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$35 Alp,nestars USA 2780 W 237th Street Torrance CA 90505 800/438-2577 vvvvvv Despite the name, it's not made of mud, $29.95 The Mud Coat IS a calf·length lamcoat made cf heavyweight coated nylon matenal that IS deSigned to keep the elements out and the warmth In The coal features two large outer pockets for access La pants pockets and also has a hood WIth snaps and a clear VISor to plotect yoU! eyes from the ram The coat IS available 10 black, 10 sizes M to XXL. Nes Nutrtceutlcels 32 W. Anaparnu Street. SUite 207 Santa 8arbara. CA 931 01 -3841 800/31 6-0374 Power Aid That's light' Yet another entry IOta the "keep you from geumg wed" dnnk mixes for motocross market MotOffilX claIms to be the real deal Mowmlx sponsors riders sllch as Mike AlessI and RJ Thompson and cla1ms that the dllnk prOVides a longer. stronger energy boost than other "Simple carb dnnks due to I s Power Nutnent Blend," which is a hase of complex carbohydrates and complete protem With no caffeme. sugar or other stimulants. ThiS results In a claimed reductIOn m arm pump and muscle burn, and enhances the ndels menLaI focus MX Color USGP Edition Coloring Book __ $5 'r:" . . __ _ Carbon Fiber ' 'Sldestand Plate 'fl', _ ""C.I;J , • .... :~1 __I MX Color $13 1 729 Ditmer Street Oceanside, CA 92054 Aero Desig1 &: IV1arufact:Lring Co, Inc:. 8 South 1 8th Avenue West DJIu:t1, Mrnesota 55B:J6-2148 760/721 -071 4 Stay 21 8/722-1 927 In the Lines MX Color's new USGP Ed'llon Col onng Book features 24 pages of oldschool 1970s and '80s pictures [or motoheads young and old to color It featwes nders and spectators from the mfamous Carlsbad USGP 10 1973 to the fmal 250cc USGP 10 1986 Also mcluded IS a record book of each o[ the wmners at the malor Carlsbad races, such as the USGP, Superblkers. Nallonals and Trans· AMA events. In addmon. the new Motocross des Nations EdItIon will be aVaIlable soon. VV'VV\ Pocket Plate The Carbon Flbel SldesLand Plate (CFSP) looks and works betler than a flattened can in a dllt parkmg lot or on hot asphalt. The CFSP IS about the same size as a pack of cigarettes, but much thinner, and includes an Ultrasuede carrymg sleeve. It can fit to yow pocket. and Aeras· titch promises that It wJiJ pro tect your bike from earthen parking·lot dirt.

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