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MOTOVVORLD 2 August is international racing month on MotoWorld. Tune in for in-depth coverage of the Austrian and Czech GPs, experience the six days Enduro in Finland, and watch as the World Motocross series comes to ahead. State-side the Motocross finals are fast approaching, and Kyle Petty will join us in the studio. Don't miss it! ® Side-step the August heat on MW2 with a Honda home-coming. MQtorcycling's gold medal winner, Jerry Bernardo, helps the Ohio professionals with something we can only describe as "a very special • motorcycle." Then, the search is on. Dr. J gave us the slip, where he turns up, nobody knows. MOTOWORLD2 AUGUST 1996 SCHEDULE ON .SPN2 Original Show Telecast EASTERN TIME & 8/12 Monday & 8126 Monday 3:OG-3:3Oam 3:00-3:3Oam MOTOWORLD AUGUST 1996 SCHEDULE ON .SM2 Original Show Telecast EASTERN TIME 8/2 818 8/15 8122 8130 Friday 7:30-8:00pm 10:30-11 :QOam & 8/4 SunOay &817 Wednesday 3:1lO-3:3Oom Thursday 11:30-12:00am & 8/10 Saturday 11:30-12:ooam & 8/13 Tuesday 3:1lO-3:3Oom Thursday 11:30-12:00am & 8117 Saturday 11 :30-12:00pm & 8120 Tuesday 3:1lO-3:3Oom Thursday 7:30·8:0Opm & 8124 Salurday 11:30-12:00pm & am Tuesday 3:oo·3:3Oom 7:3Q-8:0Opm & 8/31 Saturday 11 :30-12:00pm Friday 125cc 2SOce AMA MOTOCROSS 1996 SCHEDULE ON UPN WORLDGP . 1996 SCHEDULE ON UPN EASTERN TIME New Berlin, NY TIO\', OH MittvitIe, MN 8/11 Sunday 8/17 Saturday 8/24 Saturday EASTERN TIME 1:OG-2:QOam 1:OG-2:QOam 1:IlO-2:ooam 1996 SCHEDULE ON UPN2 TIO\',OH MiI1ville,MN 8/2 818 8/10 8/15 8/24 8/28 Friday Thursday Saturday Thursday Saturday Monday EASTERN TIME 8:llO-l0;OOpm 12:1lO-2:QOam 2:30-4:3Opm 12:1lO-2:00am 2:1lO-4:00prn 3:30-5:30am Greet Britain Austria Czech Republic COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION a MihdSprihg- 12:30-1:3Opm 4:1lO-5:00pm 1996 SCHEDULE ON .SPN2 EASTERN TIME New Berlin, NY 814 Sunday 8111 Sunday Germany Graat Britain Intemet access provided by . . . . . Web site design and management 8/3 BIB 8/1 0 8/19 Saturday Tuesday Saturday Monday 8130 Friday 2:1lO-4:00pm 12:30-2:3Opm 12:30-2:3Opm 12:30-2:3Oam 8:llO-l0:00pm •

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