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o o ere made in civil suits in Santa Clara ounty Superior Court. County officials "There were analgesics, cold medica- re reviewing whether to file criminal tions, antibiotics - typical things involved in a training-room situation." Miller said team can hear the conversation, but Mladin only communicates with crew chief Peter Doyle. harges against Ting, AI Weger, assisant district attorney, told the San Jose ercury News. According to the news- it was Ting who gave riders prescription medications when needed. The samples listed in documents were single pre- The Spider-Man movie is on its way to Italian cinemas, and Columbia Pictures aper report, results of the medical oard's 1 1/2-year probe of Ting allege hat he: -Used a cast technician to treat scriptions for no more than one month. "None of them were performanceenhancing drugs, none of them were ille- atients as if he were a physician, A echnician usually assists in the fitting of rthopedic appliances, orthotics, crutch- gal narcotics where somebody was seiling or using them," Ting told the Mercury News. "The bottom line, s or casts. -Allowed a physician's ssistant to prescribe controlled subtances to her family, -Distributed con- nobody got hurt." Ting's legal problems also include a malpractice suit against rolled substances to a trainer for a the physician and the clinic, filed on behalf of three Bay Area residents who prominent motorcycle team so he could give them to the racers. portray him as a celebrity physician who didn't have time for regular patients, the paper says. he trainer in question is Dean Miller, the long-time physiotherapist for several op road racers, including Kenny Roberts Jr., Doug Chandler, Wayne Rainey, etc. The team in question, according to the report, is Team Suzuki, the team that Miller works for in Grand Prix racing. "There's not a single accusation that impugns the health care Art as provided," said Richard Antoine of Sacramento, who represents Ting, in the newspaper report. Ting, who confirmed to the San Jose Mercury News that he was placed on a two-year probation by the medical board in 1996 for failing to diagnose a patient's dislocated elbow, denied wrongdoing. He said the allegations grew out of office jealousies at the Palo Alto clinic, where he worked until late 2000. The report states that, "In another misconduct charge in the 16- Plans are afoot for American Honda's Miguel DuHamel to race in the Pro Honda Oils Supersport race at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca, according to American Honda team manager Chuck Miller, "We're going to do a test at VIR [Virginia International Raceway - June 18-19J and see how things go," Miller said. "If everything plays out, we'll do it." Honda's results in the Supersport class have been dismal this year, and having the best rider in AMA Supersport history back on the track in front of the world crowd should send a message that there's nothing wrong with the F4i. Yoshimura Suzuki's Mat Mladin has joined the ship-to-shore crowd, with the team employing two-way radio communications at the Pike's Peak round of the said. "He is our test rider only, and though he agreed at the beginning of the year to stand in if necessary, there's no question of him wanting a permanent ride, " has chosen Aprilia to promote the film in Italy, On the morning of May 31, the The United States Classic Racing Association (USCRAJ will hold their 6th annu- special Spider-Man livery adorning the official Aprilia rider Marco Melandri's RSW 250 was presented to the press at al Gunstock Classic race on the very same track first used for the Laconia race, as in days of old, and much more Mugello. The livery is custom-made, but Melandri's riding-suit and helmet also is being offered by the club. On Saturday, June 8, the 2nd annual FIM/NAMU bear faithful reproductions of the great comic-book hero. Spider-Man will be North American Vintage Trials Championships will take place on the very chal- showing in Italian cinemas beginning on June 7. lenging sections of the Gunstock Ski area. This is the largest vintage trials event held in the Northeast. according to event promoters. All vintage trials classes, including sidecar, will partici- Garry McCoy aims to be back on his Red Bull Yamaha in time for the British GP, on July 14. The Australian star, who pulled out of the French GP because of worsening pain from his right-leg injury, has had further surgery to the injury, pate and can be easily viewed from the road race area. An old-timers barbecue will then be held that night at Gunstock's Main Lodge, This is held every clearing up complications that had developed. McCoy broke his right tibula and year, as racers from the past. such as Ben Campanale, Dick Klamfoth, Ed Fish- fibia in preseason tests at Valencia, but came back limping for the first race of er, Sid Swan, Tommy McDenmott, Butch Baer, and a bevy of others, entertain uS the season at Suzuka, with the injury pinned. However, his riding was severely after a fine meal with their stories from the past. Tickets are $22 at the door for hampered by worsening pain, with screws coming loose and even breaking. Surgery in Vienna on May 21 discovered the meal and festivities. This year's guest of honor and Grand Marshall will be Joe Leonard, On Sunday morning, June g, at 9 a,m., the NETA modem tri- that McCoy had developed bone spurs in his ankle, protruding from an earlier Injury dating back to 1998, ''I'm happy that the pain has gone at last," McCoy als riders will have their chance on the same course that the vintage riders competed on the previous day, At noon, said after being able to walk without crutches a week after the surgery, "The the vintage road races will begin featuring all Period One classes, plus an Old AMA Superbike Series, June 1-2. Mladin said the team had tried it a few surgeon said that my leg was a real mess inside - lots of fibrotic tissue in the Timers Parade in which many of the original champions and riders of the track joints, plus the bone spurs. He gave it a from the old days will ride. The famous and sedatives for the use of Team Suzuki motorcycle riders. According to documents, Ting gave the drugs to Dean years ago, but abandoned it because the good clean-out. " testing it prior to the Road Atlanta race, where they used it in the first race of the Superbike doubleheader. "I can tell the guys what's happening. I can tell the guys I'm coming in," Mladin said. Mladin Peter Clifford was quick to contradict speculation that he might become a fix- whatsoever," said Miller, a longtime activates the in-helmet microphone with a button on his left clip-on. All of the ture, "Jean-Michel definitely doesn't want to make a racing return," Clifford J J 8 C) J J J J l J J J J [] J J ] 'l L,j 1 J J C r USCRA sidecars will also strut their stuff for some of the most exciting racing there is to be had. While all this is Miller, the team's physiotherapist. who then distributed them to riders at his discretion," Miller said he has documentation for all medications Ting gave him. "There were no controlled substances J page complaint. an investigator found that Ting issued 14 types of painkillers patient of Ting, in the news story. earpieces were too big. All of the gear had been lying around and they began French motocross/supercross superstar Jean-Michel Bayle will continue to ride McCoy's Yamaha at Mugello, Barcelona and Assen, but team manager going on, a vintage swap meet takes place on the field next to the track. On Monday, June 10, the FIM/NAMU North American Vintage Road Racing Championships, sponsored by the USCRA, will be held down the road at NHIS, with all classes running. For more information, visit . .............................................. '" .......... " .......... '" .... The site is designed to provide Excelsior Henderson owners with information and support. L. r"'. XArena Motor Sports, LLC is developing a 230,000-square-foot indoor ANNOUNCED: Midwest KTM in Valparaiso, Indiana, is now a Husq- extreme sports arena in Trenton, New varna dealer. For more information, call 219/531-4770. Jersey, that is expected to open in the spring of 2003, with groundbreaking in CORRECTION: In a previous press release, AMA Pro Racing OPENED:'s home page on the World Wide Web. The site can be found at the following address: AUTOGRAPH SIGNING: At Don & Roy's Motorsports in Brook- field, Wisconsin, on June 6 from 7 to 8 p.m. Team Kawasaki's Eric Bostrom, Tommy Hayden and Tony Meiring are scheduled to appear. For more information, call 262/786-3220. September 2002, according to XArena. announced that the August 3, Harrington, Delaware, round of the AMA Progressive Insurance U,S, Flat Track Championships would host a 505 Pro Sport support class. The support class will be a 505 Expert class, not Pro Sport. AMA Pro Racing apologizes for the error and any inconvenience it may have caused, The plan will finally bring to reality the City of Trenton and the state of New CORRECTION: In Issue #21, there was an incorrect phone number anticipated indoor facility in Indiana that concept of indoor motocross in a strong and appealing way and will create a positive economic impact on the Jersey, the release states. Unlike the listed in the press release regarding the Dirt Track Hall of Fame race in OPENED:'s home page on the World Wide Web. The site can be found at the following address: http://www.superxown- ran into financial problems before open- Harrington. Delaware. The correct information number is as follows: ing, the plans for XArena are on a much larger scale and have the backing of 304/749-8418, - - - - - - - Continued on page 104 cue I e n e _ S • JUNE 12. 2002 3 u ,l

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