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orrn Gib<:l3 C C Fred Andrews (Kaw) won his thirdstraight Grand National Cross Country round at Power Line Park in St. Clairsville, Ohio, on October 7, but the runner-up finish of Rodney Smith (Suz) was enough to sew up the 2001 title. Defending champ Shane Watts (KTM) held the early lead and was pulling away before hitting a tree and injuring his knee. Jason Raines (Yam) rounded out the top three, with Mike Kiedrowski (Suz) and Mike Lafferty (KTM) filling out the top five. C o o o o o o o o James Stewart (Kaw) trounced the competition at the Kawasaki Race of Champions in Englishtown. New Jersey, on October 7. Stewart won both 125cc Pro motos, while Steve Lamson (Hus) topped the 250cc Pro class. ~o Mike Alessi (Hon) won all eight motos that he competed in at the Branson USA motocross in Galena, Missouri, October 5-7. Alessi claimed class Championships in the Stock and Modified 85cc (12-13), 85cc Open and Supermini divisions. Drew Kain (KTM) won six straight motos to take the 250cc Stock and Modified Intermediate, and 250cc Open class Championships. o c c c o o o Chevy Trucks Kawasaki Team rider Stephane Roncada will be forced to sit out the upcoming U.S. Open at Las Vegas, Nevada, October 12-13. Roncada suffered a muscle injury in his back when he fell in the second 250cc moto at the Kawasaki Race of Champions at Englishtown, New Jersey, on October 7. B o o Cycle News recently attended Cannondale's western dealers' meeting in Palmdale, California, where we got the opportunity try out a production version of its X440S and pre-production versions of its X440, E440 and C440 on the Los Angeles County Raceway motocross o o track. Also in attendance was Robbie Reynard, who has been campaigning a Cannondale in four-stroke motocross races of late, and who is in discussions with Cannondale about the possibility of racing the company's bikes in the 2002 AMA Chevy Trucks National Motocross Series. "' like the layout.' Reynard said. "There's a lot of room between the seat and the pegs, and I feel comfortable on it. I feel like I adapt well to four-strokes, because I like to roll it [the powerl on in corners.' Ty Wallace plans to race a Cannondale in the White Brothers FourStroke Challenge at the THQ U.S. Open in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 12-13. Kurt Caselli (Yam) was the big winner at round five of the AMA Big Six Grand Prix Series hosted by the Viewfinders M.C. at Glen Helen Raceway Park, October 6-7. Caselli dominated every race he entered, posting wins in the 0200cc, 250cc, UnclaSSified and premier Team Race. Teamed with Gerrit Ordelman, the duo out ran the second place team of Scott Myers and Mark Tilley (KTM) and third-place Joey Lanza and Ryan Dudek (Yam), In addition to his runner-up spot in the team event, Myers recorded wins in the Four-Stroke and Vet races, while Shane Esposito (Kaw) beat out Myers by seconds in the Open race. Greg Comstock scored the First Division Scratch main event win at the first speedway race ever to be held at Indianapolis International Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana, on September 29. Aaron Hessmer won the Handicap main event. Jeff Mowins won the Second Division main event. The all-new facility, run under the sanction/promotion of the National Speedway Alliance, hosted approximately 300 spectators and drew riders from several Great Lakes states and Canada. For more 8 [ffj[JiJJj@@[?@[JiJ!JJ@@@ (J@ ~ C o o o o Factory Harley-Davidson rider Jennifer Snyder was released from Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, Friday, October 5, and has returned to Texas. Snyder was accompanied her upon her release by tuner Bill Werner, who was flown by Harley corporate jet to Seattle to retrieve her and take her to a rehab center in Tyler, Texas, near her Grand Saline home. Snyder is expected to undergo extensive therapy for the injuries suffered in her horrific crash at the Formula USA Seattle Mile on September 22. "Tomorrow we get set to start getting busy," Snyder said from her room at the Health South Rehabilitation Hospital in Tyler. "I'm feeling a lot better already, but I'm going to be looking to do a lot of therapy in order to get my body in as good a shape as I can for next year." Snyder said that she can remember "almost everything" about her tragic crash. "I can remember that I was leading the race, and then Bryan Smith came around me on the inside and then crossed in front of me," Snyder said. "He sprayed me down, and I couldn't see anything. I could barely see the guardrail, and I was trying to keep it as a point of reference while I went for my tearoff, but I guess that I just didn't do that fast enough. The next thing I remember I was on 8 o B o 2 OCTOBER 17,2001 • cue. e n _ .. s information on the NSA, call 317/5451239. The International Disciplinary Court, composed of Alexander Gontard (President), Frantisek Schulmann and Santiago Puig y Viladomiu, convened last week at the FIM headquarters in Mies, Switzerland, in a public hearing in order to judge the cases of Italian rider Andrea Bartolini and Dutch rider Gert-Jan Van Doom, who failed anti-doping tests at the Swiss round of the Motocross World Championship held in Roggenburg on August 12. The CDI took the following decisions in the case of Bartolini: He is excluded from the results of the Swiss Grand Prix with the championship points, prizes, medals and trophies withdrawn; he is suspended for a period of six months from all activities under FIM control, beginning on August 12, 2001 and any championship points, prizes, medals and trophies earned dUring this period are withdrawn; Bartolini must pay a fine of $3000; in addition, the costs of the hearing are to be partially borne by Bartolini. Van Doom, meanwhile, is excluded from the results of the Swiss Grand Prix held in Roggenburg and his championship points, prizes, medals and trophies are withdrawn; Van Doom is suspended for a period of 18 months from all activities under FIM control, beginning on August 12, 2001 with any championship points, prizes, medals and trophies earned during this period are withdrawn; he must pay a fine of $1000 and the costs of the hearing are also partially his responsibility. The 500cc World Championship points standings have changed slightly with the disqualification of the two riders. The final standings are as follows: 1. Stefan Everts (295); 2. Joel Smets (274); 3. Marnicq Bervoets (211); 4. Francisco Garcia Vico (142); 5. Jonny lindhe (107); 6. P~ter Johansson (91); 7. Shayne King (89); 8. Andrew McFarlane (81); 9. Joakim Karls- !JJ@@@f!J@fQ'2~_ the ground, screaming for someone to take my helmet off. It was really scary." Harley-Davidson factory mechanic Bill Werner said that the factory has set no deadline as to when or if Snyder might return to racing. "Our main goal is to get her healthy," Werner said. "There may be a lot of people who will tell her this or that and put pressure on her, but we have told her not to let anyone think for her on what she should do. As far as I'm concerned, she 'is employable if she decides to return to racing, and she is employable if she decides not to. It's her decision, and this company is behind her all the way, no matter what she decides to do." Snyder already appears to have her game plan in place, however. "I have a lot of fans who have been so great to me, and I want to thank them for sticking by me through this and for all of their cards and letters and all of the encouragement they have given me. I am going to get through this." Cards and letters of encouragement can now be sent to Snyder at the follOWing address: Jennifer Snyder, c/o Health South Rehabilitation Hospital, 3131 Troup Hwy., Tyler, TX 75702. son (81); 10. Avo Leok (68); 11. Chris ian Burnham (63); 12. Miska Aaltone (45); 13. Cedric Melotte (39); 14. Bern Eckenbach (39); 15. Johan Boonen (37 16. Fabrizio Dini (36); 17. Gert-Jan Va Doom (31); 18. Erwin Machtlinger (29 19. Willie Van Wessel (28); 20. Jame Noble (28); 21. Andrea Bartolini (23); 22 Damien King (221; 23. Mats Nilsson (20 24. Kenth Asplund (18); 25. Marcel Va Drunen (16). Ducati issued a press release last wee denying any wrongdoing regarding th recently announced lawsuit involvin Pauline Hailwood and Ducati, suit we reported on in last week's issue The release is as follows: "Ducati Moto Holding S.p.A. (NYSE: DMH; Milan' Telematico: DMH), a leading manufac turer of high-performance motorcycles has learned that Pauline Hailwood, th widow of Mike Hailwood, the famou motorcyclist, filed suit against the Com pany in U.S. District Court in Newark New Jersey, USA, on July 20, 2001 alleging that Ducati's MH900e motorcy cle infringes trademark and publicit rights relating to Mike Hailwood's name "Ducati believes that Mrs. Hailwood' claims are baseless, and it will vigorous Iy defend against her lawsuit. The Ducat MH900e motorcycle is inspired by the Ducati motorcycle that Mike Hailwood rode at the Isle of Man n race in 1978. It is the third motorcycle that Ducati has named in tribute to Mike Hailwood since 1979. It is not spons.ored by or affiliated with Mrs. Hailwood or the Mike Hailwood Estate, and Ducati has not claimed any such sponsorship or affiliation. Mrs. Hailwood did not object to the naming of the Ducati MH900e motorcycle until April 2001, more than one year after Ducati had already sold all the MH900e motorcycles that it intends to manufacture. Ducati honors Mike Hailwood's achievements and legacy, and has attempted repeatedly to resolve Mrs. Hailwood's concerns before she filed her lawsuit. The Company continues to hope to come to an amicable resolution with Mrs. Hailwood... Kawasaki has announced that it will go four-stroke Grand Prix racing in 2003, with European Kawasaki representative Geoff SelVidge making the announcement in Paris, France, recently, according to sources in Europe. No details have been released on Kawasaki's planned involvement in the series, however. The company last competed in GP racing in 1982 with South African Kork Ballington racing a 500cc Kawasaki to a ninth-place finish in the championship. That year also marked Kawasaki's last Grand Prix World Championship with Anton Mang winning the 350cc title on a Kawasaki. Kawasaki has won two 500cc GPs. Is there a Grand Prix ride in Eric Bostrom's future with Kawasaki? Stay tuned.

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