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he stockings wer~ lnmg by the chimney with care, With hO})es that Suzuki soon would be there. In the Rpirit of the holidayR, Suzuki'R got a gift for you. During our Holiday DreamR promotion, when you buy a kid-Rized Suzuki JR50 or the Rcrappy DS80, we'll give you $200 worth of acceRRorieR, free. ChooRe from anything in the Rtore including bootR, goggleR, gloveR and jerReyR. So, hurry down to your participating Suzuki dealer before December 31Rt. RecauRe you know what they Ray. Good thingR come in bright yellow packageR. $SUZUKIĀ® Accessory otfer valid 10/1/96 through 12/31/96. See participating dealers for details. AI Suzuki we want every ride to be sate and enjoyable. So always supervise young riders. Make sure they wear a helmel, eye protection and prolective clothing. Never allow youngsters to ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Review Ihe owner's manual with your youngster and always inspect your Suzuki betore each ride. Along with concerned conservationists everywhere, Suzuki urges you to "TREAD LIGHTLY" on public and private land. Preserve your IUfure riding opportunities by showing respecf for fhe environment, local laws and the righfs of others when you ride.

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