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o motorcycles must not be compromised by the agency's proposed new road-bike emissions standards. In testimony before the EPA in Ypsilanti, Michigan, on September 17, Edward Moreland. AMA vice president for government relations, and Sean Maher, AMA director of state affairs, spelled out the AMA's concerns related to the proposed rules in the areas of safety, cost. performance, rider modifications to motorcycles, and the preservation of air-cooled motors. • Motorcycling enthusiasts are willing to do their share to improve air quality, but not at the expense of the destruction of the unique vehicles many seek to preserve,· Moreland said .• A proper balance must be achieved so that all benefit from this rulemaking process. To do otherwise is shortsighted and counterproductive.· Moreland told the EPA officials that the AMA • strongly disagrees" with the EPA's contention tliat streetlegal motorcycles are "significant contributors· to air pollution. He also suggested that small-volume motorcycle manufacturers be given a couple of extra years to meet the first phase of the emissions requirements, and be exempt from the second phase. This, he said, • will ensure a haven for the continued, but limited, production of air-cooled motorcycle engines, which the AMA and the motorcycling community view as a historical and cultural icon of motorcycling in America." Moreland also told the officials that the AMA is pleased the EPA isn't planning to change current law to make it tougher for riders to modify their motorcycles. "The AMA believes the existing anti-tampering provisions are sufficient." Moreland also said the AMA is concerned about the potential safety hazards some emissions control equipment could present to motorcycle operators and passengers, "most notably the heat generation associated with catalytic converters,· and that the cost of complying with the proposed !l0u@ []!j)@(l@@[J@00 @@0 !lJ@(lD@[JlJ0 [X]@[ffJD@@@fJiJD@[JlJ(l The Glen Helen $100,000 International Motocross race, set for Glen Helen Raceway on September 29, appears to be on its way to fruition, according to event promoters. And the race may end up attracting some of the best motocrossers in the in the world, including the likes of Ricky Carmichael, Tim Ferry, Mike LaRocco, James Stewart, Chad Reed, Grant Langston, Mickael Pichon, Stephane Roncada, Sebastien Tortelli, Michael Byrne, Craig Anderson, and more. Team Belgium riders Joel Smets, Stefan Everts and Mamicq Bervoets have also been named in the lineup, though their attendance is not a certainty, Also included in the event will be a veteranls race, with names like Jeff Ward, Ricky Johnson, Marty Smith and more scheduled to compete. This event is the brainchild of Vintage Iron owner Rick Doughty, who says he is doing it for the sport and its fans. "I don't know how we lost the Motocross of Nations," Doughty said. "Although I could not stand by and watch these riders just walk away. I wanted to organize a race for the spectators, riders and journalists who would have been coming to America anyway, A lot of money has been spent on air tickets and teams are already in California. The support for this race has been amazing - this is a motocross race for motocross and nothing else, so that's a nice thought. We have already organized $100,000 in race payouts, and standard could add to the retail price to a less-expensive machine. which could reduce sales and lead to fewer choices for consumers. The EPA is about to implement revised national emissions Geoff Meyer new California standard that begins with the 2004 model year, and the planned federal standard that would take effect for in the" Protecting Your Right to Ride" part of the website. standards for new road motorcycles that would require those bikes to meet strict the 2006 model year, require new motorcycles to emit no more than 1.4 grams per kilometer traveled of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, and 12 grams of car- emissions standards with 2006 models. The federal standards would be the bon monoxide. The Califomia standard for 2008, which would also be the national Mark Sandoval died on September 16 after a long bout with cancer. Sandoval worked at Palmetto Motorsports in Miami, Florida, and was heavily involved in the motorcycle market in South Florida. same as those adopted by the state of California, but would go into effect two years after California's standards. The first tier of the new national standards standard beginning in 2010, sets a limit of 0.8 grams per kilometer of hydrocarbons Drew Wolfe of Action Sports Promotions Inc. has announced the 2002 Fall Motocross Challenge, a special event dedicated to mini, amateur, and vet riders on October 13 at the Action Sports Center in Nelsonville, Ohio. For more information, see or call 740/594-6686. and nitrogen oxides and 12 grams per kilometer of carbon monoxide. The current federal emissions standards for street motorcycles are 5.0 grams of would go into effect in 2006 and the second tier would be in place for 2010. hydrocarbons and 12 grams of carbon monoxide per kilometer traveled. The EPA The new national emissions standards are expected to result in an increased is accepting written comments on its pro- use of fuel injection and catalytic posed street motorcycle emissions rules until Nov. 8. You can e-mail comments to, or later these months converters on new motorcycles. Some motorcycles sold in the United States already meet California's strict 2008 standard, which is the same as the planned federal EPA 2010 standard. The ...................... " Broc .Jump, the 13-year-old nephew of former factory Yamaha motocrosser Donnie Cantalupi, suffered serious head injuries in a practice-day crash at Hollister Hills in Northern California, on August 31. Jump was airlifted to San Jose Medical Center in San Jose, California, where he remained in a coma for eight days. On September 10, Jump was transferred to the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where he is undergoing intensive therapy. Jump's mother, Toni, a registered nurse, is prOViding care to her son around the clock while his father, Steve Vlahos-Jump, another former top Northem California Pro racer, is caring the two younger brothers in the absence of their mother. While there is a lot of hope for Jump's recovery, it will be a long and difficult road, according to friends of the family. Those same friends have established a trust fund in Jump's name to help the family with medical expenses. Contributions can be made to Broc Jump Trust Fund. Acc!: #171270630, c/ Bank of the West, 229 S. Church St.. Lodi, CA 95240, 209/3690283. go to the Rapid Response Center at the AMA website at to send comments. You can see the rules ,. 10 .. · · ACCEPTING: VPE (Vertucci Performance Equipment) is currently accepting resumes for the 2003/2004 supercross/motocross season. Resumes can be downloaded from and sent to VPE, attn: Dean. 130 Rhoades Road, Kutztown, PA 19530. CORRECTION: We incorrectly stated that Matt Stavish rode a Husq· varna in placing third in the National Enduro round which was held in Massachusetts on September 15. Stavish actually rode a Husaberg. · · · we are working on other deals to make this event the best it possibly can be. tt Australian Chad Reed is ready to race, and has put together an Australian team if the offiCial team does not compete. "My cousin Craig Anderson just arrived and Michael Byrne wants to race, so we have a team if the official team is not organized," Reed said. Team USA member Tim Ferry is also ready to ride. "I've talked to Yamaha and they will Jet me know," Ferry said, "I'm ready to race and am very excited about this event," Former AMA Motocross and Supercross National Champion and present Honda representative Jeff Stanton will also be at the event, and is hoping the format will bring back some of the old Motocross des Nations racing. "Let's bring back the old format," Stanton said. "Three motos I'm sure the spectators will get the feel of what the Motocross des Nations used to be like_ I will be there for sure." For more information on the race, see their website at OPENED: Clear Channel Entertainment's motorsports division's new website devoted to the FIM World Supercross GP. The site can be found at the follOWing address: CORRECTION: In Issue #38. we incorrectly called Fresh Rags Inc.. Dirt Rags Inc. Fresh Rags has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Dunlop to market a full motocross and streetwear line for distributors and dealers. For more information, call 310/380-4726. NAMED: Pro-Motion Motorsports as the advertising/marketing agency for Motorex USA. For more information, call 818/957-1166. ACCEPTING: Motorex USA is cumently accepting racer resumes for the 2003 racing season. Resumes can be faxed to 818/957·3533. or resumes can be filled out online at RESCHEDULED: The finai round of the White Brothers Trans·Cal MX Nationals to Riverfront Park in Marysville. California, October 26- 27. For more information. call 949/367-1141. RESCHEDULED: The Gary Bailey Motocross School scheduled for Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, Califomia, October 17-18. has been moved to Penns Raceway in Penns, California. on October 21. For more information, call 276/650-1759. · .................. ~ ,. HIRED: Mike Golightly to the sales and marketing department of Nitrous Express Inc., of Wichita Falls, Texas. For more information. call 877/NITROUS. ,. cue I _ Team Yamaha's Tim Ferry has signed a merchandising agreement with Action . . n - - - - - - - Continued on page 112 _ so • OCTOBER 2, 2002 3 _ o o o o o o o o o o o o o n U o o o o o o n o o o o C J 8 J

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