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23-acre wooded campus w ith a 56,000 squa re -foo t office bu ild ing, is located in Pickerington, Ohio, approximately 30 minutes from the AM A's current headquarters. "This is a very exciting opportunity, giving us immediate access to an affo rdable, larger headquarters that every member can be p roud of," AMA p resident Ed Youngblood said. "The site is beautiful, the offices meet our immediate needs, and there is room for plenty of expa nsion . We will ha ve every o pportu nity we have d rea med about for turning the Moto rcycle Heritage Museu m in to a world-class facility." Current plans call for the AMA adminstrative offices to be moved to the new site in January of 1999, w ith the Her itage Museum being reloca ted the following May. The current 4.5-acre, 35,000-sq uare-foot facility has been in use by the AMA since 1972. ro a d a ccid en t. He is s u rv ive d by h is wife, Kerry, and his d au ghter, Christina, who is 22 months old . Da mo n Buckmaster (Kaw) wrapped up the 1998 Australian 600cc Supersport Championship after wi nning bo th 12lap races in the series finale in Lakeside, Australia, o n Augus t 9, re ports Cycle NLW5 contributor Darryl Rack. Performa nce Friction, the maker of carbon me tallic d isc-brak e pa ds, w ill be offe rj ng brak e-sy s tem setu p a n d p it assistance in the Vegas-to-Reno off-roa d race on Oc tobe r 1. For mor e in formation, call 88/493-91 71. Sinisalo is now accepting rid er resumes fo r th e 1999 racing se aso n. Se nd the resum es to Rid er Support, Si n isa lo Paci fic, 2783 3 Ave. H opkin s, Un it 2, Valencia, CA 91355. lap, $50,000-pu rse Ha ll of Fam e race is the richest single race in the his tory of motorcycle di rt track racing, and it wi ll run as part of th e p rogra m at AMA ational Hot Shoe races to be hel d a t Springfield on " same day. Some, 13 the past champions, perennial heroes and rising stars have already qualified for the IS-rider field . These riders ea rned entry to the Hall of Fame race by finish ing among the top four at one of firs t th ree Beer Nuts Hall of Fame qualifiers he ld over t h e cou rse of th e AMA's Grand Nationa l season. Curren tly, th is in clu d es Chr is Carr, Da ve y Camlin, Will Davis, Johnny Murph ree, Scott Parker, Dan Stanley, Kenny Coolbeth, Joe Kopp, Mickey Fay, Rich King, Ja y Sp ri ng steen , S teve Morehead a n d, K evin Varne s . Th e two r e m a in i n g spots on the Hall of Fame race gri d w ill be filled by the top two finis hers in the 750cc Expert fina l at th e Septe mbe r 'S AMA Ho t Shoe Na tional. For ti ckets an d informa tio n about th e Labor Day weekend Hall o f Fa me race, AMA Gra nd Nat io nal, A MA National Ho t Shoe a nd Harley-Da vidson Sportster Performance series races at the Springfield Mi!e, call 217/ 753-8866, Spea king of the AMA , the sanctioning bo dy also wan ted to remi nd a mateu r road racer s int erest in pa rticipa ting in th e ann ual American Motorcyclist Association Road Race Grand Champion s h ip s a t New Ha mpsh ir e Internationa l Raceway that the pre-en tty dead line is Septe mber 1. There are severa l incentives fo r ri ders to pre-enter th e event, which is scheduled for Septembe r 25-27. For more information, call ' 614-891-2425. Ka w asaki Team Gree n' s Pau l Kr au se has teamed up with FMF to boost technica l su p po rt in th e Na tio na l Har e & Ho und, Best in the Desert, and District 37 ra cing se ries . Krause' su p po r t box van wi ll ca r ry FMF p ip es, spa rk arrestors a nd silencers, as well as provide jetting and suspens ion setu p tips. " I' rn re all y lo ok ing forwa r d to it," Krause sai d. "At a tio nals, we ' ll ha ve xtra p ipes o n hand so riders ca n test them ou t on the ir bik es the da y befor e the race. I'll have FMF suspension boxes !jnd decals, a little bit of everything. I'm getti ng an FMF EZ-Up or awning pretty soon, so people will be able to spo t me." Inju red dirt tracker Steve Beattie w as released from St. Francis Med ical Center in Peoria, Illinois, on Friday, August 14. The final diagnosis was that the Canadian had two broken vertebrae, and a fractu red stern um. "I didn't have pneumonia," Beattie said in response to earlie r re ports to th e con tr a ry, bu t he confirmed tha t he has been fitted with a back brace, w hich he will wear for the next several months. " It sucks, because with this thing on it' s hard to even feed myself. Oh well, I guess that'll be about it for this yea r. I migh t come d own to Sprin gfield to see how that all goes, but it kills me to jus t have to uatch:" Rath er than having to drive home fro m Peori a, Beat tie was flown back to Canada on a p riv ate jet, with the full tab pick ed up by his s p o nsor, St ylema ster C u st om Motorcycl e s . " I re all y wan t to say th an ks to t hose guys," Bea ttie sa id. "They d idn 't have to do that, bu t it su re mad e it n ice. I was hom e in a cou ple hou rs." The latest news regarding the Californi a Air Resources Board (CARB) may actually be good news for off-road motorcyclists and ATV users. Citing the need to be ab le to recei ve and se ll legal , mar ketable inv ent ory, the California Moto rcycle Dea lers Asso ciation has reportedly requested and been gra nted meetings wi th CARB to negotiate potential modifications to the existing off-roa d mot orcycl e-emis sions-st andards regu lation s that were put into effect by the agency on January 1, 1997. In fact, memb ers of th e CMDA and CARB are reportedly try ing to work togeth er to reach cer tain resolutions to some of the situa tions that h ave be en crea te d as a r esult of th e CARB regulat ions, CMDA di rector of go ve rnme n t relations Joh n Paliwoda was schedu led to meet with CARB officials on Tuesday, August 18, to discuss the pos sibility of several mod ifications to the existing CARB policies, Stay tun ed . ~pea king of Kawasaki Team Green, the y are offeri ng Vegas-to-Reno pit su p port for the October 2-3 race. For more informati on , ca ll 949 /770-04 00, e xt. 2222 , before September 11. " The sched ule has been cha nged for GFt a t Night m o to cr oss at Lo s Ang el e s County Raceway in Pa lmdale, Califorriia, starting Aug ust 22. Th e ga tes will now open at 3 p.m., wi th practice startin g at 4 p .m . and racing s ta rti ng a t 5 p.m . For more in formatio n, call 909/ 6534 042. The AMA is pa cki ng up and mo ving . Th e as soci a ti on has purchased n e w property near it s current Westerville headquarters and pl an s to move both its a d minis tra tive opera tions a nd th e Mo to rcycle Heritage Mu seum during 1999, w h ich m ar k s the 75th ann iversary of the AMA . Th e new location, a AMA Gra n d Na tional Roo kie o f the Year con te n der Brya n Bige lo w h a s o pened u p h is own web si te o n th e Wo r ld Wide We b. T he site ca n b e re a ch ed at th e fo llowing ad dress : http:/ / AUTOGRAPH SIGNING: At Bentley's Only two positions rem ain to be filled for the Sep tember 5 Hall of Fame Dirt Track Ra ce at th e I1Iinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois, The 10- Yamah a in Murraysville, Pennsylvania, on September 4 from 6 to 7 p.m . Team Yamaha's Doug Henry, John Dowd and Kevin Wind h a m are scheduled to appear. For more information, call 724/325-2344 . HIRED: Paul Langley, as vice president of U5. motorcycle marketing and sales of Dynojet Research, replacing Dave Koshollek, who is leaving to pursue "o ther in teres ts. For more information, call 702/399-1423. OPENED: Heated Grips' hom e page on the World Wide Web. The site can be fou n d a t th e fo llow ing add ress : http :/ /www.ho OP E ED: Qua lit y Mo to rcycle To urs' hom e page on th e World Wid e Web. The site can be fou nd a t the following address: http :/ / OPENED: Colorado Wide Op en's horne page on the World Wide Web . The site can be found at the follo w ing address: http :/ / www .cowideopen .com . MOVED: The western advertising office for American Motorcyclist Magazine, to P.O. Box 3441, Long Beach, CA 90803, 562/434-3444, 562/434-3362 (fax). FORMED: Resear ch Gro up Th ree Suspensio n, by forme r FMF s us pension man Rob Henricksen, effective immediate ly . For m o re info rma tion, ca ll 714/630-0786. A UTOGRAPH S I G N ING : A t Dave Mu ng en as t Motorsports in SI. Louis, Misso u ri, on August 28 from 3 to 7 p.m. International Drag Bike Association racer Scott Gri galiunas is scheduled to app ear. For m ore info r m a t io n, ca ll 314/894-1330. • ACQ UIRED: Trick Racing Gasoline, by Su no co Performance Products, a d ivi- . sion of Sun Refining & Marketing Inc. of Lynwo od , Penn sylv ania , effe ct iv e Augus t 1. Sun has acquired all righ ts to th e Trick brand a nd trademark . For mor e information, ca1l800/444-1449. OPENED: SETRA's ho me page on the Worl d Wid e Web. The site can be 'found at th e following address : http://www.setra ,org 0 r- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - ------ ----- --- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - , (EID ~ SUBSCRIPTION ORDER-FORM Na me --, _ Ad dress City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ Order Date State _ _ Zip _ Please start my subscription to Cycle News: o Every week for on e year (50 issues) for $38.00 (can be billed 2 monthly payments) o Every w eek for two years (100 issues) for $70.00 o Six months sec ond class (25 issues) fo r $19.00 L One year (50 issues), 2nd class Can ad a or Mexico and all other foreign countries $78.00 (U5. funds). First class and airmail rates ava ilable upon request. o This is a New Subscri ption o Renew al Please bill me o Bill 2 payments of $19.00 Enclosed is my ch eck or money order Charge my 0 Visa 0 Mastercard Signature MC/Visa# _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Expiration Date (Effi ~, Send to: Inc. P.O. Box 5084, Costa Mesa, CA 92628-5084 Toll Free Su b scri p tion H otlin e (800) 831-2220 ~ 24-hour FAX Order Line (714) 751-6685 . ~

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