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c The SFX National Arenacross Series visited Grand Rapids, Michigan. over the weekend, and Damon Bradshaw (Yam) dominated both main events on the first night of racing, as well as the Dash For Cash. On night two. however, Josh Demuth (Yam) won both main events, while Darcy Lange (Kaw) won the Dash For Cash. Despite two thirds and two firsts, Bradshaw actually lost two points to the consistent Demuth after all was said and done, and Demuth now leads by 13. As of Monday, January 7, defending champ Fabrizio Moeni led the 2002 Total Arras-Madrid-Dakar Rally on his factory KTM LC8 twin-cylinder motorcycle. The Italian managed to stay in the hunt through the relatively technical early portion of the rally, which did not suit his heavier, more powerful bike, and then used the ultrafast special test from Tan-Tan Morocco, to Zouerat, Mauritania, to pass Spaniard Joan Roma, of the Telefonica Repsol KTM team, for the overall lead. During the test, Meoni reached a top speed of 116 mph. After that, Meani continued to post respectable special-test times, actually extending his lead to over three minutes. Sitting third is persistent Chilean Carlo de Gavardo. The week was marked by TSO handing out several speeding penalties in the village of Midelt, Morocco (in the interest of safety, radar-enforced speed limits are imposed in populated areas). Among those affected was two-time winner Richard Sainct, who - despite a 50-percent reduction in the penalty - had nearly 15 minutes added to his time, a death-blow in this year's relatively short version of the rally. As of January 7, six days and 1846 miles remained in the rally, which finishes in Dakar, Senegal, on January J 3. Chris Jonnum c Ten-time World Trials Champion Dougie Lampkin has been honored with the L.J distinction of being named as a Member of the British Empire (MBE) for his services to the sport, according to reports from England. The 25-year-old. who has been dominating the sport for five years, said he was shocked to receive a letter two months ago telling him of the honor. But he admitted he still could not believe it until he was contacted on New Year's Eve to confirm his MBE. "It's great to get this sort of recognition,' Lampkin told the BBC. "I know trials is not one of the most popular sports, but maybe the publicity from it will get people asking what trials is all about. To get this is up there with winning any of my World Championships.· Lampkin's father Martin won the World Championship in 1975 and has since become his son's mentor. C C C C C o o o o o cal specifications as outlined by the FIM are as follows: Airbox - the air filter element may be removed or replaced; carburetor intake insulators can be modified; fuel injection system - throttle bodies intake insulators can be modified; exhaust system - the number of exhaust final exitCs) must remain as homologated. The exit(s) must be on the same sideCs) of the homologated model. The following items may be removed: emission control items in or around the air box, oxygen sensor, and air injection devices. 8 o The FIM recently released its rule changes for the World Superbike Series. They are as follows. according to the release: All manufacturers must be in possession of the appropriate FIM Manufacturers' license; each team must submit to the Secretariat of Superbike International, by January 1 of the year in question, an entry for their team; no substitution or replacement of the entered rider may be made after 14hOO on the day preceding the day of the first practice session of the event; the riders and/or teams must compulsorily attend any briefing organized by the Race Director and the Race Direction; entries - a rider shall be deemed to have taken part in the event when he participates in. at least, one practice session. A rider shall be deemed to have started a race when he participates in. at least, the first lap of the race; riders in the top 10 positions in the Superbike class will be reqUired to canry two on-board cameras on their motorcycles; finish of a race and race results - to be counted as a finisher in the race and be included in the results. a rider must cross the finish line on the race track (not in the pit lane) within five minutes of the race winner. The rider must be in contact with his machine; as from January 1, 2003, races will not be stopped for changes in adhesion resulting from climatic changes. The main changes to the 2002 Road Racing World Championship Grand Prill regulations - besides the introduction of four-stroke prototypes up to 990cc in the MotoGP class (former 500cc class) - are the follows: to replace " 500cc' by "MotoGP' in the whole regulations. MotoGP class - 500cc 2stroke/g90cc 4-stroke; riders in the MotoGP class must be in possession of a "FIM Grand Prix Super license;" the maximum age of new contracted riders participating in the 125cc Grand Prix for the first time and wild-card riders is 25 years at January 1. 2002; all manufacturers must be in possession of the appropriate FIM Manufacturers' license; no substitution or replacement of the entered rider may be made after 17h30 on the first day of the event (technical controll, except in the case of the MotoGP class where substitutions may be made up until 12hOO on the second day of practice; each Grand Prix host Federation (FMNR) may nominate three wild card entries for the 125cc and 250cc classes in their own Grand Prix; the MSMA may, at each Grand Prix event, nominate one wild card entry for the 250cc and MotoGP classes; the FIM may nominate two wild card entries for the 125cc and 250cc classes, and the FIM/Dorna may nominate one wild card entry for the MotoGP class at each MotoGP event; timetable for Qualifying Practice: 125cc: 13h 15 to 13h45; MotoGP: 14hOO to 15hOO; 250cc: 15h15 to 16hOO; practice restrictions: when o o o o o n 1.J " n U L- C C C C o o ~c Superbike technical specifica· tions outlined in the new rules are as follows: minimum weights for the Superbike: 750cc four cylinders: 159 kg (349 pounds) - 900cc three cylinders: 162 kg (356.4 pounds) - 1000cc two cylinders: 164 kg (360 pounds). Supersport techni- F 2 JANUARY 16, 2002' c u e I e n _ _ so there is a break in the championship of two or more consecutive week-ends, then the exceptions will not apply from 9hOO on the Wednesday after the Grand Prix until the following Grand Prix; winter testing for 125cc and 250cc teams will be restricted to their own continental zone

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