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Voices America's weekly motorcycle newspaper Vo lume XXXVI LETTERS TO THE EDITOR As an avid fan , m y deepest thanks go a u t to C hr is Aga ja nia n Pre s en ts for pu tti ng on a mos t enjoyab le 2nd annua l Sea tt le Mile a t th e lo ve ly Em e rald Downs . The racin g was sa fe, fast a nd exci ti ng . On ly a la r ger turn ou t of National nu mbered 750s (Chris Carr. we mi ssed y o u) w ou ld have m ade th is event bet ter . Please, powers-that -be, ma ke this a full-fled ged Grand Nation al for Y2K. Doug Zielke Coquitlarn, BC, Can ad a Editorial Paul Carruthers, Editor Kit Palmer, Associate Editor Scott Rousseau, Associate Editor Keith Bush, A'Sistant Editor/Copy Editor Matt Freeman, A-sociate Editor Chris [onnum, Managing Editor Alan Cathcart. European Editor David R. Holther, Assistant Editor Jennifer J. Dutcher, Prooircadr e Advertising Westen . States (714) 751-7 433 Terry Pratt, National Accounts Manager Mark Thome. Wt'Stcrn Sales Manager -Forr est Hayashi, Weste", Sale« Manager Big time? Dan Legere, Western Sales Manager Rhonda Crawford, Ad Coordinator Bridgett Bobro fs ky , Assistant Is it a sign of th e "Big Time" for Cycle News that I now have to deal wit h those Advertising Eastern Stat es (770) 934-7850 Greg Mitchell, Eastern Acco.mts Manager Jim Clark, East"". Sali'sManuger Carla Allen, Ad Coordinator stu pid su bscriber car ds falling ou t of my pa pe r jus t like magazines? Jim Madrid jcmadrid Marketing & Promotion Mar k Thome. Director Forrest Hayashi. Mauager Shan non Clark, Dealer Representatioe Yes... Editor Mother's Day okay New Media Development Kory Klinger. Site Manager Classified Ads Alicia Franklin Gra phics a nd Pro d uction Mandv Loo , Art Director Amanda Wollny. Lead Graphic Artist Paul Fisher. Graphic Artist Lynda Vu , Graphic Artist Dorina Groves, Assistant Administration Judy Klinger. Coordinator Pam Klein. Adminisiratite Assista"t Accou nting/Data Processing Donna Bryan-Diamond, A /R Coordinator Geneva Repass. Assistant Theresa Milburn. Credit Ma"ager Ci rcu la tion Alma Ang uiano, Circulation Manager Carol Maggio. Processing Coordinator Donna Sharp. BiIIi"g Coordinator Service and Support Amber Hill, Receptionist Jim Olson. Service alld Support N ationa l Head q yarters 3505-M Cadillac Ave., Costa Mesa. CA 92626 P.O. Box 5084. Costa Mesa, CA 92628-5084 (714) 751-7433 FAX (714) 751-6685 f astem Office 41 88 First Ave.•Tucker, GA 30084 P.O. Box805,Tucker. GA 30085-D805 (770) 934-7850FAX (770)934-3112 e-m ail ed su bscri be@eycJen ad verti Thi s is in response to Greg Robertson 's letter in w hich he co mp lai ned that th e Glen Helen Nationa l Moto cro ss ope ne r w a s again co nflicting with M o ther' s Day. Hey, Greg, d o you thin k it' s easy to find an open da te? I notice that yo u don't sugg es t a n alternate d at e for th is event. Are yo u suggesting that the so lution would be to have one of th e other motocross Nationals conflict with Moth- ' er' s Day? The eco no my is strong, motorcycle racing is healthy, and most races conflict with another ra ce or something like Mother's Day. He re's one for yo u: How do yo u th ink th e Bad ge rs MC fee ls? They pu t o n the "Cop Out" every yea r o n Mo ther's Day weekend. and it is the best District 37 Du al European Scramble desert race of the yea r. It is also less than a tw o-hour drive from Glen H el en . Some yea rs I race th e Badgers even t, some years we go see the G len H elen National. I would ra th er do both. bu t tha t' s okay (yes . I know. race Saturday and go see the Nati onal on Su nday, but I' m 44' yea rs o ld - so it ' s one or th e other). He re's ano ther o ne for you : The California Gra nd Prix at Hu ngry Valley and the White Brothers Wo rld Vet Cham pionships at Glen Helen. Both are g re a t events and bo th are on the first weekend of November - and about a tw o-hou r drive from each other. Som e rid ers ar e willing to race one race on Saturday and In ternet ww w .cyclen Weekly Website Password: superbike FEATURES Ze r b i brin g s th e noise After read ing the int erview wit h Fr a ncesco Ze r bi . I have on ly o ne thing to say: Get a ll the lawyers o ut of mot orsports. He insists that it is u p to th e Grand Prix Manufacturers Association to come up wi th a proposal to allow four -strokes to TM-mounted Mika Aho la was this year's top compe te in GPs and sa ys it ISDE rider. is their burden to come up wi th proposed regulations. Then he basically outlines what the FIM the othe r on Sunday, but most just pick will accept (i.e, no twins, 7505, an d ru les one or the o ther. My club, the Pro specregarding weight and fuel co nsu m ptors MC, promotes the California Grand tion). In other words. make any proposPrix. We would rather not conflict with al you want as long a s it's what we the White Bro thers event, but we don't want. have any choice. We are ba sically locked He also sta tes that he wan ts no (or into our eve nt da te for a handful of reami nimal) noise restrictions. I would like sons and even if we did change. our race to ad d ress this issue from the standpoin t would still conflict wi th the Elsinore GP. of a fan . Wh en I first went to Laguna or a National Hare & Hound . or. .. take Seca, th ere w e re no s il en cers on the yo u r pick. But that' s ok ay . We accep t bikes. I almost pa ssed out at certain secthis reality and tha t's how it is. tions of th e tra ck when the Kawasakis With all due respect to all the m oth went b y . The sa m e wen t to th e ers out there, including mine. the AMA motocrossers of the same era . The crack ha s do ne a good job of sched uli ng their of the exhaus t w as just too much . Now 28 National e ven ts (s u p e rcr oss a n d they are mar gin all y sile nced. I remem motocro s s co mbi ned) . To ta lk a bo u t ber the first Supers port races with full cha ngi ng it is ea sy, but it' s mi ghty darn mufflers. Th ese we re too qu iet. Ther e is d ifficu lt to actually do it. a reasona ble so un d level between the Tom Marshall two ext remes. prspctrs@fra zm tn .com As for no twins or 7505 - what is he thinking? Man y su itable racing engines Ahola kudos are available in these configurations. Are only fact ori es go ing to be allowed to I w ould like to congratu la te Mika Ahola compete? Also, many "classic" GP fans on his o verall victory at th e 74th runwoul d love to hear th e sou nd of twi ns n in g of th e Int ernat ional Si x Da y s again. Hell, I would eve n let singles in End u ro in Portu gal. Many times th e INSIDE : ISSUE #39 OCTOBER 6, 1999 Cycle News (u SPS141-340) is published weekly except the Iao;t two weeks of the- calendar year for SS8.OO per year by Cvclc l\1."W~. lnc.. l505-MCadillac Avenue, Costa Mesa. CA 92616. Periodicals Postage Paid at Costa MI."Soa. CA and at add i tio~ mailing office. Canada PoseInternational Publicatiore, Mati "5-1661 5. POSTMASTER:Send address changes 10 Cycle News, P.O. Bo x 5084, Costa M~ CA 92&28-5084. To de termi ne the expira tion d.lte of your su bscri ptio n, check the four n um be rs on th e firs t lin e of yo ur a ddres s lab e l. The first two digiti'> indicatt' the 100!1( i!i!lue numb" you'll receive and the last two characters indicate th e year of th e last issue. Subscription rates: Rates for the United States and its possey sioru forone year (SO issues), $58.00; two year.;0 00 issues), s $111JX1; six months (25issues), $29.00;trial ..ub (15issues), 1 $21.00. Canada and Foreign, one ye. r (SO i...sues), $105.00; two veers 0 00 issues).5195 six month..(25issues) , $55.00; trial .00; . sub OS is.ues), $42.00. ... Cycle Ne ws welcom es unsolicited e ito rial ma terial including d d stories, cartoons, photos, etc. Such material, if publishe , bt.'COmL'S the exclusive pro pe rty of Cycle News. Reprinting in whole o r part only by pcrmiss..ron of the publi..her, Advertising ra te a nd circu latio n info rmati on will be sen t upon s requl'St. St.'t! S.R.D.S. . W/BPA ~~!JEJ'TION 'if _ _ Printed in U.S.A. 4 o ve ra ll w inner is overlooked, especia lly if he is n o t rid in g fo r o ne of th e major man u facturers. Mika Aho la rod e a prod u ctio n TM to th e overa ll victo ry and he was also part of th e Ita lian World Trophy team that finis hed seco nd. I wo uld also like to con g ratulate all the other class w in ners, as w ell as the Finis h Wo r ld T roph y team . And kudos to Ty Davis for h is to p A me ri ca n ho no r. Only those who have rid d en an ISDE kn ow what an accomplishment this is. John Siebler Pasadena, CA Seattle sMile Sharon Clayton, President Michael Klinger, Publisher Copyrigh tC Cycle News, Inc. 1999. Trademark Cycle NnY§ registered U.s. Patent Office. All rights reserved, MOTOCROSS 54th annua l Motocross des Indaiatuba, Brazil FEATURE Mila n Motorcycle Sho w from Milan .Italy ations fro m 6 ROAD RACING AMA Road Racin g Grand Championships from Loudon, Ne w Hampshi re OFF·ROAD 74th annual Int ernationa l Six Day Enduro from Co imbra, Portugal 34 48 16 28 INTERVIEWS Ll.S, Open (Ind oor Motocr oss) pr om oter Eric Peronna rd 42 World 500cc MX Cham pion And rea Bartolini 44 SUPERCROSS Fastcross from Arsa go Sep rio, ltaly .46 . HILLCLIMB Round 9 - AMA Nation al Champions hip Hillclimb Series from Middlebury, Indiana .50 54 54 RESULTS 38 PRODUCT EVALUATION NEWPRODUCTS 12 SPEEDWAY Rou nd 6 - Wor ld Indi vidual Cham pions hip Series from Vojen s, Denmark 26 PROJECT BIKE Rick Peterson Motorsports Yamaha YZ300 : VINTAGE AHRMA Vintage weekend fro m Park City. Utah Ca l Expo Vintage Mile from Sacra mento. Californi a DEPARTMENTS 55 EVENTS 56 LEADERBOARD 70 CALENDAR 71 WANT ADS 78 IN THE PADDOCK 95 LOOKINGBACK 95 ON THE FRONT COVER (Top) Motocross des Nations in Braz il. Photo bv Mitch Fried man. (Bottom left ) 74t h ISDE in Portugal. Photo by Pau l Clipper. (Bottom right) Wo rld Individual Championship Seri es final in Denmark. Photo by John Hipkiss .

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