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Well, it's finally official. As seen in numerou s spy photos, Honda will be releasing an a ll-new CR250 in 1997. The bike has been redesigned from the gro und u p and features an alu minum dual-box-section twin-spar frame that is nearl y four pounds lighter than previous models, The bike also features a power jet control carburetor developed with feed back from Team Ho nda an d Jeremy McGrath. Cycle News will have complete details an d photos in next week's issue. man on motor cycles su ch as th e 1964 Honda Six, the ex-Agostini MV 500cc four and the 1967 Benelli 350cc four. A Kawasaki KX250 ridden by Rex Sta ten in a recent Baja 500 has been stolen. The frame nuniber is JKAKXVEIO TA01 5254; the engine number is KX500BEOI8623. For more information, call Staten at 619/949-4193 . T h ree- time AMA Gran d Na tio nal Cha mpion Ricky Grah am will compete in th e 74th running of the Chevr olet Pikes Peak Hillclimb on July 4. Graham is en tered in the Open Pro class, w here he w ill join th e likes of Terry Poo vey, Dan Ashcraft and Davey Durelle. Pre-en tr ies for the GFIITeam Green Youth National Championships at Perris Racew ay in Perris, California, w ill close on Jun e 28. For more information, call GFI at 9091653-4042. With their champio nship hopes virtually non -existent , Team Muzzy Kawasaki formally aband oned their assault on the Tearnlin e 750cc Super sport title w he n Doug Chand ler w it hdre w fro m the Loudo n round of the series on June 15. Ch an d ler , w ho arrived in Loudon in ninth p lace in t he standings tr a iling Yoshi mura Suzu ki's Pascal Picotte by 97 points, 204-107, said: "It got parked. I The Yamaha camp stopped by our offices this week to let us take a snea k p review of their 1997 YZ lineup. Besid es the obvious "bold new gra phics" tha t are identica l to the race-team bikes , significant cha nges lie within each model. We were swo rn to secrecy by Yamaha on just wha t those internal engi ne and suspension cha nges entail, but keep reading Cycle News for full details in an upcoming issue . found ou t whenl got here . Rob (Muzzy) called Gary (Med ley) and said leav e it in th e truck." This season Chandler ha s made no effort to hide his aversion to racing the class and already missed. the Mid-Ohio round when he felt the Kawasaki begin to "tie up" in qualifying. The Kawasaki ZX-7R hasn't been competitive in the 750cc Su pers port class all year, in large pa rt due to a we ig ht disadvantage to t he Suzuki GSXR750. At the Homestead round of th e series C ha nd le r 's fif t h-placed Kawasa ki w ei gh ed 44 po u nds mo re than the race-winning Suzuki of Aaron Ya tes . Ya tes' GSXR750 w eig hed 369 pounds and Ch andler' s Kawasaki ZX7R wa s 413 pou nds, accord ing to the post-race log k ept by AMA Chief Road Race Technical Insp ector Tom Kopri va. EBSCO Industries Suzuki' s Michael Barnes, wh o finished third, was aboard a Suzuki that weighed 365 pounds an d Team Suzuki Spo rt' s Mark Miller, a priva teer using a titani um exhaust, rod e a Su z uki th at w e ig hed 370 po und s . Yoshimura Suzu ki's Don Sakakura said that the team ha d bee n using stainlesssteel exhausts for much of th e season after th r ee of the ir m achines w ere claimed . The d ifference in performance is negligible, he sa id, bu t th e titan iu m exhaust weig hs about four poun ds less. Thomas Stevens Kinko ' s Kawasaki weighed a pound more than Chandler's bike. Kopriva said that the motorcycles were weighed without their gas tanks. Kinko 's Kawasaki's Thomas Stevens also pulled out of th e Teamline 750cc Supersport class at Loudon, though for a different reason. "It's my lingering s ho u ld er injury," Stevens said after qualifying 12th. "I'm goi ng to save my energy for the 600cc race tomorrow ." Stevens said that his sho ulder kep t getting weaker d u rin g th e qu alifying session and th e team d ecided to "play it sma r t. We' ll be back at Brainerd." Stevens said that his decisi on had nothing to d o with Muzzy's decis ion to pull ou t of the class. Moro ney's H-D' s Jeff He ino suffered a comp ound fractu re ofhis left leg w hen he cras hed heavily corning ou t of turn two in a Harley-Davids on SuperTeams p ractice session at the New Hampshi re Intern atio na l Sp eed wa y o n Ju ne 15. According to eyewitnesses, Heino highside d his Moroney's H-D's 883, the bike sliding into th e tire barrier on the outside of the corner before bounci ng back and smacking in to him as he slid along the track. The accident caused a red-flag delay while Heino, who' d qu alified seven th, was trea ted by a crew of eight eme rgency medical tech nicians on the track; he was la ter moved to Co ncord Hospital. BORN: Caylin Hunter Goad, to USC Racing head mechanic Johnny Goad and his wife Sarah on May 14, in Richmond, Virgi nia. OPENED : The Virago Owners Cl ub home pa ge on the World Wide Web. The site can be found at the following address: http:/ /onxy.xtalwin d. FORMED: An Off-Road PALS program by t he O ff-H igh wa y Mo to r Ve h icle Recrea ti on Division of th e Californi a Depa rtm en t of Pa rks a nd Recre ati on . Th e PALS p rogram will give off-highwa y vehi cle trai ning and riding opportunities to "a t risk" you th. CORRE CTI ON: The co rr ec t n e w ad d res s for Mik e Kid d Promotions is 7999 West ern Hill s Boul e va rd , For t Worth, TX 76108, 817/246-7424. - AUTOGRAPH SIGNING: At Buck' s Suzuki and Yamaha in Valparaiso, ind iana, on July 18, from 6 to 7 p.m. Members o f Team Su zuki Mo tocr oss a re scheduled to appear. For more information, call Dave Wyse at 219/477-4 700. MOVED: PM Communications and the Wes t Coast office of North Am erican Sport Bike to P.O . 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