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When a racer crasheS, his f111811C8S can crash, too. You can help. For every ticket purchased for the 1999 AMA M"""a Truck 125/250 Outdoor NatIonals, U.s. robacco Co. wli donate 33 cents to the Clayton Memorial Foundation, organization which offers hlCIaI support to adult rac:etS whose personal funds, prize winnings or Insurance have ...... depleted br Injury. U.S. Tobacco Co., the makers. of Rooster 8 and proud supporters .of the Clayton Memorial FoundatIon, beIeve the toughest riders In the wortd deserve more thmI tough breaks. And we're sure you ..,.. So we __ to encourage you to buy a ticket to your local Outdoor NatIonals race, ~ the fun and support the causel We'1 be at the race too, so look for our U.S. Tobacco Co. booth and stop by. You can learn more about the foundation, as well as our company. Thank you for being a loyal fan and helping us help' these riders when they need It most. .. • UNITED STATES TOBACCO COMPANY MomoriII_ _lhiI_ USTC clooo nat - . norclooo" CIoyD1 grwi, praLd .. do• • • i.llonlIIion nat ... _ _ to _ po-. nor.... _1iIon_1o _ to oe>-.oo ~ _ b y USTC, USTC clooonatoolcil", _ _ lcr"_"""'lmlpodllo, norloUSTC'a_.-In _ _ "" USTCwI_33cnafllr-. _ _ fllr . . Tn.d< 12MSl 0.-.. Moy9, 1GGG,andSoplombor5, , . , InCllloonla. Yort<,Ohlo,""'....... -~,wIIh• .-num_olS70.OOO.and.~ .......... _01$50,000. PIogam_

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