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By winning the 1996 AMA National S u p e r b i k e Championship, Doug Chandler has once aga in proven the absolute potency of the Ninja" ZX-7RR. But the fini sh line is just the s t a r t . From top to bottom , Kawasak i Ninja motorcycles epitomize championship winning sportbike performance . With ultra-rigid a lumimum frames renowned for the ir unmatched stability. Brakes consistently called the best in the biz _ And , of course , the legendary N inja powerplants that make the ZX·11 , ZX.9R, ZX· 7R and ZX-6R t he top-end leaders in their respective classes . We're ta lking unmodified, mano a throttle , real-world domination. From our National Superbike C h a m p i o n s h i p to our AMA Prostar 600cc and 750cc drag racing championsh ips. Check our facts . Then, visit your loca l Kawasak i dealer f or y o ur r e c om m end e d d o s age. '96AMASuperbike '96 AMA Prostar 750 Pro Supcrbikc '96AMA Prostar CHAMPION CHAMPION CHAMPION 600SupcrSport Kawasaki. Let the good times roll Call1.800-661 ·RIDE lor your local dealer. hi t P :/lwww .kaw a s a k i . e 0 m

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