it d id serve its purpose, o ur company is ex pand ing : · · · r!ll@f?D@) [jj]@(1@@f?@fSfS ©fJD@DUD[f)D@!JDfSfJDD[f) ~@@{{J CJ With the 2004 Motocross Grand Prix season still five months away , a new calendar has been given th e green light from the FlM with some big changes from what was originall y released. The original cale ndar sent out by Youthstrea m some months ago featured an Au strian Grand Prix and also GPs at the Lomm el and Spa circuits in Belgium. These three Grands Prix have been replaced with races in Valkenswaa rd, Holland; Namur. Belgium ; and Neeroeteere n, Bel gium, with all three circ uits having a rich history - Valkenswaard and . Namur are two of the mo st respected cir cuits on the calendar. and Neeroeteeren is the home track of seven -time World Motocross Champion Stefan Everts, The FlM also introduced the MX3 calendar for Open class bikes, which will see the retum of some of the mo re historical venues, such as Orehova Vas in Slovenia , Asti in Italy, and Schwanenstad in Aus tria . The FIM has also announced that the Motocross des Nations will be held on Oct ober 3 in Lierop, Holland. so quick ly , we needed to have capac ity for our inc reasi ng requ ire me nts . T his b u i ldi ng i n T e m e c u la was th e m o s t favored o ptio n . " A lso . Rod B ush , the p re si den t of KT M N o rt h Ame rica ha d th i s to say : " O ur EI Cajon loca tio n se rved us well fo r many yea rs . as it co ntinues to do so fo r much of the moto rcyc le ind ust ry . Ho w eve r . we need e d t o make the mov e to Temecula to get clo ser to the heart of the off- road and racing ac tiv ity in S outh ern C alif ornia . KTM is ex pa nd ing so qui ck ly , incl ud ing KTM Au stri a ' s re s e a rch a nd d ev el opm en t activity here in t he States . our supe rcro ss and motocr o ss rac ing team, and the development o f S upermo to. Wi th all of these co mpo nents we must have co nve nient access to tes t track s and facilities , This move also puts us into much closer proximity to the motorcycl e ind ustry press , w hich will be mutually be neficial as we beg in to introduce more and mo re st re et -o rie nted pr odu cts like the 950 Ad v en ture in the fu ture ." KTM N orth America 's W e st office is the base for KTM' s U .S media re lations. re search and d ev e lopm ent. a m at eur r ac i ng, The Motocross Grand Prix schedule is as follows: March 2 1 Zolder, Belgium March 28 Bellpu ig, Spain April 4 Agueda, Portu gal April 25 Valkenswaard, Holland May 2 TeutschenthaI. Germany May 16 Neeroeteeren, Belgium May 30 Arreton, Isle of Wight. Great Britain Ju ne 6 St Jean d'Angely, France Ju ne 13 Gallarate, Italy Ju ne 27 Licht envoorde, Holland Ju ly 4 Uddevalla. Sweden August I Loket, Czech Republic August 8 -Namur, Belgium August 29 Gaildorf, Germany Septembe r I 1 Ballyk elly, Ireland September 26 Sun City , South Africa stro ke ca n be . " The 2003 -2004 N ation al Aren ac ro ss S erie s sched ule is as fo llows: N ovember 7-9 - Albany , N ew York ( Pepsi Are na); N o v em ber 14 - 16 Worceste r, M a s sac hu sett s (Wo rceste r's Cen tru m Centre) ; December 5-7 Rockfor d , Illinois (Metrocent re): January 2- 4 - Fo rt Wor th . Texas (W ill Ro ge rs Co liseum); January 9·1 1 - D es M o ines , Iow a (Vetera ns M em ori al Au dit orium ) ; . J a nuary 16 -1 8 - B alt im o re, M ary land (M arine r A rena); January 23 -25 - Ham pton , V irgin ia (Hamp ton Coli seum ); Janu a ry 30 -Februa ry 1 - C leve la nd , O h io (Gu nd Arena) ; Feb rua ry 6 -8 - Gu thrie. Oklahoma (Lazy E Arena) ; Feb ruary 13 15 - D env er , C o lorado (Pepsi Cente r) ; Feb ruary 20- 22 - Sacrament o , California (A RCO A rena) ; Febr uary 2 7-29 - Kansas Ci ty , M is siou ri (Ke mper A rena) , KJSC , off road / Supe rmoto and it s Red B ull KT M S X/M X act iv it ie s . The new add ress is 2 7635 D iaz Ro ad , Temecula, CA 92 590 . Clear C hann e l Ent e rt ain m en t ' s M o t o r Sports division has announced tha t fo rme r A re nac ross Cha m pio n Jimmy G a ddis w ill re tu rn to the N atio nal A renacro ss Se ries at the o pene r in A lbany , N e w Y o rk . o n No v e m ber 7 . Gadd is spent his su mmer riding on a Team Faith Ya mah a t h ro ug h the C an ad ia n M otoc ross Champion sh ips and has now signed with Unique Powers po rt s-ba cked KTM s for the 2003 - 2004 N ati onal Are na cr o ss S e ri e s. After tw o arenacro ss champio nships in '9 5 and '96, as we ll as t he 12 5cc W e st S up e rcro s s c ha mpi o nship , Gaddis brin gs a threat to so me o f th e newe r yo ung g u ns on the a renac ross circ uit. "J immy really see ms to be o n top of his game and pu sh ing hard er than eve r, " said president o f Unique Powersp o rt s, Bill Little . " He se e ms to be com fortabl e o n t he KTM s, and t his should be a grea t o ppo rt unity for people to see exac tly how e ff ect iv e th e tw o - L D e sp ite rep ort s circ ulati ng elsewhere , ro ad rac er Josh H ayes has not signed a co ntract to ride a No Limi ts Suzuki for 2004, acco rdi ng to so u rce s clo se to Haye s. The M issi ssippian has had talks with N o Lim it s bu t has ye t to sign a contract. . ,. The final nomin ees for the AMA Sports awa r d s , w hich will b e pre sent ed o n Novemb er 2 1 at the Las Ve gas Hilton in Las Ve gas , N evada, are as follows; 2003 AM A Sport s Phot ojournalist of the Year Steve Bru hn . Bill Lanphie r, Tony Scavo; 2003 AMA Sports Website of the Year ,,; 2003 AMA Sports Mot o cro s s Org aniz er o f the Y e ar Echec onnee O ff -Road Park. M X Sp ort s. W ash ou g al ; 2003 A MA Sp o rt s Y outh Rider of the Year - M ichael Ma rtin , Mike Aless i , J ay Sa ll st orm . Patri ck Srn aqe : 2003 ATVA Pro Rider of the Year - Shane Lee Hit t. Bill Ballance, J er emiah J on es: 2003 ATVA Vet/Senior (30+ ) Rider of the Yea r - Scot t M o rri s. Brya n Hu lsey . Jeffr ey T hom p s o n : 2003 A TVA Fema le Rid er of th e Year - A ngela M oo re , Hollie Shartzer. Traci Ce cco . . . . ACCEPTING: Dirt Tricks.corn is now accepting racer resumes for the 2004 race season. Resumes can be sent to Dirt Tricks, Attn : Sponsorship, 2236-C Park Place. Minden, NV 89432. C A NCE LED : The Supe rM oto USA Nor Cal event scheduled for MISSING: Sometime during the recent AHRMA road races at Barber Motorsport s Park and Talladega Gran Prix in Alabama. a motorcycle October 26 in Stockton. California. has been canceled. The final round will now be held November 8-9 in San Mateo. California. during the Gilles Vaillancourt, went " walkabout " from the Works transporter. The International M otorcycle show. For more information visit pe r- rod wa s housed in a wooden cigar box and was one of Vai llancourt's connecting rod. belonging to W orks Performance owner and sponsor or call 707/527-8888 . sentimental keepsakes. If anyone knows the whe reabouts of the rod or MOVED: Erion Racing to 1238 West Grove Avenue. Orange. CA can shed any light on Its disappearance, they can call Works Performance at 8 181701 -10 10 . 92 865 . The phone numbe rs remain the same at 8001700 ·3 599 . 714/ 630-8850, 71 4/ 630-8870 (faxl . For more info, visit www.erionrac- OPENED: Vemar Helmets' home page on the World Wide Web. The site can be found at the following address: http:/ / ACCEPTING: MX Culture clothing is now accepting resumes for the 2004 season, Resumes can be sent to 11489 Woodside Avenue, Santee. CA 92071. Attn: Jimmy Hicks. coordinator for American Suzu ki M otor Cor p., effe ctive immediately. HIRED: Jason Carlton as motocross and off-road race contingency White B r o t h e r s o ff ic ia lly s tarted natio nwide s hipm en ts of t h e a ll new 2004 A lloy M X Apparel line on October 21 , acco rding to Wh ite B roth e rs. Brad Karst en s , Wh ite Br oth ers' direct or o f sa le s a nd m a rk et ing c o m men te d : ..We 've ha d a t re m end ou s respon se from o ur dea ler base rega rding A lloy 's new lineup of appa rel , a nd o ur c us - Carlton will provide on-site race support and handle all the responsibilities involved with Suzuki' s motocross and off-road racing contingency O P ENED: Team Suzuki Flattrack's home page on the World Wide Web. The site can be found at the following address: www.suzukiflat- programs. He will report directly to Cole Gress, Suzuki's Motocross Support Manager. OPENED: Dirt Tricks.corn's home page on the World Wide Web. The site can be found at the followinq address: http:/ / M O V ED: Dominus Corporation, the importers of Twin Air products and SFB product s, to 410 East Walnut Street. Unit #4, Perkasie, PA 18944, 215/258-5124. 215/258 -5126 (fax). ...... . . .. .... . . .. .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... .... . . . ........ ........ .... . . . . . .......... .. .... . . .... . . . . . .. . .... . . . . . . . . . . . .... ... . . . . .... . ...... . . .... ...... . . . . . . . . . . .... ............ ..... .... . ...... : cue I e n e _ S • Continuedon page 6 5 . 2003 3 N O V EMBE R I' L [ [ [ r~ o o w o o

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