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IJNTH 'W D:' E IN Na tional Enduro Cha mpio n Ty Davis (Ka w) w on the AMA Natio nal H a re _ Scrambles ro u nd in Redding, Ca liforn ia, on April 21. Th e runner- up was Steve Hatch (Suz), while Rodney Smith (Suz ), Ro n N ayl o r (Kaw) a nd Jason Dahners (KTM) ro u nded ou t th e top five. Smith owns the series points lead with 96 with Hat ch in secon d with 75 points. Dahner s is third with 67. David Schultz (Suz) d efeated John Myers (Suz) to win the N H RA Pro Stock eve n t at th e NHRA Fram Na tionals in Commer ce, Georgia, on Apri l 21. Schultz clocke d a 7.47-second, 179 mph run. Gary Clark (Kaw) was top elimin at or in th e Funnybike cat egor y ,during the AMA/Prost ar Kawasaki National s a t Montgom er y Moto rsports Park in Montgom ery, Alabama, o n April 21. Bill Vose (Suz) won the Pro Mod class . Chris Williams (Kaw) won th e 600cc Super sp ort division . Doug Lampkin (Bet) car de d 52 points and claim ed hi s seco nd World Champion ship victo ry during rou nd tw o o f th e World Champ ion sh ip Obser ved Trial s Serie s at Hawkst one Park, Eng la n d, on Ap ril 20-21. Marc Colomer (Mo n) wa s seco n d with 55 p oints. Bruno Camozzi (Bet) was th ird with 92 po in ts. Dick Mann (R-E) narr owl y topped Peter Ford (BSA) to w in the Premier H eav yw eigh t Exp ert class during th e A H RM A vi n tage t ri al a t Sandhi ll Ranch in Brentwood, Cali fo rnia, o n April 20. John Ford (Gre ) rode to a perfect sco re in th e Premi er Lightweight N ovice cl as s . Darrel Johnson (R-E) landed the win in th e Premier Heavyweigh t Novice class. Racing Enterprises will be hold in g a rare m ot ocross practice day at Ca rlsbad Racew ay on Saturday, April 27. The club also wanted to confirm that it w ill be runn ing a 125cc Pro r ac e in ad d ition to the Open Pro race at Com motion by th e Ocean, which is sche d ul ed for June 8-9. For m or e information, call 619/484-1441. Mu z z y Kaw a sak i team o w ne r Rob Muzzy is confid ent th at hi s a p peal over th e d isqualifica tion o f Anthony Gobert from th e seco n d le g of t he op e nin g round o f th e World Su perbike Ch ampionsh ip in Misano, Ital y, can be won when the case get s to an app eal s board . The ca r b u re tors on Gobert's Kaw asa ki were fit te d with a removabl e coll ar, basicall y a restrictor p lat e d esign ed " to tam e t h e b i ke d own a littl e bi t," Muzzy said . "We used sto ck, hom ologated carbs w ith a' removable colla r," Mu zz y sai d . "The collar was not attache d. They checked it before th e first race, before the seco nd race an d aft e r th e second rac e. Simon (Cra far) had th e sa me th ing in hi s ca rbs and he w as fin e. In fact, he m oved up a spot when An thony was di squalifi ed. " Mu zzy sai d th e colla rs were u sed on h is b ikes a t Day tona, but that th ey weren' t u sing th em a t Pomo na on April 21. "We' re not using th em he re becau se we found so methin g better o n the d yno a nd th a t' s also what we' ll use at Don ingt on this wee kend. We fee l we didn't d o anyth in g ag ainst th e rul es. It didn' t say yo u co u ld n' t m ake the ca rb u re tors sm aller." Mu zzy sai d th e FIM ha s 30 da ys to se t'up th e appe als board. "We ju st want to' get ou r points back from the first round ." Hi gh way safety lobbyi sts and professio na ls ga thered in New Mexico last w ee k to lay the grou n dwo rk fo r renewed atte mpts to prevent the repea l of state mandatory helmet laws , accord ing to th e AMA. Th e strategy meet ing, en titled "Strategies to Prevent H elm et Law Re pe al , " w as h eld in Albuquerque in conju nction with th e 14th Lifesaver s Confere nce, an ann ua l highway-safety con fer en ce th at draw s ne arl y 1000 participants. A conference worksh op hosted by Ms. Kyle Zimmer, th e director of s ta te affa irs fo r th e Ad vocates for Auto and High way Safety, ad dressed how the press and public can be persuad e d to s u p p ort an ti motor cyclin g leg islation by pr om oting the image of motor cycli sts as a so cial burden. Ad vocates of restrictive legislation tar geting motorcyclists have trad itionally argued th at the public subsi'd izes motorcycle use because inju re d m ot orcyclist s often rely upon public fund s to pa y their medical bills. Several stu dies, how ever - most notabl y one issu ed by th e University of North Carolina in 1992 - have demo nstrated tha t th ere is little truth to the claims made by so cia l-burden th eo rists. Nevertheles s, th e so cia l- b urde n a rg ume n ts rem ain a main stay amo ng an ti-mo torcycling ad vocat es, ac cor di ng to th e AMA. Mu lti-time Baja 1000 w in ner and for m er A M A D -37 Cha m pio n Dan Ashcraft will co m pe te in the 1996 Ch e vrolet Pike s Pea k Inte rnat ion al Hillclimb on Jul y 4. Ashcraft will race in the Open Pro Mot orcycl e Divi si on aboard a KTM 550 M / XC agains t th e lik es o f Da ve y Dur ell e a n d Terry Poovey. The phone number for Pike s Pe ak h a s a ls o been cha n ge d to 800 /307-8168. Th ree two- rider team s w ill represent th e Unite d St ates in th e FIM Cup Sidecar Cross of Teams, sche duled to run in Roth enthurm, Swi tzerland, on Sep tember 29. Team USA will con sist of Pete and Scott Whitney, Ed Hall and Brad y Budd, an d Mike Burns and Bob Morgan. Th e team will be m an aged Damon Doh erty . The Sidecar Cross of Teams is sim ilar to th e Motocross des N ation s in that it is a co m petition between di ffer ent countries to deter min e th e b est team in s idec a r motocross. New Zealander Andrew Stroud was a s u rp r is e co m pe titor at the AM A Nati onal held at th e Pomon a Fairp lex, on Ap ril 20-21. Riding for Erion Racing in place o f th e inj u re d Chuck Sorenson, Stroud compete d in Satu rd ay' s SuperTeams an d 600cc Su per- ' s port even ts , b oth ti mes wit h goo d resu lts. Wh en aske d how the deal came abo u t, Kev in Erion said a frie nd sat next to Str oud on a pl ane ou t of Daytona after Mo torcycle Week. "A good friend who wo rks at H onda, when he fou nd out abo ut the Chuc k Sorenson in cid ent , w as on th e pla ne with him (Stroud). That' s pretty mu ch what got th e whole ball rolling. He' s a foreign ride r so his nam e isn 't rig ht on the tip , of yo u r to ngu e." As to how lon g th e Britt en rider wo uld be ri d ing for the team Erion was unsure. "He's going to stay throu gh Lagun a. (Ap ril 28) a nd we're kind of ch it-ch atting abo u t th e res t of the seaso n." Sorenson broke hi s arm durin g 600cc Su persport practice in Da yt on a an d had been recovering si nce th en and Er ion w asn 't s ure if he'd be abl e to rid e a t Lag u na Seca. "We ar en't sure how his arm is yet so we'll have to wait a few d ays and see . Bervoets takes over B ieffe Suz uki's Marnicq Bervoets (above) moved into the series points lead after winnin g both motos at the 250cc World Championship Motocross Grand Prix in Danzig, Poland, on April 21. , After domin ating both motos on the sandy Gdynia track, Bervoets relegated RWJ's Stefan Everts, the defending champ and series points leader going into the race, to third. Everts' best finish was 10th in the first moto, as he finished ou t of the points in the second. Second ove rall in Poland was tak en by American Tall on Vohla nd of the JHK Kaw asak i race team . Vohland went 2-3 on the day and moved into second place in the series standings, 12 points behind Bervoets, 132-120. Everts is currently third with 109. German Pit Beirer, of the Pamo Honda team, finished out the da y in third, going 4-2. Frenchman Frederic Bolley, Vohland 's JHK Kawasaki teammate, was fourth and Dutchman Pedro Tragter, of the Tragter Suzuki squad, was fifth. In the Austri an round of the World Championship 500cc Motocross Series on April 21, Team Honda's Darryll King rod e to victory in Schwanenstadt, thr ee weeks after you nger broth er Shayne King, of the factory KTM effort, won the series-opener in Italy. Darryll King finished fourth in the first moto but came back to win the second, giving him top hon ors for the day. Defending champ, Belgium' s Joel Smets, on the factory four-st rok e Husaberg, moved to the top of the championship leaderboard after posting 3-2 moto scores for second overall. He now leads the series by a single point over Darryll King, 56-55. Third overall on the da y went to Austrian Rupert Walker and his KTM, much to the ap proval o f the folks at the nearby KTM factory . Husqvarna's Peter Johansson gave four-stro ke fans something else to get excited about as he landed fourth overall, via 5-4 moto tallies. Germany's Dietm ar Lacher, on a Honda, rounded out the top five overall, going 3-5. At the World Championship 125cc Motocross Grand Prix in France, again on April 21, Frenchman Sebastien Tortell i rode his Kawa saki to a doubl e-moto swee p over fellow countryman Frederic Vialle, on a Yamaha. Vialle went 2-4. Third overall wentto another Frenchman, Honda-mounted Mickael Maschio, while Yamaha's Paul Malin pr evented an all-Franc e sweep, as the Brit finished fourth. Fifth was claim ed by another French rid er Luigi Seguy, on a Ka~asaki. Sorenson, on the oth er hand, seemed fai rly su re he' d be ready to race. "I'll be back for Lagu na . I' ve just been build ing up strength for my fir st full season of 600cc Su perspo rt. I'm really h a p p y Kevin got a goo d ri der like And rew . It m akes it a lot easier for m e wh en I come back." Una d illa has anno u nced that th e new Ram ada In n on Route 8 in Ha rtford, New York, is the offi cia l race h e a d ~ ' qu arter s for th e 1996 AMA 125 /250cc Nation al Mot ocro ss round sc he d u led for Unadilla on July 20-21. For reser vati on s, co nta ct Mich el e Sm it h a t 315/735-3392. VP Racing Fuels will have fuel av aila ble o n Ma y 4-5 at the Hangt own round of the AMA National Motocross Cham p ions hi p and again at th e Glen Helen rou nd on Ma y 11-12. For more informat ion , call 909 / 674-9167. The third round of the AMA Superbi ke Nati onal Champion sh ip, sche d ule d for Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California , o n April 27-28, will once again be sponsored by Rotten Robbie, a chain of ga s stations in Northern California . In ad d it io n to th e full AMA road racing program, Laguna Seca will run SRA Sidecar s as an exhibition race. Form er Lagun a Seca 25 0cc and SuperTeams Na tio na l winn er David Emde is hoping to find a competitive ride for the upcoming AMA National at Laguna Seca Raceway on April 2728. Emde, who works for the DP Safety School at Laguna Seca, has'applied

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