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MOl 15r Lee y Lee Bivens has created the artwork (or the greatest names in motorcycling (or the past ten years. He has created paintings not only (or the riders, but also the [actories, sponsors and (ans. .~ In 1990, Lee published the first o( many limited edition print series,"The 50th Running-Daytona". Since then, Lee Bivens has published seven print series. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist, Lee Bivens, and the riders. Artist proofs are a more limited edition and each has a handdrawn sketch by the artist on the bottom. Ferracci & Polen Signed by Eralda Ferracci and Doug Polen $110 Artist Proof $155 Unsigned $ 55 Duhamel & Hale "Smokin Joes" Sign ed by M iguel Duhamel and M ike Hale Artist Proof $/25 $/75 Ed Kretz "Iron Man" Sign ed by Ed Kretz Artist Proof Uns igned $65 $/10 $ 30 tnnncdiutc sbi/JIJi ll,t.: arat lable i ll a crusb.proof 111/)('.' fo r fJrdl'fiJl,l!. in/or mat io u. use tbc produ ct Order Form tn tbe bad' of tbis 1/(1{f '.\j}(ljJ{' r

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