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The new RMs have been improved. From fender to fender, bars to dirt. t Suzuki, we know making a great motorcycle tak~ wor;k, and time, and more work. But the results speak for themselves. Suzuki engineers took the already ferocio!-,s RM250 and RM125 and improved them from bottom. First, they increased the diameter of the lower frame tubes, centered them, and moved the reinforcement 10 the outside. RM125 . Combine that with a more rigid swingarm, a la rger diameter rear axle and revised fork spring rates, we're ta lking tons more responsiveness. Then, for increased rider control and freedom of movement, AU tRis adds up to more lowto mid-range power and more contro l. Now you've got a machine that's ready 10 tweak the competition. Then there's the RM125. Suzuki engineers bridged the third scavenging port, reshaped the Rrst and second Now all you need is something to do with your new scavenging ports and threw on a factory-insp ired race pipe. RM, like win a share of the $3.7 million that the Translation: more competition-humiliating, mid- to nigh-end power. But Suzuki didn't stap there. The AMBO, the tool of future world-beaters is ever)! bit as impressive as its big ~thers. And to make it look and feel like them, it got an all-new look complete with Ratter seat and rear:-fender line. Scm"" CorlttJgel'JCy PrOgl_n is posting in 2000. So all their tweaking can help you refine your bank account. Then theres the 5uzlrId Good St:hoIaT Progi'aIJ. Shred in the classroom like you shred on the tracJc and Suzuki will reward you with a free $500 savings bond. And everyone who buys a new CAll j·800·828·RIDE OR VISIT US ON THE WEI AT WWW.SUZUKI.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. AI Suzuki, we wanl every ride 10 be sale and enjoyable. So always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never ride under Ihe inlluence 01 alcohol or other drugs. Study your owner's manual and always inspect you r Suzuki belare riding. Always supervise young riders. The RM-series

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