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30 YEARS AGO..• AUGUST 31, 1971 There were no photographs on the cover of Issue 133; however, in lieu of a photo was a column concerning the status of the U.S. economy and how it was affecting motorcycle sales. Among other things, the column suggests that if Richard Nixon didn't do something drastic about the economy. he would lose the election of 1972... Jerry Jonnum, father of current Cycle News managing editor Chris Jonnum, sent in a letter defending the "old pros" whom Ron Schneider had stated were winning enduros on their "sleds" because the enduro events were laid out just for them. The elder Jonnum's view was that the sled riders were winning because they were better enduro riders ... Dick Mann (BSA) and Kel Carruthers (Yam) went at it for almost the whole distance of the 100-mile road race National in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. The two traded the lead multiple times on the final two laps before Mann took the win by a hair over Carruthers. Yvon DuHamel finished a distant third. 20 YEARS AGO... AUGUST 26, 1981 Team Yamaha's Broc Glover graced the cover of Issue 4133 after he went into the National MX Finale in Carlsbad, California, with a commanding points lead and left his home track with the 500cc National MX Championship, by 90 points over teammate Mike Bell, 366-276. Team Suzuki's Mark Barnett ended his perfect season in the 125cc class by getting injured prior to the running of the event, which allowed local heroes Johnny O'Mara (Hon) and Rick Johnson (Yam) to split the moto victories, with O'Mara taking the overall with a 1-2 to Johnson's 4-1 ... Theretofore 500cc Grand Prix points leader Marco Lucchinelli (Suz) ran away with the round12 victory in Imatra, Finland, with teammate and lone American title hope Randy Mamola second. Defending champ Kenny Roberts (Yam) finished a distant seventh with tire problems... The Harley-Davidsonpowered Jammer, owned and operated by Jammer Cycle Products and Easyriders magazine, set fast speed at the Bonneville speed trials with driver Dave Campos putting in a run at 238.72 mph. 10 YEARS AGO_ AUGUST 28, 1991 Robbie Reynard (Kaw) chased down Mike Metzger (Suz) on the cover of Issue 4133 at Ponca City. Reynard won the Grand National Championship at the event, although the title may have gone to Craig Decker (Kaw) if not for a start-straight collision with David Pingree (Suz) and Metzger. Ricky Carmichael (Kaw) won every moto he entered during the event, and 12-year-old Charley Bogard of Texas won a drawing for a brand-new 1991 Chevrolet C 1500 pickup truck ... Georges Jobe (Hon) clinched the 500cc World MX Championship with one round remaining with a second-place finish to Dave Thorpe (Hon) in Luxembourg ... Trampas Parker (Hon) took control of the 250ee World MX Championship in Sweden after his main title rival, Alessandro Puzar, was hurt during moto one... Doug Polen (Due) extended his World Superbike Championship points lead in Sweden with a pole position and two race wins. hen Frenchman Jean-Michel Bayle first traveled to USA in outdoor circuit, but while he still has made it worthwhile.) When it's basi- a shot at the crown, an injured cally accepted that even the top rid- 1989, it was unheard of for a top shoulder is making it difficult. As for ers in your series wouldn't cut it in European rider to find (or even seek) Vuillemin and Tortelli - both riders surely capable of winning titles in the U.S., the affect can be demoral- W a place amongst the elite of AMA supercross and motocross. Sure, Roger DeCoster, Gerrit Wolsink and gled with bad luck in their adopted izing. With the European talent-well now just about dry, and the thirst of Pierre Karsmarkers had done their home. Still, the American teams the American circuit apparently stints Stateside, but they did so way back when the Euros dominated our have been patient, knowing that the demand for the great riders is so unquenchable, the U.S. squads are now considering even riders like Reed, Steve Boniface and Josh Cop- Europe - the Frenchies have strug- sport, and their trips were often great that these riders would simply more off-season income-enhance- be snapped up by a competitor if pins. It's one thing to have your elite ment opportunities than serious they were released. In fact, even the riders courted, but it's particularly changes of venue (not unlike con- American expatriates - riders like disheartening when the B riders temporary American racers' winter Tallon Vohland, Mike Brown and begin to leave. One hates to root trips to European supercrosses). Ryan Hughes - have returned home against riders raised in his own When Bayle came to the U.S. full- with lucrative rides in the States. series, but if Reed doesn't live up to time at the top of his game, it changed the way people looked at At any rate, the affect on Europe of the exodus of talent has been the expectations over at YoT next year, then the nearly complete hem- Europeans, and the way Europeans immense, leaving the sport hurting orrhaging of Euro talent might finally looked at their racing goals. As any motocross fan knows, Bayle's exam- in a serious way. True, legends like Stefan Everts and Joel Smets con- end. With names like Bobby Bonds, the Alessi brothers and James Stew- ple was followed by top GP names tinue to win World titles, but their art lining up to take their shot at the like Greg Albertyn, James Dobb, place in European history is already big-time in the U.S., it seems ridicu- Mickael Pichon, Sebastien Tortelli, David Vuillemin, Stephane Roncada, set in stone, and they are nearing the ends of their careers. Two-time outside the American scene. lous to continue to poach riders from Grant Langston and Alessio ChiodL 250cc champ Frederic Bolley is also Perhaps not. With Europe disap- And although none have thoroughly talking retirement, while Chiodi is in pearing as a potential source, the taken over American racing like Bayle, Albertyn and Roncada did the last stages of his career. What about the next generation? American factory teams may begin looking to Australia. With the likes of each manage a title, and most of The young riders have little in the Michael Byrne, Chad Reed and these foreigners are considered among the elite in AMA racing. It way of experience, and while neophytes like Stephen Sword and Ken- Andrew McFarlane moving first into now appears that the European onslaught may be slowing slightly neth Gundersen are valiantly doing their best to lead the way into the the World series, and then on to the American circuit, the U.S. squads might just decide to look Down (Chad Reed's impending move to future, it's not enough to prevent a Under as their new pot of gold. It Yamaha of Troy notwithstanding), but the question that remains for us huge hole from opening up once the old guard is gone. Reed's anticipated might not be a bad tactic. To be on the Euro circuit is whether or not departure is a particularly cruel names are a cut above the other rid- it will be too late for the survival of blow. Many looked at the young ers down under, but there is a junior base in Australia that is very impres- healthy GP racing. sure, the three aforementioned Aussie as a savior in the 250cc True, not everyone that has gone class, but now it's up to Pichon, Gor- sive (one rider who could prove to to the U.S. has remained, but most who returned didn't do so of their don Crockard and Claudio Federici to carry the flag. All three are good be a hot prospect is KTM-mounted own accord. Pichon came back to riders, yet none have the experience Brett Metcalfe, though the 17 -yearold has just signed with the KTM fac- France after a conflict between his short-tempered father and the AMA or legendary status of an Everts or a Smets, with not even one World tory in Europe; Kiwi Darryll Hurley is another rider who bears considera- finally boiled over, and Chiodi flew home to Italy following a Stateside Championship on any of their resumes. While Crockard has risen tion). season that ended in injury (incurred to new level in 200 I, it will take But fans of European racing shouldn't get too hopeful that the in Europe, by the way) before it had begun. The aftermaths for the two another two or three years before he is ready to be considered alongside prospect of the American teams turning their attention to other fish- riders have been completely oppo- Everts or Smets (or even Chiodi or ing ponds will allow the GP circuit to site, with Pichon currently leading Bolley, for that matter). re-build its talent level. After all, comfortably in the 250cc GP title It's interesting to note that among what the U.S. teams would really be chase, and Chiodi's career in tatters this year's crop of likely World doing in such a scenario is simply as he struggles in the 125cc GPs. Champions, two are not wanted in cutting out the middle man, getting For those who remained in the America (Dobb and Pichon) and the the talent early and grooming it right States, it has not been easy going. Langston started his inaugural sea- other is not seriously interested in America (Everts). (Smets would have liked to have raced in America in the U.S. - before it has a chance to even show up in Europe. In other words, now that they've taken the son with a bang this year, getting KTM its first 125cc SX win and taking the first four motos on the 125cc in 2002, yet no team was willing to Euro A and B teams, they might just offer him a package that would have go ahead and take the rookies. Coming up in Cycle News eN • Millville National Motocross • Peoria n • Gennan MX GP cue I e n • _ 55 • AUGUST 22, 2001 99

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