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Mod el Search, Dept. 17, 4915 E. Hun ter Street, Ana heim, CA 92807. Ka w asa k i ha s an no u nced th a t it will continue to support motocross, off-roa d, drag, road and shifter kart racers wi th a co ntingency prog ram in 1998. Deta ils will be a va ila b le s hortl y at Kawasaki dealers . Finish Line Motorcycle Care Products ,,;11 be a spo nsor of the CMC Trans-Cal MX Na tiona l Series, pr esen ting products to the wi nners of the Final Showd own. For more information, call 516/666-7300 . DP Safety Scho ol is offering dea ler dis cou n ts for the rem aini ng sessions at Butto nh ill a nd Thu nd erh ill Raceways in 1997. Dea le rs who purchase blo cks of five or more schools will pay $175 ($50 belo w the regular price) per school. Sunset Off -R oad wi ll p rov ide rem ot e p i t s e rvic e a lo n g th e SOO-m ile ra ce co u rse a t th e Vegas-to -Reno off-road race, Sep tembe r 20-21. Evid en tly, three of th e pits ca nno t be rea ched by the r ider' s cha se ve hicle , bu t Sunse t OffRoad ,,;11 ha ve vehicles at each of these remote pits. Four-stro ke teams will have drums a t each p it loca tion , a nd tw ostroke teams will be provided with three racing fuel ca ns of five-gallon capacity each, and the teams will be responsible (or mixin g their ow n oil with the fuel. Ca ns will have to be read y to lea ve Las Vegas by Thu rs day, Se p te m be r 18, at 3:00 p.m . For mo re info rm ation, ca ll Sunset Off-Road at 909/676-6366. GT Bicycles Inc . will begi n distribu tion of the second model in its line of HarleyDavidson bicycles in early Autumn. The new model. Velo Glide, is the successor to the acclaimed Harley-Davidson Limited Edition bicycle. Th e Velo Glid e will carry a manufacture's suggested retail p rice of $1699. For more information, call Brian Searchinger at GT Bicycles a t 303/ 417-9040. T h e Mount Ra in ier Washi ngton Intruders, a motorcycle club exclusively for owners of Suzuki Intru der motorcydes, will be holding its first organized rid e, sla ted for Sep tem be r 6. The 161mil e ri d e w il l laun ch a t En u m claw Suzu ki in Enumclaw, Washington. Rid ers are as ked to meet at 9:30 a.rn., and the rid e is sched uled to begi n a t 10:30 a. rn. Membership in th e club is no t required . For mo re inform ation, contact Dan Morgad o at 360/897-9539. Stiffie is currently accepting race resum es sch eduled fo a p pear from 7 to 8 p.m . For m ore inform ation, call 503 /648-4555. for the 1998 MX racing seaso n, There are several levels of suppo rt available, including an entry -level program. Resumes can be submi tted to Stiffie , a tte ntion: Race Support Director, 2215 First Street , Suite 103, Simi Valley, CA 93036. di vi sion o f PACE Mo to r Spo rts , eff ective imm ed iatel y. For m or e infor ma tio n, ca ll 630/963-1810. CHA NGED: Th e nam e of Klemm Research, to Klemm Cycle Supply. Klemm Cycle Sup- NAM ED: Steve Schiffman, to associa te pub- ply will d o business at a new store at 3636 Van Bu ren Blvd., Rive rside, C A 92503, lisher of Ehlert Publis hing Group'. motorcy- 9ffi / 6Ifl'{)('73, 9ffi /6H7-{)64 (fax). 7 Farrow's Har ley-Davidson & Buell has formed a new club - COBOG (Colu mbus Ohio Buell Owners Group). Members do no t ha ve to live in Columbus or have bou ght their Buell American sportbike at Farrow' s to go "COBOGGING." Motorcycle ow ne rs o f a ny brand are invited to rid e alo ng and learn more abo u t Buell's unique mot orcycles firsthand from people who own them. The club's second orga nized rid e is scheduled for Au gust 17, sta rting fro m Fa rr o w ' s H ar ley -Da v id so n & Bu ell in Columbus, Ohio . For more information, call Leslie or Thad at 1-800-231-8436, or 614/ 228-6353. cle gro up, which includes Ride r and American Rider magazines. PROMOTED: BiD Rhode, from senior account OPENED: Motorcycle-USA.colThs home page manager to sales manager of Race Tech. o n th e World Wide Web . Th e site ca n be fo un d a t the following a d d ress: OPE~"ED: Ducati North America's hom e page on the Worl d Wide Web. Th e site ca n be fou nd at th e fo llowi ng ad d re ss : http:/ / BOR N: Race Scott Saunders, to former pro d irt tracker Sco tt Saunders and his girlfriend , Megan Auv il, on July '12 in Baltimore, Marylan d . http:/ / RESIGNED: Greg Bastck, from the position of editor at Old Bike Journal magazine, a position he has held for seven years . Bastek says he will continue to race both mode m and \ ;'0 tage events, bu t his new job will not be in the motorcycle industry. ACQUIRED: KTM and Husabe rg motorOPENED: Niagara Powersports ' home page on th e Wo rld Wid e Web . The site ca n be found at htt p:/ / BORN : Haley Nicole, to Mark Howard , the vice presid ent of On Two Wheels Enterta inmen t, a nd h is wife, An d re a, on Ju ly 23 in Lagu na Nigue l, California. To be an nou nced a t th e Ju ly 11 AMA Vint age Mot orcycle Days a t th e M id Ohio Sports Car Co u rse in Lexin gton, O hio, in 1998, will be the wi nn er of a fu lly rest ored 1934 Harley-David son Model VD motorcycle. Th e 1997 raffle winner was selected at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, July 12, and the winner was Patric k Don nely of New Bedford, Massachusetts . Donnell y won a 1941 Indian Sport Scout. People can enter the d rawi ng for the '34 Harley-Davidson at the Mot orcycl e Herita ge Mu seum in Westerville, Ohi o, or at many AMA-sanctioned events throughou t the year. Proceeds from the d rawing will benefit the AMA's Motorcycle Herita ge Museum. APPOINTED: Patrick Schutte, to the position of pu blic-relations manager for the supercross cy cles, at Mi d w es t Su spension in Va lparaiso, Ind iana . The new KTM and Hus a be rg d e ale r s hi p wi ll now be ca ll ed Midw es t KTM a nd w ill co n tinue to specia lize in s uspens io n tun in g fo r all offroad mot o rcycles . For m or e in format ion, call 219/53 1-4770. NAM ED: Bill Car ter, as d irector of marketing for Tuc ker Rocky / Nempco . Ca rte r can be reachedat 972/ 518-{]()14. Texas officials issue advisory for state's new helmet law H ooters Restaurant Sho wca se Bike N ight, in New p or t Beach , California, . will be held Thursday, Aug us t 7, from 7 to 10 p .m. Erion Racing's Kevin Erio n a nd Chuck Gr a ves of Gra ve s Moto rsports will be present and ha ve bikes on d isplay. In add ition , various items will be raffled, wit h p rocee ds to go to the Wegma n Bene fit fu nd to help in jured road racers. For more informa tion, call FS producti on s at 714/752-1669, o r Hoo ters Restaurant at 714/ 723-5800. he Texas Depa rt men t of Public Safe ty's Motorcycle Safety Burea u has released guidelines to clarify who is allowed to ride wi thout a helmet und er exemptions in tha t state's recently mod ified helmet law. Under the new law, which goes into effect on September 1, motorcyclis ts ove r the age of 20 are allowed to ride withou t helmets if they ha ve either comple ted a rider-edu cation course that meets or exceed s Motorcycle Safety Foundation standa rd s, or if they ar e covered by a health-insurance plan that provides at leas t $10,000 in health benefits for injuries resu ltin g from an acciden t while operating or riding upon a motorcycle. Add itionally, Texas motorcyclists who meet the exemption requirements can apply for a helmet-exem ption sticker from the Department of Pub lic Safety that will alert law enforceme nt personnel that they hav e complied wi th the law . Out-of-state mot orcyclists are no t eligible to show law enfo rceme nt officials proo f of either adequa te insurance coverage or safety-co urse completion. . The law, while achieving the goal of repealing at least part of the state' s mandatory helmet law, unfortunately lea ves motorcyclists open to being repeated ly stopped by la w en forcement per sonnel tryin g to figure out if th e rid er has comp lied with the exemptions, notes Sean Mah er, AMA legislative specialist. "While we thin k that ad ults sho u ld hav e the freed om to choose w he ther to rid e without a helmet, this law crea tes a morass of ambigui ty," Mah er said. "If you opt not to obtain a sticker, or if you ride in from ano ther state. see riders wit hout helmets and tak e yours off, you're suddenly subject to traffic stops at the whim of local autho rities. Even if you carry the proper forms, that's one heck of an inconveni ence." T NAM ED: Ph il Linde ma n as Cus to mer Service Manager for Sum mers Racing Componen ts, Inc. Lindema n will be th e pr inci pal conta ct for customers, dea lers and dis tributo rs fo r SRC. Lind eman can be reached at 800/221-9752. AUTOGRAPH SIG NING: At Hill sbo ro Motorcycle , in Hillsboro, Oregon , on Friday, s Au g us t 15 . Te a m Kawa s aki ' s Jeff Emi g, Dam on Huffm an a n d Ryan H u g h es a re r---------------------------------------------~------------------, ([lID 0]:11 SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Na me _ Address City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State _ _ Zip Order Date _ Please start my subscription to Cycle Ne ws: Every week for one year (50 issues) for $38.00 (can be billed 3 monthly pa yments) o Every week for two years (100 issues) for $70.00 o Six months second class (25 issues) fo r $19.00 L One year (50 issues), 2nd class Can ada or Mexico and all other foreign countries $78.00 (U.S. fu nds) . First class an d airmail rates available upon reques t. _ o This is a 0 New Subscription o Renewal o Ple ase bill me o Bill 3 payments of $12.67 o Enclosed is my check or money ord er Charge my 0 Visa 0 Mastercard Signature _ MC / Visa # _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ Expira tion Date 1I:fT7ilIJ:l ~ I Send to: '..:J..1~ 1.lJ..::J~, nc o P.O. Box 498, Long Beach, CA 90801-0498 Toll Free Subscription Hotline (800) 831-2220 24-hour FAX Ord er Line (562) 427-6685 ~

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