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JROO JR"iO CALll-800--828..fUOE OR VISIT US ON THE WEB A TWWW.SUZUKJ.C M FOR MO INFOR O RE MATION. See participatingdealer lor de s. Besmcncns apply. Accessory offer valid onpurchases madebetween now andAugust 31, 2001 at participating dealers. $150 freeaccess tail oryoffe forJR50 an LT·A50, r d $200tree accessory oftertor JRBO and LTBO. Actessolies de;>ided arelor illustrativepurposes and may exceed $150 ' Fo the first 24 months (promotional peri d). Finance offersubiect to creditapproval by GE Capital Financia Inc Appliesto purchase of Suzuki JR50 between now an August 31, . r o l . d 2OD1 DfI a Suzllki consumer creditcard account Finance chirgesWIlt be assessed onthe pro motional purc seamountlromthe dal of purcnase. Minim ha e ummonthlypa ent willbe 1.5% of the promotiona purchaseamount (ex ym l cluding optional insurance ch arges), and a lixed daily periodic ra onthe te promotional purthase am ount wiD be .0467%(fixed ANNUAlPERCENTAGE RATE of 15.95%). When the promotiona period expires the min l , imum mo nthly pay ment will be 3% of theoutstandingba lance. Minimum monthly payments are required during the prom otiona period. II minimum monthly pay. l ments arenotpaidwhen due, allspecial promotionalterms may be terminated. Standartfaccountterms apply aftermepromotiona periodexpires. W l ithapproved cre AtSuzuki, we wa every rideto be sa an enjoyable. Soalways supe seriders under 16 Review theowner's manual with youryoungdit nt le d rvi . sterand always ins:ped you Suzuki bef reriding. Makesurethey wear ahelmet eye prot ction and prot ctive dothing. Safety Message Fo Parents: ATVs are not toys Serious injury or death can resunfrom imp r o e e r . roper use 01ATVs. Youryoungster's safety wUl depend on)'ou taking a"Salety First" approach to ATV riding. TheSuzuki LT-A50 may be used onlyby UlOSe aged 6 and okIef As iI responsible adult, youmustalways supervise ridersundartheag of 16and lei youryoungster rideonlyaslongasheor she IsridingtheAT\! sa y. Even tho h your Child may be therigh age, ),ou need to be surethat . e lel ug l he or she hasthesize streogtl\, skills. inti judgment to operatethe LJ-ASQ sale1y. The SVlA publication "Parents. Youngsters & ATVs' (indud . edwithIhe IT -ASQ andavailable through your dealer) contains guide thatcan help you de lines termine if yourchild isready to rideanA SUZUki hig TV. hlyrecommends thatallA TVnders takea training cou . W even IJi!Y tor it. For safety and training courseintorTnation,see you dealer D caR theSV rse e" r r IAat 1-800-852-53« . A ca !:Ie hazardou to operate. Fo you sa , always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing, N TVs n s r r tety ever ride on public roads. N ever catty passengeB or engage In stwd ri:iing Be extnl caretuI 0Cl diffiadl temin. Other Suzuki A . Ns have hig r minim age rati gs The lTSO may be used on by aduh-supervised riders aged 12 and older, all other Suzuki ATVs may be used only by those ag 16 an oldar. he um n : ly ed d

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