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....J has had a long history of developing motorcycles, beginning his career designing motorcycles while attending the University of Pittsburgh and working his way through school as a mechanic and custom bike builder, Fueling his passion even further, Buell started road racing in 1973 and was up to professional status within a few years, By 1984, Buell was building Formula One-class racers at his home in rural Wisconsin, Just as Buell was beginning to make a name for himself, the AMA eliminated Formula One racing and the market for his motorcycles, After six more years working as an independent manufacturer, Buell realized he needed a partner, Harley-Davidson Inc, bought the majority interest in Buell Motorcycle Company in 1998, with Buell staying on as chairman and chief technical officer, The National Motorcycle Museum was founded in 1988 to promote the motorcycling industry and to preserve its history, The Hall of Fame was organized to recognize people who have contributed to the role of motorcycling in terms of industry, promotion, leadership and competition, A voting committee consisting of motorcycle enthusiasts from across the United States selected this year's winners, u@fi]/Jffi) !XJfi]rlD@'jJ @(JfJfS[f)@[fi)@@@ D[fi) [§)fi][l!l.-t--:.=-.=@=--=-.[fi)=-=fi]=-- ----facility, It was not intentional. Bill Werner's record in this industry speaks for itself." AMA Director of Competition Merrill Vanderslice explained the AMA's case against the team. "The AMA rulebook does allow for appeals of fines, suspension, etc. It specifically does state suspensions," Vanderslice said. "While this [four-race suspension] is not a penalty that is prescribed in the rulebook, at Savannah, Georgia, referee Rick Reinhold did inform all of the competitors, including the Harley-Davidson team, of the fourrace suspension for any motorcycle that was found to be over 505cc. Reinhold also allowed any competitor to withdraw from the event with the benefit of a full refund of their entry if they did not feel that their motorcycle could pass technical inspection." Vanderslice said that some competitors did withdraw, but the factory Harley-Davidson team did not. . "Now we move to a discretionary process where we determine whether or not the appeal is frivolous: Vanderslice said. "If it is determined that we should proceed beyond that, the next process is to appoint a three-member board to hear both sides of the appeal and make a final ruling." A date for the appeal board hearing has not yet been set. Team Harley-Davidson's Rich King was served a four-race suspension after an equipment violation at the AMA National Hot Shoe event at Volusia Raceway Park in Barberville, Florida, on March 6. King won the 505cc National main event, followed by Chris Cat< and Kenny Coolbeth. Afterward, AMA officials inspec.ted the top three finishers by using a "whistler," a device that measures displacement by blowing air into the combustion chamber. King's factory Harley-Davidson XR500 (the Rotax-derived powerplant and not the Buell-based 500R machine that it developed last season) measured high, so AMA officials mandated that factory tuner Bill Werner tear the engine down. Upon further inspection, it was found that the engine displaced over 540cc. The four-race suspension, to include all AMA National events both Hot Shoe and Progressive Insurance U.S, Flat Track - was appealed by the team, which did compete in the Daytona Hot Shoe and Daytona U,S. Flat Track Championships opener at Daytona Municipal Stadium on March 8 and March 9. While Wemer declined to comment on the matter, an official explanation was prOVided by Harley-Davidson's manager of communications, Paul James. "We [the team] are appealing the severity of the penalty: James said. "We do not dispute that the engine was illegal. A mistake was made in the assembly that stems from parts that came from our York A fundraiser for the family of Dick signed a two-year deal. On the basis of all the narrowband contents of the Yardley, who was killed recently, will this deal, Tiscali will be the official Inter- MotoGP and Motocross World Champi- be held in St. George, Utah on March 18, 19 or 20. The fund raiser will be a net partner for, the official website of the viewing of Peter Starr's movie "Take it MotoGP and Motocross World Champi- onships will be available on the Tiscali portals within the beginning of the championships. Users connecting to the Tiscali to the limit" which Starr has donated onships for the next two years. The for the fundraiser which will be held at On March 17, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and AMA District 37 Dual qport combine forces to begin the 2002 Ride For Kids nationwide series with the traditional opening event at Glen Helen Raceway Park in San Bernardino, California, Join in with champion desert racer, ISDE competitor, and inspirational parent Paul Krause for a 100-mile charity dual-sport ride through the nearby forest. The ride will go rain or,shine, Registration and a pancake start at 7 a,m, For more information, call 800/253-6530 or 805/5209778, Dick Yardley is survived by his wife, permanent base and on site via satellite more information, call Jay Tullis at at each Grand Prix circuit. Dorna, who 435/674-1896 or Walter Malloy at took over full in-house control of soft- 435/467-1545. ware, design, maintenance and contents live races and highlights, videos, interviews, and other exclusive multimedia contents. Operations will start on March 2001, will continue to produce all con- communication company, and Dorna, tents for its current English, Italian, the Spanish-based company that holds Spanish and French versions. A Japan- the rights for both the MotoGP and ese site is due to open in the next few Motocross World Championships, have weeks. Under the content point of view, · · · .................................................................................................................... ,. 10, when a renewed version of the Web site will be officially launched during the MotoGP . . . ,. testing sessions at Catalunya, Spain, prior to the start of the World Championship in Suzuka, Japan, on April 7, "Having an Internet partner with the consolidated experience and capacity of Tiscali means a lot to Dorna," said Carmelo Ezpeleta. CEO managing director of Dorna. "The official Web site has been a 6 RESIGNED: Bret Leef, from Kawasaki Motors Corp. U.S.A.. Irvine, ~ California, Professional Racing Department, to pursue other opportuni- OPENED: Smith Sport Optics' new home page on the World Wide Web. The site can be found at the following address: huge effort for us in the past two years and we feel that an alliance with Tiscali is the best way to develop it in terms of reaching a broader audience and also in ties. Bret has been with Kawasaki as a suspension/testing technician for 11 years. Leef can be reached at 909/678-6350. · · · OPENED: Eric Bostrom's home page on the World Wide Web. The site can be found at the following address: "I NAMED: FMF, as the exhaust-system sponsor of the National Dual didn't know what to think at first, but I'm excited about it," Bostrom said. "From what I've seen, it's fairly interactive and pretty damned cool. It has a lot of interesting stuff about what I'm doing and what my brother The first round of 2002 Individual STOLEN: An 18x7 black·and-chrome Storm motorcycle trailer, from and I have been up to, and some cool racing photos. " World Championship for Trial, GNCC ATV Champion Bill Balance, at the Ft, Pierce, Florida, Holiday Inn Express, during Daytona Bike Week. The trailer, which was loaded with two yellow quads, a red Roll Designs chassis, an LRD motor, a CORRECTION: The suggested retail price on the 2002 Honda RC51 scheduled for April 6-7 in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, has been canceled, by is $10,999, not $10,199 as published in our test of the Honda in the March 13 issue. decision of the Ministry of Transports of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, AUTOGRAPH SIGNING: AT D&L Kawasaki in Harvey, Louisiana, because of an outbreak of swine-fever in the region, accordin9 to the FIM. The Trial Commission will study a possibility Sport Series. Klotz EZ-Up and a variety of Moose racewear, had an exposed genera, tor near the hitch and sported logos from Klotz, Maxxis, Outerwears and IMS. Call 304/284·0084 with any information. ~ · · OPENED: No-Toil Industries revamped home page on the World Wide Web. The site can be found ........................ "" " · at the following address: exploring future business possibilities." on March 15 from 7 to 8 p.m. Team Chevy Trucks Kawasaki's Ezra Lusk, Stephane Roncada and Team Pro Circuit/Kawasaki/Chevy Truck's Mike Brown are scheduled to appear. For more information, call 504/227-2272. . " cue I e fl o o CJ will feature for the official Web site in January of Tiscali, a leading pan-European Internet LJ streaming technology know-how for content distribution. The channel, available through Tiscali's portals and will provide servers, bandwidth and communication lines both for the Web site's tions will be given to the family. For interviews of the MotoGP and Motocross World Championships. In addition, Tiscali will have the exclusive European rights broadband contents. Tiscali Business dren. One hundred percent of the dona- f\ to produce a pay per view broadband online channel, realized thanks to its partnership both for narrowband and Cindy, five children and seven grandchil- n I I u o B portals will be able to get access to news, results, inside views as well as agreement also includes an exclusive the Flood Street Theatre in St. George. o o o o n u o o o o o o o o to find another date for this event later in the year. The championship will now start in Calvia, Spain, April 13-14. . . n - - - - - - - Continued on page 124 e _ so • MARCH 20, 2002 3 8 o o CJ o n u 8 o n u [] o o o o o o o o o

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