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MOTOVVORLD 2 Although champagne and new number one plates are scarce in November, MotoWorld's racing season never stops. Extensive coverage of the World Supercross tour, the Elsinore Grand Prix and the ProStar World Finals is on the docket. Also - catch our annual road racing wrap up, including all the wins and woes of the season past! ® November is a special month on MW2, as Jerry B. enters California's Lodi 1DDcc National to bump bars with Chris Carr, Rich Oliver and the Bostrom boys. Then - Jerry undertakes the show's second Cable Ace nomination in as many years with the retrospective you've always hoped for - a rock n' roll half-hour of the best MW2 clips in series history. (Three years of footage and counting!) MOTOWORLD2 NOVEMBER 1996 SCHEDULE ON ESPN2 Original Show Telecast MOTOWORLD NOVEMBER 1996 SCHEDULE ON ESPN2 Original Show Telecast 11/8 11 :00-11 :3OPM & 11/2 IllS 7:3Q-8:00PM & 11/9 11/14 7:30·8:00PM & 11/16 Fnday Fnday 11/15 Friday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Thursday Saturday 11/19 Tuesday 11/21 Thursday 11 :00-11 :30PM & 11/23 11/26 11/28 Thursday 7:30-8:00PM & 11/30 12/2 Saturday Tuesday Saturday Monday 11/3 Sunday Wednesday 4:QO-4:3OAM 5:30-6:00PM & 1116 11/17 Sunday 12:QO-I2:3OPM & 11/19 Tuesday 3:3O-4:00AM 11130 Saturday Repeat Telecast EASTERN TIME 11/1 Repeat Telecast EASTERN TIME 12:QO-I2:30PM & 12/2 3:3O-4:00AM Monday 11 :30-12:00PM 3:00-3:3OAM 11 :3O-12:00PM 5:00'5:3OAM 11:30-12:00PM 3:00·3:30AM 11 :30-12:00PM 2:30·3:00AM 11:30-12:00PM 3:00·3:30AM 1996 World Supercross 1996 WORLD SUPERCROSS NOVEMBER 1996 SCHEDULE ON ESPN2 EASTERN TIME Fukuoka, Japan (repeat) Pans, France (repeat) 11/17 11/19 11/24 11/26 Sunday Tuesday Sunday Tuesday WORLDGP NOVEMBER 1996 SCHEDULE ON ESPN EASTERN TIME Rio de Janeiro Eastem Creek (repeat) 11/2 Saturday 11/15 Fnday 1:QO-2:00AM 12:QO-l:00AM NOVEMBER 1996 SCHEDULE ON ESPN2 7:00-8:00PM 2:00-3:00AM 11 :3Q-12:30PM 2:00-3:00AM EASTERN TIME Eastem Creek 11/5 Tuesday 4:00-6:00AM COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION a MindSpring- Internet access provided by MindSp Web site design and management by 2 75403 ---.,.._ _~ ~ ~

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