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., '. . " SChoo) 's Ollt and the..e's neve.. been a bette.. t;me to "et a nell SIIZIII(; tn;n;, Becallse dll.. ;n" SIIZIII(;'S SChool'S Ollt Siltntne.. Blast '011") "et tloo ;n f' accesso.. ;es lIhen 'Oil bll' a JR~o, a DS80 0 .. the ..ace..ead, RM8o, That's .. ;"ht, choose an, accesso..;es lip IN ACCE5'ORIE5 to tloo, f', 6et,s, "o""les, bootS, ,,)oves 0 .. an, othe.. hot "ea.. 'Oil" I(;d 1I; II love, So hll....' to 'Oil" pa..t;c;pat;n" SIIZIII(; dea Ie.. bef'o..e Septetnbe.. 30, And b) aSt roto Slltntne.. f'lIn, Accessory offer valid 6·1·96 through 9-30-96. Se.e participating dealers for details. At Suzuki. we want every ride 10 be safe and enjoyable. So always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Study your owner's manual and always inspect your Suzuki before riding. Always supervise young riders. Along with concerned conservationists everywhere. Suzuki urges you to "TREAD llGHTlY~ on public and private land. Preserve your future riding opportunities by showing respect for the environment, local laws and the rights of others when you ride. The RM serias motorcycles are for closed-course competition use and related practices only. s

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