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VOICES America's weekly motorcycle newspaper . Letterstotheeditor Volume XXXIII Sharon Clavton, President Michael Klinger, Publisher Albertyn fan Editorial Paul Carruthers, Editor Kit Palmer, Associate Editor Scott Rousseau, Associate Editor Mark Hoyer, Managing Editor Keith Bush, Assistant Editor/Copy Editor Remembering Niles Advertising Terry Pratt, National Accounts Manager Mark Mitchell, Eastern Accounts Mana ger Mark Thome, Western SalesMana ger Thomas Gonter, Western Sales Manager Forrest Hayashi, Western SalesMana ger Greg Mitchell, Eastern Sales Manager RickMatheny, Eastern Sales Manager Rhonda Crawford, Western Ad Coor dinator Carla Allen, Eastern Ad Coor dinator Laurie Snow, Assistant Marketi ng & Promotion Mark Thome, Manager New Media Development Mark Mitchell, Director RickMatheny, Operations Classified Ads Sharon Van Hazelen Graphics and Production Ree Johnson, Production Supervisor Mandy Loo, ProductionManager . Dennis Greene, Lab. Tech. Stacey Guest, Graphic Artist Amy Faught, Graphic Artist A d mi n is tration Judy Klinger, Coor dinator Leanne Sims, Administrative Assistant Accountin gID ata Processing Donna Bryan-Diamond, AIR Coordinator Geneva Repass, Assistant Herlane Lewis, Credit Circulation RhebaSmith, Manager Alma Anguiano, Processing Coordinator Pam Klein, Billing Coordinator . Carol Begovic, Dealer Coordinator Spoiled brats Service and Support Bridgett Bobrofsky, Receptionist . Leonard Herring, ServiceandSupport National Headquarters 2201 Cherry Ave., Long Beach, CA 90806, P.O. Box 498, Long Beach, CA 90801-0498 (310)427-7433; (213) 636-8844. FAX (310) 427·6685 Eastern Office 41 88 First Ave., Tucker, GA, 30084; mailing address P.O. Box80S, Tucker, GA 30085-0805. (770) 934-7850. FAX (770) 934-3112 e-mail ad vertising@cyc1enews. com Internet http:/ / Cycle Nt-W!I (USPS141-340) is published weekly except the lasl two weeks of the calendar year for $50.00J'fTyear by Cycle Newalac.•2201 CherryAvenue. Long Be ach. CA 90806. Second class postage paid at Long Beach. CA and at additional mailing off ice. Canada Post International PublicationsMail '546615. POSTM ASTER: Send ad dress changes to Cycle News. P.o. Box498, Long Beac CA 90801-0.&98. h. To determ ine the expiration da te of your subscription, check the four numheflion the firs t lint of your address labe l, Th e first two digibi ind icate the last issue number you'll receive ar ur and the 1.1,,1 two characte rs indica te the yl" of the last iS8 . Subscription rates: Rates for the United States and its possessions forone year. (SO issues), 550.00; two years (100issues). 595.00; six months, (25 issues).$26.00;tria.I sub (15 issues). $19.00. Canada and Foreign, one year (SO issues), 590.(); two r ears (100issues), $175.00; six months (25 issues), $45.00; trial sub (15issues), $38.00. ..... l-< 0... < 4 Cycle News welcomes unsolicited editorial material including stories.cartoons, photos, pic. Such material, if published, • becomes the exclusive p roperty of Cycle News. Reprinting in whole or part only by permission of the publisher. Advertising rates and circulation infonnation will besen t upon request. s.. S.R.O.5. W~.8 ~~TION Printed in U.S.A. Co~yrigh Niles Ussery, one of the old guard of San Diego m o torcycling, passed away o n March 22 at h is home in Lakeside, Cali fornia. He was 59 vears old. From the late '50s into the '80s, Niles was a fixtu re at the San Diego scrambles and 11 eve nts as well as a being a constan t co m petitor in the Baja 500 and 1000 events. H is interest and profession was always m oto r cv cl in g . Over th e years, Niles worked for Don Vesco, H us'lvarna Motorcycles, Maxima Oil 'an d ately a t Rock et Motorcycl es in downtown San Diego. Niles' lif e to uched many p eople, incl udi ng some of you who are read ing this, but yo u prob ab ly don't know it . Da n Sm ith , Larry Roeseler, Danny LaPorte, Scot H arden and many mOJ;i of Husqvarn a's champions relied on Niles expert bike preparation for their vic to ries, Those same riders a nd hundreds more had th e 0yportunity to enjoy (or detest) Ni les trai se lection at the famous Tecate Enduro. Niles was also a founding member of the Hi Boots Motorcycle Club as well as a current member of the ' Los Ancianos Motorcycle Club. However, those of u s w ho knew Niles best and saw throu gh hi s gruff exterior saw an honest, gen er ous, caring, extrem ely in telligen t p er son who was a student of hi story and a g re a t friend. iles, we will miss you a n d will think of you each tim e we set a wheel on some of the.great trails you cut for us. Don 't be su rprised if we name one after yo u. Happy' tra ils, Ni les. The Los Ancianos Motorcycle Cl u b Sa n Di ego, California CycleNews, 1ne-1996 Trademark CycleNews . registeredU.S. Patent Office. All rights reserved, t O f all m y years read in g Cycle News t h is is th e fi rst tim e I' v e wri tten in response to a letter in yo ur "Voices" se ction, but Mr. Stroyne' s (Issue #12, March 27) letter reall y struck a nerve. As a 38-year-old Vet racer who didn't get started racing until I w as 30 because there w as no one in my life to sho w m e the ro pes, I w ould have been etern ally gratefu l for th e opportun ity th el oung M r . St roy ne h a s . H eck, I co ul ha ve even gotte n by w it h ou t flving to th e races w h ile m y m echan ics hauled and worked on th e bikes . And to even have w on a thi ng at tha t age is somethi ng I can only d ream about. For the fa ther to condone this attitu d e about t he si ze of trophies is absolutel y d e pl o r a b le! Now I know where all the spoiled brat s come from that we see all too often in the pits. D avid Jeffery Lawrence, KS I've been a mo to head for 19 of my 32 years . The o ther d a y I was rea ding Davey Coom bs' Rac er X colum n and . was amaze d (Issue #11, Ma rch 20) to read that Greg Albertyn was de pressed after Gainesvtl le. Greg has mo re talent to win the ou tdoor title than any other something I first realized after the 1993 Ll.S, Grand Prix. I just wa nt to let Greg know fans like myself apprecia te h is friendlin ess, at titude and eno rmous talent. A very rar e combination. A top five at round one is not bad, and re member, Greg, th is is America, w here h a rd work p ay s off. McGrath can and will be beat en soo n it's inevita ble. Eve ryone in m y househo ld hopes tha t yo u stay focused so yo u can make th e troo p s s wea t it o u t a t rou nd two. John Po st Hickory, NC I want my DT TV I am an avid dirt track fan , watchi ng the Grand Na tional Champ ionshi p Series and riding in some local races. It w as g reat for the sport and fans to be able to w atch the GNC Series on ESPN and TNN last year. I have not seen or read who will be covering the GNC Series in 1996. Do yo u ha ve any informa tion on w h o is going to tele cast the races and w hen the programs will air on television? Also do yo u know of any p ublicatio ns that s pecifically cove r GNC, regional and local dirt track races and acfvertise products for dirt trackers? . Bru ce Miller Ephrata, PA At this point it doesn 't appear that there will be Grand National Championship teletnsion coverage as in pasty ears. There are plans to televise the Springrzeld M ile and perhaps the Peoria IT live this year, but that appears to be it. As for the best coverage of dirt track racing - you 're holding it... Editor. Gunny rides I just w anted to send ou t a thank-yo u to M ark H yd e a n d A merica n Su zuk i Spo rts fo r the use of M ark 's DR350 for th e Alli gator Du al Sp o rt Rid e d uring Cy cle Week at Daytona. I know m y riding partner, Larry Lang ley, w as ha vin g fun on his DR, too. When I found ou t I needed to be in Daytona for so me ISDE bu sin ess, I gave Mark a call and he was happy to help. I've traveled to a lot of d ual sport rides arou nd the country, and yo u can always count on Suzuki an d Mar k Hyd e being there. Thanks to Hu gh Flem ing and Debbie Sheldon at the AMA for putt ing me up and to the peop le at Cycl e N ews a nd Bruce Porter at Arai for their hosp itality. I'll see you all at the qualifiers and th e ISDE in Finland Gunny Claypoole JA FMA Unhappy trails On March 22, Massachusetts D'lif'1ment of En v iro nmenta l Mana gement Commissioner Pete r Weber unveiled his latest proposal to regulat e off-road veh icles (ORVs). We bbe r' s new proposa l makes it cl ear that th e D EM h as not been listen ing to trail user s' concerns. Under th e new proposal, Myl es Sta n- . d ish Sta te Forest and Dougla s State Forest, w he re daily riding is no w allowe d, w oul d be closed to trail rid ing permanently. Fourt een sta te fores ts in w h ich the New Engla nd Trail Rider Associa tion has obta ined spe cia l event permits du ring th e last two yea rs w o uld also be closed pe rmanently. The remaining nine fores ts tha t now allow dialv use w ou ld be open to riders for a maximum of five m on ths from May 15 to Co lumb us Day . In a ddition, riding wo uld not b e allowed on Sundays . In exch ange for these "generous" riding opportunities, loca l rid ing clubs or organizations must sign a bind ing Memora d u m of Agreemen t (M O A) w hi ch would ho ld the club accountable for th e cond itio n an d m aint en an ce of the trails. If an organization cannot be found that wi ll sign an MOA for an individ ual fores t, o r if the OEM de termi nes that "un acceptable resource damage or visitor conflicts" h ave occu re d, th e forest will be closed to ORV use. The OEM will be voti ng on this p rop os al this m onth. If yo u want to help preserve tr ail-riding rights in Massachuse tts, call yo u r Massachusetts state senato r, repres en tati ve and th e Gove rnor's office today and vo ice yo u r opposit ion to th is re s tricti ve proposal. Govern o r Wel d can be readied at 617 /727-3600 and at Weld for Sena te cam pa ign headquart ers at 617 / 367-9400. David Sheibley West Bridgewater, MA Letters to the editor sho uld be sent to Voices, Cycle News, P.O. Box 498, Long Beach, CA 90806-0498, faxed to 310/4276685 or Published letters do not necessarily reflect the po sition of Cycle News, Inc. Letters sh o u ld not exceed 200 words and all le tt ers are su b ject to editing. Anonymous lett ers w ill not be consi dered for publication. All letters shou ld co ntai n the w riter's n ame, address and daytime phone number ... Edi tor. INSIDE'. Issue# 14,April 10,1 . 996 FEATURES ROAORACE Malaysian Grand Prix 6 Road Atlanta F-USA/NASB 16 SUPERCROSS Ind ianap olis Supercross .12 PREVIEW World Superbike season preview ...22 TRIALS Californi a AMA / N ATC Nat'! trials 28 26th EI Trial de Esp ana 30 MOTOCROSS Spanish 250cc World Mo tocross .32 Arizona AMA Four-Stroke Nat'! 34 GFI Winter North/South Showdown OFF-ROAD North Carolina GNCC Texas Na tiona l H are Scra mble Mid-Sou th H are Scramble 38 36 .40 42 DEPARTMENTS LEADERBOARD .33 RESULTS ,4 3 EVENTS CALENDAR 44 54 WANT ADS 59 GUESTEDITORIAL.. 75 LOOKING BACK 75 ON THE FRONT COVER Max Biaggi and Luc~ Cadalora won the ope n ing ro un d of th e World Ch amp ionshi p Roa d Rac e Seriesin Mal aysia . Pho tos by Gol d & Goose.

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