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. - , By 30 YEARS AGO••• FEBRUARY 23, t971 Bob Edwards and his riding partner ride across the cover of Issue 416 on an asphalt section of the Hi-Mountain Enduro in San Luis Obispo, California... It was announced that Evel Knievel would attempt to break his own jumping record of 18 cars at the upcoming NASCAR Grand National 500 in Ontario. California. Also at the event would be a film team working on a movie about the daredevil starring George Hamilton... We ran our Daytona Preview in Issue 416 as well. Inside, it seemed that we favored BSA, Triumph or Suzuki to do the winning in Florida, as Harler-Davidson was just outdated and the defending champions. Honda, weren't even going to show up. However, we did make note that Yamaha had a considerable chance from at least one of their riders to win the event as they were importing 1969 F1M 250cc World Champion Kel Carruthers for the event... Larry Pfutzenrueter (Bul) dominated the Checkpoint Me's Hare and Hound in Barstow, California, winning from start to finish on his 250. 20 YEARS AGO••• FEBRUARY tB, t9Bt After winning the Houston Short Track in the Houston Astrodome. Jay Springsteen (H-D) was photographed for the cover of Issue #6 as he sprayed his champagne in Victory. The Trophy Dash was won by Wayne Rainey (Kaw) after Mike Kidd (Yam) seized on the last lap. Kidd still coasted across for second. The 25-lap IT held on the Astrodome's floor the following day was won by Steve Eklund (Yam), but Springsteen finished a close second to secure the early points lead in the series... The SCORE Parker 400 ran without a hitch in Parker, Arizona. with the team of Larry Roeseler and Bruce Ogilvie (Yam) taking a slim 30-second win over the team of Chuck Miller and Jim Fishback (Yam) ... We interviewed Team Suzuki's Kent Howerton, and when he was asked why he didn't go race in Europe. he remarked, "I don't have any desire to go over there. I know I could win the World Championship. If Myerscough. Glover and Bamett went to Europe they would finish one, two and three in the world. and a long way in front of fourth." to YEARS AGO.•• FEBRUARY 20, t99t Steve Morehead slid across the cover of Issue 416 after winning the first-ever dirt track event held in Spain. The race, held in Barcelona, set an attendance record at the Palau Sant Jordi Olympic Stadium of 15,000. Only four months earlier, the previous record of around 14,000 was set when Rick Johnson and company visited the venue for a Supercross event... Round five of the AMA Camel Supercross Series took place in San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium, and French sensation Jean-Michel Bayle laid waste to the competition after grabbing the holeshot and leading every lap. Bayle's Honda teammate Jeff Stanton finished second and sat seven points back in the series points standing behind leader Bayle. Mike Fisher recorded his second consecutive fifth-place finish aboard his factory KTM 250SX. Team Peak/SpIitFire/Pro Circuit Honda teammates Jeremy McGrath and Steve Lamson finished 1-2 for the thirdstraight time in the 125cc main event... Proving youth is relative, 33-year-old Larry Roeseler won all seven classes he entered at the Desert Vipers Adelanto GP. He won the Pro race. Open Expert, 250cc Expert, 125cc Expert, Vet Expert Open. Unclassified, and the Vintage race aboard a 1974 Kawasaki KX25O. JIMARILLO Trans-Atlantic Antix dynamic whole of this bio-mechanical 'members' club of all. If you'd care to otorcycles are fashionable once masterpiece. leave your quasi-masculine ways in more or, to use the parlance of The horizon screams toward you in the cloakroom and join us upstairs for our times, they are very "now." It's a constant barrage of almost formless some manly bonding, you'll be most official. Everyone wants one. From images lying dormant in your downwelcome." English soccer players like Les Ferditrodden psyche, and when you plug This incredible, neuroses-free Nirnand to gobby F1 car-racing star vana isn't about creaking leather into them, you'll suddenly realize Eddie Irvine. From Prodigy front man what it is to be a man, what it is to chairs, smoldering Cohibas or ConKeith Flint, to your very own Puff wrestle the laws of physics whilst sitnolly driving gloves, though - it's Daddy and Tom Cruise - they're all at ting astride a bulging, sub-sonic sex about the freedom to express the "virit. You see, the trendiest of the "fashile inner self." Actually, this place missile. ionista" may ride scooters in Europe At over 170 mph, things start to doesn't exist at all, apart from in the these days - as they always have gaping, air-filled chasm that is your get weird. Instead of the wind tearing but there is a post-effeminate backat your body, your ears being assaultmind. Rather, it is a non-cognitive lash going on against what can only ed by an angry cacophony of the elestate with which you can connect be termed "Eunuch Man." directly whence straddling one of ments unwilling to part from your Basically, it was Eunuch man who way and the 180 hp engine screamthese cumbersome, 450-pound rose from the ashes of the 20th cen"Power Tools." ing like a 13,000 rpm threshing tury as the butt of cheap Euro-advermachine, everything begins to calm A 200 mph motorcycle is more tising strap-lines and testosteronedown. Your hands start to tingle and than just a status symbol, then? Of sapping billboard campaigns such as course, it's a passport to instant quickly go numb with the vibration the Renault Clio "Size Matters" serialfrom the super-slim, laughably ironic, macho status in society - that goes ization, in which a woman keeps phallic alloy handlebars and, when without saying - but it is also a living, telling the viewer how important you get to 190 mph, the tumultuous thing and, in England's "size" really is. snooping, camera-festooned, violawind noise and concentration-sapRitual humiliation has never been tion-obsessed, politically correct Big ping turbulence begins to ease. Past far off for Eunuch man, as he can Brother society, a 200 mph motorcy200 mph everything goes eerily quiet always be relied upon to appear - the scream of the engine pathetic in the presis snatched away before it ence of women, thus Iii England's snooping, camera-festooned, violation-obsessed, reaches your ears and all making them look politically correct Big Brother society, a 200 mph motorcycle Is tile you can hear is a churning better. This sad figure ultimate expression of botll your Individuality and your masculinity. thrum from beneath the is a sorry vindication tank. You are traveling at of everything that a third the speed of sound, you have women have long suspected - men cle is the ultimate expression of both your individuality and your masculiniproved your manliness, you have are stupid. ty. The Kawasaki ZX-12R and the fended off the dangers of 3/4 length Well, here's the good news. Forget Suzuki Hayabusa are pure sociotrousers and sarongs, you are on the the screaming Vogue headlines of the political anathema. They are the new ultimate, visceral frontier of fashion late '80s that informed you "Men are iron horses of the 21st-century apocyou have found your place. You are the New Women'" Forget sympathetalypse, and when you saddle up, the Man. ic morning sickness, baby carriers, "So what has that got to do with you're riding a plastic-swathed, twochest-waxing and Fiat Puntos. fashion?" you might ask. "EveryYou are a man. You must sit at the wheeled sexual revolution. I bet you guys didn't know that in thing," I say. Whilst your missus head of the table, you must cut the would hit Rodeo Drive at the drop of Britain, there is now a heinous 187 Sunday roast with a big, steel knife. mph limit on the top speed of motora $2,200 Fendi clutch bag in order to You must take your son fishing, talk cycles, so here's a little reminder of appear at one with the cutting-edge in a deep voice and, of course, you the good 01' days - the late- '90s won"Victimista" of the Hollywood party must have a hairy arse. der years of motorcycling when men set, you would snap up a 200 mph This is what you could be reading in Arena Pour Homme this Summer: were men, bikes were fast and sheep motorcycle even quicker, because were worried. they are the priapic pinnacle of male "Forget fluoro-pink 50cc scooters, Imagine, if you will, watching your accessorization - it's fashionable to floppy-do,ppy Hugh Grant-style odometer click past a mile every 16 be a man again. fringes and poncy, design-award-winseconds - that's three and a half Hey, guess what? It's official; "Men ning, arty farty 160 mph Ducatis. Get your hands on the ultimate DIY power miles dispensed in the first minute. In are the New Men'" Oh, and how five minutes' time, you will have covabout this for an advertising straptool - a 200 mph, 1200cc Kawasaki ered 17 and a half miles; in half an line? "Suzuki Hayabusa: because ZX-12R or a 1300cc Suzuki tightness matters." Hayabusa. With engines bigger than hour you will have traveled over 100 those in most family cars, this is what - that is, if your high-tech fuel-injecLaters. It should be pointed ou t that the tion system weren't sucking the tank the real men will mostly be riding this season." dry in less than 25 minutes. opinions. ideas and events portrayed You are crunched into a fetal ball, herein are not necessarily shared by Knock knock. "Who's there?" arms wrapped around the sinuous the staff of Cycle News. their families, "It is I, a real man." carcass of alloy and plastic, and with friends or for that matter. myself, or indeed anyone I may know or have "Please, come in sir. Welcome to your head inches away from the ever actually met - ever, etc. eN the most exclusive 21 st Century screen, it is you completing the aero- M • Indianapolis SUpercross Coming up in Cycle News • 2001 K1M 12551 Test • Adelanto Grand PrIx • AMA IIatIonaI Han 5crMnbIes ChampIoDsIIlp Rotmd OH a U a •• n .. _ s • FEBRUARY 14, 2001 83

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