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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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([fID~ . V OICES America's weekly motorcycle n ewspaper LEITERS TO THE EDITOR Volume XXXIV Sharon Clavton, President Michael Klinger, Publish" Editorial Paul Carruthers. Editor Kit Palm". A.'l.OCiate Editor " Scott ROU~~d U , Associate Editor M~rk H Oy CT, Managing Editor Keith Bus h, Assistant Editor/C01!Y Editor Cameron Coa tney, Assistant Editor Ala n Ca thca rt. European Editor David R. Holther, Copy Editor Advertising Terry Pratt. Naticmal Accounts MRnager Ma rk Mitchell. fAst"" Accounts Manager Mark Thome, Western Sales Manager • Thomas Gont er.. Western Sah.'S Manager Forres t Havashi, Westem Salts Manager Greg Mitchell, Eastern Salcs Manager Rid Mathen y, Eastern Sales Manager Rhond a Crawford. Western Ad Coordinator Bridgett Bobmfsky, Assistant Carla Allen , Easlt'rtJ Ad Coordinator Ti na E.1IT, As istan! s Marketing &: Promotion Mark Tho me, Director Forres t Hayashi, Malmger Kory Klinger, Dealer Representative! New Med ia Development Mark Mit chell, Director Rick Matheny, Wchmaster Stephanie Lea mon , Assistant Cla ssified Ad!S Cherie Collie Graphics and Production ReeJohnson, Production Supertnsor Mandy Loa , Production Manager Dennis Greene, Lab. Tech . Amanda Wolln y, Graphic Artist Rohyn Light, Graphic Arti.<:t Administration Jud y Klinger, Coordinator LeanneSims. Administrative Assistant AccountingID.. t~ Processing Donna Brya n-Diam ond. AIR Coordinator Geneva Repass, Assistant Herlane Lewis, Credit Circulation Rhcba Smith, Manager Alma Anguiano, Processing Coordinator Keshena Dawson , Billing Coordinator Ca rol Maggio, Draier Coordinator Service and Support Doris Rice, Receptionist Michael Swedberg, Service and Support National Head quart ers 3505- M Cadillac Ave.. Costa Mesa , CA 92626, P.O. Box 5084, Costa Mesa , CA 9262S-S084 (714) 751-7433 FAX(751)751-66!l5 Eastern Office 41 88 Firs t Ave., Tucker, GA 30084 ' mailing address P.O . Box 805 ' Tucker, GA 30085-0005. ' (770) 934-7850. FAX (770) 934-3112 e-mail editor@cyclcnc subscribe@cyclc news .com Internet http:/ / Cyd~ New!> (USPS 141·340) i!> published wt't· t"l.C't"f" lht> Id..t two wl't'l s of thr-c.llt'Thiilryr'dr for s.:;O.OO pn year bv CycleNtw\, lnc., ~M Cadillac Avenue. Costa Mesa.·CA 1J'-628. Pcncdeais Pcscgc Paid,lt Costa Mesa, CA and at additional mailing officf.. Can.lda Post IntMUtioIu l Public.1-hOM Mail '5016615. fO~ "TMASTl::Jl: To drtf'mlinr Ihr ".pir.lion" of your sebscriptien, chKk the four nurnk n on the fint line of your .ddms "'kL The first tw o dlP b indlulr th" last iS5ue n umber you11l't'ffiv" lind Ih" LUI two Ch.u.-t"B Indiute th...yn .r of tit" w.t i!.§ue . 0\ 0\ ..... a ..... ... OJ ..c E OJ u ratM: Ra~ tor 1MLnited State and ib po:'I' ieMOI\." torON' )'«'a 15O L'''~ )' SSOJX); tw o years 000 issues) r 9JS.OO; SIX months (25 is!f; cs). 526.00; tri.lfsub (15 issues)•• u S19.00. Ca~a and Foreign, one y.c-ar (50 is.,">Ut'S), S90.00; two ynrwOoo 1Mllt'S). $175.00; six month!> (25 ~U15). 545.00; trial sub 0 5 bo.~). $38.00. ~bo;niption CycleNews wclcomcs umo bcrtcdccblorial tncIuding ston es, cartoons, phol os, l.'tc.Such malerial if published becomes IIw n clU5h'" property 01Cych> News. Reprin~g in ~hoW or pdIt only by ~iun of 1m- publi~lwr. Advt' rt i... mg ral~. nd circulation infol'moI, CA 926Z8-508-1. r-, And the horse you rode in on FEATURES ARENACROSS Rounds 2 & 3 - AM A/PjI Nationa l Arenacross Series from Albany, J ew York SUPERCROSS Roun d 5 - FIM World Supercross Championship Series from Japan TIME REMEMBERED Motocrosser Marty Moates 6 DEPARTMENTS 8 RESULTS EVENTS '_ _ RACER TEST Vintage Harley-Davidson 1Q(XL..._ ......12 _ ._ _ TEARDOWN .._ 28 QN THE FRONT COVER 32 _ _ _ ._ .._ WANT ADS LOOKING BACK .._ 18 _ 27 LEADERBOARD 10 Prinled in U.S .A. COFyrighlCl CycleNew~.lnc.lm. TUde m .Mll.Mk '-Cye1r NrW5 regletered u.s, P~I"nl OfficI!'. All righ~ rewtWd. _ , CALENDAR ROAD RACE Ducati Corse preseason tes t from Spain _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 14 Looking back... Marty Moates was featured on the cover of Cyele News in 1980 fo r winning the 500cc U.s . GP. Eri c Johnson takes us back for another look at tha t mem orab le day. 34 .51 ~ .51

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