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MOTOWORLD2 Tune In to MW2 for a trip across the pond to visit our tea drlnklng counterparts In London, England. Experience "rsthand the International flavor of the World 125/250 Motocross, and visit one-on· one with World Superblke Champ Carl Fogerty. Then, skip over to the Netherlands for ,the Dutch ITand unlimited access to Team Lucky Strike Suzuki and the zen of World GP racing. The "rewor/cs continue on MotoWorld In July with In-depth coverage of Motocross pro-ams, the World Grand Prlxes of Gennany and Brltaln, and closing IooIcs at a Superblke season already In Its twilight. Plus, a special feature on Ty·DavIs, Randy Hawkins, Steve Hatch, and Kevin Hines at the exclusive ISDE training facility In Massachusetts. Don't miss It!. JULY 1996 SCHEDULE ON .5PN2 Orfglnal Show relea.r Original Show relecat !~11*!"1.51 Friday 612B 7:30-8:OOpm 11 :3O-12:00am Friday 7/5 Friday 7/12 11 :3O-12:OOam Friday 7119 11:lJO.l1:3Opm Friday 7126 II:lJO.l1:3Opm Friday 612B 4:30-5:00pm Friday 7/5 Friday 7112 B:30-9:00pm Friday 7119 B:OO'8:3Opm Frkley 7126 8:00-8:3Opm B:30-9:lIOpm & Salwday Wednesday & Salurday Tuesday & Saturday W9dnesday & Saturday Monday &Salurday Tuesday 7/3 716 7/9 7113 7117 7120 71'Z2 7127 7130 3:lJO.3:3Qllm 11 :30-12:00pm 2:lJO.2= 11 :30-12:00pm' 1:3O-2:00am 11 :30-12:00pm 3:30-4:00am l:lJO.1:3Opm 3:30-4:00am & Saturday Wednesday & Saturday Monday & Saturday Tuesday & Saturday Mon

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